10 Best 2 Seater Ride on Jeeps for 2021

Whether you decide to purchase your child’s toys from a large in person store or an online business, there are so many toys to choose from which can be overwhelming.

One of the most popular toys that are considered any child’s favorite are, ride on toys. So why not let your little one have a ride-on jeep and drive in style?

Ride on Jeeps

When you are trying to decide what ride-on jeep is the best option you might get overwhelmed trying to research it.

Typing in the title “The best 2 seater ride on jeeps” might bring you to an abundance of ride-on toys that you just don’t know how to choose from and what the perks are for each one. 

Ride on Jeeps are just like any other power supplied toys that your children want to ride in, just more stylish. When it comes to different brands that you can purchase from there are several that you should consider.

These are the top 10 to choose from! 

  1. Best Choice Products
  2. Kidzone
  3. TOBBI
  4. Uenjoy
  5. Power wheels
  6. Best Ride on Cars
  7. Moderno Kids 
  8. Value Box
  10. Fitnessclub Electric Cars

Each one of these ride-on toys from the various companies are becoming more popular by the year! Companies are beginning to equip children’s toys with options that make the toys feel like real vehicles.

Most tiny humans enjoy mimicking their parents all the way down to play driving. 

Finding articles like this that break down the Jeeps one by one will give you all the knowledge you could ever want and need. You will get the breakdown of each jeep which means the interior and exterior of the ride-on toy.

The typical prices and reviews on each toy as well! 

Best Choice Products – 12V Kids Ride on Truck Car

The first ride-on jeep selected is created by “Best Choice Products”. The official name for the toy is, “Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car W/ Spring Suspension, Remote Control, 3 speeds, LED lights, Bluetooth”.

The long name for this toy shows exactly why it was picked as the first ride-on Jeep. It has EVERYTHING your child needs and honestly extra bells and whistles. 

This Best Choice product can be purchased in multiple different colors, so if your child loves pink, blue, red, green, white or black they can have the color of their choice!

The Jeep is equipped with multiple things to optimize your child’s experience.

  •  This toy has a bluetooth system that allows you to connect and play music or your child to connect and play their choice of appropriate music! 
  • The toy is equipped with a seatbelt to optimize your child’s safety and give you peace of mind while they drive all over.
  • It has a remote that allows parents to control where their child is driving and how fast they go! If you are worried about your child driving somewhere they do not belong, connect the remote and control where they go! They will think it is them driving! 
  • Three speeds that your child can drive at, the top speed that it goes is less than 4mph completely!

When you look at this ride-on toy it has an aggressive appearance to it. The toy has a  spring suspension system like you would think a real vehicle would have!

It has large tires on it for your child to feel almost like they are in a lifted Jeep with the big wheels! The lights are LED to shine bright as your child drives! When you look at the toy it also has large lights that are placed behind the child across the back! 

The interior of this toy has a very simplistic look to it. It has a dash area that includes a “speedometer”, buttons to cut the vehicle on and off, air vents and the steering wheel.

It has the bluetooth option to allow your child to drive around singing their heart out! 


When it comes to the price of this ride-on toy it may vary depending on the company you purchase it through! Both Amazon and Wal-Mart price this extravagant toy at $289.99.


So many people commend this toy for making their child happy! They write about how strong the toy is and that it is just as aggressive as its appearance while driving.

It was reported that the toy can go up grass hills and more with just its 12V battery and large wheels! The rating for this toy is typically around 4.5 out of 5.0.

Kidzone Kids 12v9ah Battery Powered Extra Wide Seat Ride on Truck

The second pick of ride on Jeeps is going to be the, “Kidzone Kids 12V9AH Battery Powered Extra Wide Seat Ride On Truck With DIY License Plate, Off Road Big Wheels, Front Bumper, LED light, Remote control, Bluetooth Music, 2 Speeds”.

With the long name that they have produced it explains a lot of what this toy Jeep has to offer! 

When you visually look at this ride-on Jeep it makes you as an adult want something that looks this awesome. The toy Jeep has everything that an adult Jeep lover would want on their personal vehicle.

The Jeep looks strong, the exterior of the toy is aggressive in nature. 

  • Has an extra large seat for kids to pack in! 
  • Your child’s own license plate to customize their experience
  • LED lights to allow anyone to see the toy at night or your child to be able to see driving
  • Two speed options, one for the slower children and the other for speed lovers!
  • Most important is music, this will keep your child entertained! 

The exterior of the toy is featured with strong headlights that draw your eyes to them, they are LED lights as well. The structure of the vehicle is realistic with large tires (two sets you can choose from), a front bumper and even a license plate.

