7 Best 24 Volt Ride On Toys With Complete Buyers Guide

The Electric Ride On toys are the most popular children’s toys, they are safe and durable to use. In comparison to 12v, the 24 volt Ride On has a better experience, better runtime, and better speed.

Parents find it hard to pick which 24v Ride On to buy in terms of safety, speed, and durability. For 24v Ride On, the parents should look for high speed, speed control options, high age range, and high weight limit in the toy.

Seven Best 24V Ride On Toys on Amazon

This is the list of the seven best Ride On toys selling on amazon. The list is based on reviews from the buyers.

  1. Nighthawk Next Generation Electric Ride On by RollPlay, 24V
  2. Dirt Quad by Razor, 24V, 4 Wheeler
  3. Ultimate Go-Kart Ride On by Radio Flyer, 24V
  4. MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride by Razor, 24V
  5. E125 Scooter Ride On Toy by Razor, 24V
  6. Powerful Team 7 EVA Treaded Tires Ride On ATV by Kidzone, 24V
  7. Pocket Mod Miniature Euro by Razor, 24V

Points to Consider Before Buying the 24V Ride On Toys

There are some points you should consider before buying the Ride On toys. Let’s have a look at them one by one. 


For many parents, the price is always considered while buying a Ride On toy. Price of a Ride On toy varies based on the brand, speed, weight limit, and the number of passengers. 

Mostly the Ride On toys with a high limit in these features have more price. 

In comparison to 12v Ride On, the 24V Ride Ons have higher prices, for example, the nighthawk Ride On by Rollplay also has a 12V version which costs $149.99 and the 24V version costs $199.99. 

The obvious reason for the higher price for 24V is the difference between the battery and motor, on the other hand, 24V is more powerful and faster than 12V. 

The purchasing price for the 24V Ride On toys can be in the range is $150-$500. The 12V replacement battery can cost $40-$60 on the other hand 24V can cost $60-$120.

Local Law

While buying a 24V Quad Ride On or Go-Kart Ride On, it is always necessary to confirm from the local law authorities if a permit is required for riding this kind of vehicle on public roads and streets. 

Most of the time the Ride Ons with a speed under 25 MPH are allowed in the streets, in some areas the speed limit can be lower.

24V Ride Ons are allowed in the streets because most of the time they do not cross the speed limit.

In the US, the authorities in some areas will not let you drive Go-Karts and Quad Ride On on neighborhood roads, sidewalks, parks, or other public areas irrespective of the Ride On’s voltage power.

The reason for this is the safety of your child.  


Safety is always the first thing that comes to mind of a parent while buying the Ride On toys for their children. High volt brings high risk, battery instructions should be followed by the parents while charging the vehicle. 

Some of the 24V Ride Ons have safety features like speed modes, the parents can set the highest speed for the kids.

24V Ride Ons are faster than 12V or 6V Ride Ons and some of them do not have speed control options, in that case, the parents can opt for protective gear for the kids, including gloves, knee pads, helmets, and wind stopping jacket.

Always check the brakes’ effectiveness before letting your kid drive the Ride On; check the brakes time by time to avoid any danger. Training the kids about their 24V Ride On is always recommended.

Age Recommendations

Every model in the 24V category Ride On has different age recommendations for the kids. Parents should always check the age recommendations before buying the Ride On toys.

24V Ride Ons are usually recommended for kids ages 8 and above, for younger kids speed modes are provided in the 24V Ride On vehicles. Parents can also opt for 12V or 6V Ride On toys for toddlers.

The 24V Ride Ons are sold for the ages of 3 to 15 years and above. High range age limit Ride On toys can last longer.

For example, if your kid is three years old and you buy a Ride On vehicle with an age limit of 6-12 years, your kid can use the vehicle for six years.

Weight Limit

It is recommended for parents not to exceed the weight limit when buying the Ride On. If a child riding on Ride On exceeds the weight limit, it can result in vehicle topple or break down, leading to injuring your child.

24V batteries have more risk while the vehicle breaks down.

Because 24V Ride On toys have more power than 12V and 6V they can carry more weight. Most of the time if a brand is offering 24V and 12V in the same Ride On, they also offer the same weight limit in both.

But in practice there will be a lot of difference in riding experience, the 12V will be slower than 24V with more weight while 24V will outperform with the same weight.

A parent should select the Ride On according to their child’s weight, or it is better to select a vehicle with a high weight limit so your kid can use it for a long time while growing up. There is quite a few Ride On toys available in the market which have a high weight limit.

Speed & Driving Capabilities

A 24-volt motor and battery mean high speed for kids. The speed level can go up to 15 MPH, which is relatively high for kids of different ages and can be uncontrollable.

To solve this problem, parents should ensure that their kids have learned the driving properly. Only after that kids should be allowed to maximum speed. It is the responsibility of the parent to train their kids.

Some of the Ride On toys comes with a speed safety lock option, which means the parents can choose at which speed their kids can drive the vehicle.

Parents can examine the driving skills of their kids and then decide which speed limit should be allowed to their kids. It is always necessary for the parents to supervise their kids while they are learning the driving using 24V Ride On toy.

Let’s have a look at every choice in the list and see what they are offering in the best24V Ride On toys.

Nighthawk Next Generation Electric Ride On by Rollplay, 24V

This Ride On toy is becoming the most favorite of the kids because of its unique look and amazing driving experience. This Ride On toy does not come with steering.