Your child will be able to customize a license plate and feel just like their mom and dad driving around. When it comes to the wheels they have a spring suspension and are shock absorbing, so many features!

The interior of the toy Jeep has a large bench style seat that will be comfortable to your child. The inside also features the steering wheel placed in the middle.

This can allow anyone to drive the toy and more than one child to be able to sit inside. Your child will be able to switch between two speeds inside of the vehicle and play music through a bluetooth equipped system. 


The price for this product typically begins around $329.96. With the price over $300 many people may say that it is too expensive. Parents are also not used to childrens ride-on toys containing bluetooth features and wheels that are this large! 


This product is reviewed 4.0 stars out of 5.0 stars. Even with the lower star ratings most of the comments are commending how well the product is. Many people gave it 5 stars stating that it was amazing and more than they expected. 

Tobbi Kids Ride on Truck Style 12V Battery Powered Electric Car W/ Remote Control

This Jeep is an eye -snatcher as it looks very stylish no matter the color you pick! The Jeep comes in five different colors; red, black, orange, pink or purple. When you are looking at the exterior of this ride-on Jeep it is hard to believe it is a childs toy! 

This jeep has many amazing features to offer your family; 

  • Physical Appeal to you and your child.
  • Sturdy structure and large wheels for a great ride.
  • LED lights that will shine bright when your child wants to be outside at night.
  • Music adaptation options to play anything your child wants to make them feel like they are in a real vehicle. 
  • Realistic interior that makes the aesthetic feel of the Jeep real. 

The exterior of the jeep has a Jurassic park Jeep vibe to the style. It appears to be mimicking a higher jeep with big wheels to impress your littles.

It has a front bumper featuring LED lights for a bright effect. It has doors that look like roll cage doors but they are capable of opening and closing! When you look at the rear area of the Jeep you will see a bar with LED lights as well. 

On the interior of the ride-on Jeep it is hard to tell the difference between it being a child’s toy and a real life vehicle. The seat is bench style with seat belts to protect your child at all times.

This toy is featured with a mini real life radio that your child can connect to an aux cord, MP3 player or USB to play their favorite child tunes. 

The inside of the ride-on toy also has LED lights to light up the interior of your child’s vehicle to give them a real world experience. 


The price for this ride-on toy typically varies from $279.99 to just under $300.00. With all of the technology this toy has to offer and safety measures the price is worth it!


This ride-on toy has 4.4 stars out of 5.0 stars. With every product there will always be reviews that aren’t so good, but this toy has many high reviews.

Many parents and individuals that purchased this product boasted about how much their children loved it. They talk about how well the product works and the aesthetic behind the creation being sturdy. 

Uenjoy 12V Electric Ride on Cars 

When you look up this ride-on Jeep the name is shown as “Uenjoy 12V Electric Ride on Cars, Realistic Off-Road UTV, Two Seater Ride on Truck, Motorized Vehicles For Kids, Remote Control, Music, 3 Speeds, Spring suspension, LED lights”.

The long title for this toy also shows it has a lot to offer for you and your child.

So what does the toy have to offer? 

  • Off road body style for a more rough terrain option
  • Double locking doors for safety of your child
  • Two seats and seatbelts to allow a child and a friend to ride safely! 
  • Bluetooth options and other features to ensure your child is entertained! 
  • A controller that provides peace of mind to any parents! 

The exterior of this toy resembles a mixture of a jeep and an off road vehicle called a side-by-side. It is known for its appeal to be a more off road style ride-on you.

This toy has an aggressive front that has more of a wide setup than a traditional grill for a Jeep. The front is equipped with sporty style headlights to light your child’s way!

The exterior of this toy also has storage in the rear for your child to put whatever they feel they need to “travel” around. 

The doors to this toy have a double lock feature to ensure that any child inside of the device is safe. This can protect them from opening the door while another child is driving and become injured. 

The interior design of this toy is very realistic to include what appears to be a “touch screen map” displayed on the dash. There is also a control panel for anything that the toy has to offer to include music! 


This ride-on toy price is typically listed for around $339.99 without any discounts. This toy can be a bit pricey but offers a lot for your child to use while driving around to keep them entertained. 


This toy is reviewed with 4.1 stars out of 5.0 stars! So it has a lower score of starring but still advertises more than what a typical toy would have to entertain your child. 

The toys reviewed by real world people vary from it being outstanding to the instructions can be a bit confusing. 

Power Wheels Ride On Jeep

The brand Power Wheels is one of the most popular brands of battery powered toys to this date. Power Wheels makes ride-on jeeps that you can purchase depending on your child’s favorite characters.

They produce a disney princess jeep, sunny Day, Jurassic world and Toy Story! 

This toy is a more minimalistic creation that provides the jeep aspect and still allows your children to ride in style. This Jeep may not have all the bells and whistles others have, but the quality is always typically good. 

  • Featured with graphics for every child’s love!
  • The structure is that of a Jeep Wrangler with doors that children can open and close freely. 
  • The child can drive up to 5 mph forward (which is pretty fast for one of these toys) 
  • Capable of driving 2.5 mph backwards. 
  • The toy has a fake radio that has preset sounds for your child to play with. 

It is a two seater with a space behind the seat for your child to put its belongings, aka other smaller favorite toys or tools. The structure of the jeep is smaller and stature with lights on the front and just behind the child’s seat.

The toy also has decals that say “jeep” and “fisher Price”. When it comes to this toy they have the capacity weight set for around 130 pounds and the age range to be three to seven years of age. 


Depending on what model you pick from the brand will determine the price. The prices typically vary from $249.99 to $300.00. 


The reviews pertaining to this toy are mostly great! They speak highly of Fisher Price products which create power wheels. Many parents state they fished through many toys with higher prices and still this toy outbeat all of the selections. 

The rating of this toy is 4.6 out of 5.0 which is a highly recommended rating! A majority of the ratings were 5.0 and the next most ratings were 4.0. 

Moderno Kids Jeep 

This ride-on jeeps name on Amazon is listed as “Two (2) Seater Ride On Kids Car Truck W/ Remote | Large 12V Battery Licensed Kids Car to Drive 3 Speeds, Leather Seat, MP3 Music by Bluetooth, FM Radio, Rubber Tires”. This name is a long description of a ride-on Moderno Kids Jeep. 

This jeep is so high tech and visually aesthetically pleasing your child will be attached to it. Looking at this Jeep you would not even think that it is a childs toy, it is that awesome.

Not to mention that this toy looks amazing, you as a mom or dad are given a remote that can control it! 

The dash area of this Jeep toy looks so realistic with a speedometer, air vents, gear shift and radio system. When you look at this set up you would not believe it is a toy!

Best part? The toy actually has Bluetooth to play music from a phone or FM radio! 

The jeep also has suped up seating that are perforated vegan leather, your child will be so comfy while riding in this! Not to mention it has REAL seatbelts that can protect your child!

The exterior of the Ride-on Jeep is also extremely realistic. The jeep has a realistic jeep style grill and tow bar area. It has a hood area that opens up where the 12V battery is kept! As well as a small space in the back for items to be placed.

It has large wheels that have LED lights inside of them so as they spin, so do the lights! Speaking of lights the toy has LED headlights, an LED light bar on the bottom and top of the Jeep!

This toy has no shortage of lighting to stand out and keep your child visible if they want to ride around after sundown!  

The age group for this toy is recommended to be around 3 to 6 years of age and under the weight of 100 pounds combined if there are more than one rider. 


If you go to purchase this product through Amazon you are looking at a price of $489.99. 

As the pricing is pretty high all of the extra add ons for the high tech quality makes the price tag well worth it! Your child will be able to do almost anything with this toy! 


Amazon typically shows it around 4.5 stars while the actual site has it sitting at 5 stars. The reviews on Amazon by customers who have actually purchased the product speak highly on the toy itself. T

hey do make sure to touch on the fact that the instructions on assembly can be a bit confusing, but the end product of course is worth that hassle. 

Value Box Extra Large Ride on Truck

The entire name for this toy is listed as, “VALUE BOX Extra Large Ride on Truck, 12V Battery Electric Kids Toddler Motorized Vehicles Toy Car W/ Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension, Seat Belts, LED Lights and Realistic Horns”. 

With the long listed name it lists multiple features that the toy has to offer! Such as; 

  • 12V battery system
  • Remote Control, where you can control your child’s ride
  • 3 speed options
  • Spring suspension
  • Seat belts to optimize safety
  • LED lights
  • Horns for your child to grab your attention or someone else’s. 

Observing the toy it is explained to be a larger ride-on toy that can accommodate children from the age of 3 to 8 years old! It can hold a capacity of around 66 pounds, this may be more of a determining factor than your child’s age.

The exterior of the vehicle shows that it sits higher than many other ride-on toys. It has a LED light bar on the front as well as LED headlights.

When looking at the vehicle it has a grated style windshield and roll bar style doors versus normal doors that open and close. 

The interior of the toy has a large bench style seat that allows them to ride in comfort but not have bucket seats. There are seat belts to optimize your child’s safety while playing.

The interior also has a MP3 player option for your child to play music while they cut the lights on and off and drive around honking their horn! 

This toy is capable of driving forward and backwards by foot pedals but if you decide you would like to drive your child around their is a remote for you! 


The prices for this toy varies typically depending on the color you pick! The pricing starts out at $189.99 and extends up to $209.99. 

This price is reasonable when you compare it too what the toy has to offer for your child! 


The reviews for this product are superadic. Many purchasers stated that they loved the product and it exceeded their expectations that they had for it. Other individuals spoke about how the toy is too tall and with the power it flipped over. 

The stars review for this device is 4.5 stars out of 5.0 stars. 

Best Ride On Cars Jeep Rubicon Push Car 

This ride on you is created by the brand “Best Ride On Cars”. This is not a very popular brand that many people hear about. With this brand the ride-on toy is not battery powered.

Your child will have to push themselves around or scoot themselves around while sitting on it. They can also have someone else push them around! It features a steering wheel that is raised up high and a back piece that rises up. 


This ride-on toy is one of the cheapest that you can purchase! The product is typically sold for around $70 and up. 


The toy reviews vary as some people select it as 5 stars while others have complaints. The complaints are typically featured around the plastic or assembly. The toy is rated 4.2 out of 5. 

Infans Kids Ride on Car Truck

The title for this toy is “INFANS Kids Ride on Car Truck With 2.4G Remote Control, 12V Battery Powered Electric Cars for Kids w/ 3 Speeds, Battery Display, LED Lights, Safety belt, Music and Horn, Bluetooth/FM/USB”. 

When you look at the title of this ride-on you it explains almost everything that it has to offer. One thing about the brand INFANS is they are trying to keep your child as safe as possible while allowing them to enjoy their favorite toy! 

The exterior of this toy is definitely eye grabbing with the aesthetic appeal of a realistic Jeep. It has sticker decals down the sites of the ride-on jeep and the hood to give it an aggressive feel.

It also is equipped with a front bumper and large tires to make it feel more realistic! 

The exterior also features LED headlights and LED lights above the windshield. This can optimize your child’s experience by ensuring they are safe riding around no matter the time.

With the LED lights it allows the toy to have a brighter display as well to ensure individuals can see your child. 

The interior of the toy also provides a realistic feel to the toy. It has air vents on the dash on either side of the steering wheel to replicate air conditioning or heat. The dash also includes buttons for the “ignition”, radio, bluetooth, speed and lights! 

The interior also has a bench style seat that gives more room inside of the ride-on toy for a child to safely move around. It has seat belts to keep your child safe at all times when the toy vehicle starts moving! 


This ride-on Jeep typically is priced around $259.99, which is considered reasonable when it comes to having such a realistic product. 


This product is rated 4.2 stars out of 5.0 stars. Most of the reviews are very positive and state this is for mostly toddler aged children. There are several reviews that state they had cosmetic issues that they needed to reach out to the company about. 

Overall most of the people reviewing the product gave it 5 stars individually and advised that it was a very powerful toy. They made sure to state that the toy itself was built very well! 

Fitnessclub Electric Ride On Cars for Kids

This toy is currently listed as, “Fitnessclub Electric Ride on Cars For Kids, 12V Powered Kids Ride on Car With 2.4 GHZ Bluetooth Remote Control, LED Lights, MP3 player, 3 Speed, Waterproof Cover”. 

With everything that is listed here in the title of the toy there almost isn’t anything else you would need! Looking at the exterior of the toy you see a realistic windshield with windshield wipers. It has three stylish lights on both sides of the front of the toy vehicle. The rear area also has bar lights above the child’s seat. 

The interior of the vehicle looks realistic to a full size vehicle! It has a comfortable bench seat for one or two children to sit on. The steering wheel looks just like our vehicle’s steering wheels even with a logo! It is equipped with buttons on the dashboard for lights, speed and control! 


The price for this toy is typically around $239.99 without shipping added in. 


This toy has mixed reviews as most products do depending on each individual’s experience. Some individuals reported issues that they had to start speaking with the property management to fix. Most people reviewing this product posted photos with their children having a blast! 

The star rating for this toy was 4.2 out of 5.0! 


Coming to the end of this article you have been given a large amount of information to choose from. Choosing the best ride-on toy for your child is an amazing journey as your child glows with excitement. Enjoy giving your child the ride of their dreams and be young again! 

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