You can easily steer it with handlebars which allows you easy leaning and steering in any way. 

Easily accessible foot throttle is provided. The design is sleek and low-riding. It is called the next generation Ride On toy because of its unique design.

This toy is made in China and selling at the top of 24V Ride On toys in the US. This next-generation toy is one seater comfortable for boys and girls of 6 years and above.

Because of its unique design, seatbelts are not provided in this Ride On. It is recommended for parents to buy the protective kit for their loved ones or the helmet.

Look at the table for more features.

Best 24 Volt Ride On Toys

This Ride On is a three-wheeler, one big tire in front and two small in the back. The big front rubber tire controls the vehicle; wings on the sides help kids balance themselves and the vehicle.

The vehicle stops once the throttle is stopped. Throttle and foot paddles are in front of the vehicle. The Nighthawk is lightweight and portable. You can take it in your vehicle if you are going outdoors for a picnic.  

Although this next-generation Ride On is durable, it is not built for off-road use. Your child can drive it on smooth roads or surfaces, and it is not recommended to drive inside the house because of its speed.

This vehicle has a very small size compared to other Ride Ons which makes it a favorite of the parents.

Driving this vehicle is very easy, that your kid can master it in one day, but the parents will be worried to check on their kids till they are driving properly.

The vehicle comes pre-assembled, so you don’t have to waste time assembling it. This Ride On Comes in only white with some black contrast.


  • Pre-Assembled
  • Portable
  • Unique design


  • Not recommended for off-road use
  • No parent control

Dirt Quad by Razor, 24V, 4 Wheeler

This Dirt Quad Ride On from Razor will be loved by your child because of its bike feel with the safety of four wheels. Though Quads are used for overland activities like driving on Dirt, beaches, and deserts but for your kid it can be an adventurous ride in the places like backyards, parks, hilly areas also. 

This four-wheeler ride is one-seater for kids eight years and above. It is better to buy child protective gear for your kid, including gloves, knee pads, helmets.

The most important thing before buying this Dirt Quad is to confirm with local authorities that if your kid can ride the Quad in the neighborhood. 

This Dirt Quad Ride On has the racing feel; make sure that your kid can drive it properly before they start racing with other kids. The table shows the some main features of this Quad Ride On.

Best 24 Volt Ride On Toys

The tires in this Quad Ride On are big 13 inches, and the knobby rubber tires are filled with air which gives a feel of smooth driving on various routes. The traction is amazing because of air-filled rubber tires, which make brakes stop easily.  

This quad has a weather-resistant body; the handlebar is adjustable according to your kid’s height. The materials used in the body are of the best quality.

All these features make this vehicle durable and look attractive. Your kid will enjoy the off-road activities with this Dirt Quad Ride On. This Ride On comes in three different colors, which include Black, Pink, and Camo, which are suitable for both girls and boys.

The brake system is good enough to save your kid from dangerous situations. The steering handle is manual control, and this can be found at the base of your kid’s navigation control while learning the driving in the future.

The Quad has a vertical space that can be used to carry the kid’s essentials.


  • Best for off-road use
  • Realistic design
  • High age limit
  • High speed
  • Rear suspensions


  • Low running time
  • No lights
  • No music/entertainment system

Ultimate Go-Kart Ride On by Radio Flyer, 24V

Driving the Go-Kart may need a driving permit in different areas. You should check with local law authorities before buying this Ultimate G-Kart Ride On.

If your kids love racing, this ultimate Go-Kart Ride On is the best choice for them. This Go-Kart gives a real racing feel to your child. The authentic Go-Kart design is loved by the kids. 

The adjustable seat is good for kids between 3-8 years of age. A seat belt is also provided for safety and comfort. This Go-Kart ride is named as 2020 Parents Choice Recommended Award.

The Go-Kart has three different speed modes, which are 2.5 mph, 5 mph, 8 mph. Parents can decide the highest speed with a speed lock. The table below shows the main features of this Ride On.  

Best 24 Volt Ride On Toys

You can train your kid by starting at a lower speed limit and then go higher when your kid is trained properly. An emergency braking system is provided in this Ride On which can be used when the kid is about to crash or hit something.

For more safety for your kid, it is better to use a helmet when riding the G-Kart.

Front tires are smaller than rear tires, which come with rubber traction. The rear tires are extra wide, which makes this vehicle drift ultimately.

No lighting system is provided in this Go-Kart Ride On; also, no music or entertainment system is provided in the Go-Kart. 

This Go-Kart Ride On is built on the racing standards for the kids, and it includes a racing flag that can be seen from far because of its bright colors. Its frame is built like it will keep your child in the Ride On while driving.

The vehicle comes in only Red color with white and black contrast.


  • High age limit
  • High speed with three modes
  • Handy safety features
  • Racing look


  • Low running time
  • No lights
  • Only one color

MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride by Razor, 24V

The MX400 Dirt Rocket Ride by Razor is a two-wheeler bike similar to a dirt bike in design. This ride is good for kids and teens of the ages 13 years and above. The ride is a blast for the kids, which gives a star feeling to your kid in the neighborhood or the friend circle. 

Razor is one of the top brands in the Ride On category. This Ride On comes with a powerful motor of 250-watt, the torque is amazing, the motor is chain driven, which gives electrifying fun to your kid. This is up to 14 MPH which is a high speed for the Ride On category. Look at the table for more features.

Best 24 Volt Ride On Toys

The battery takes 12 hours to charge fully and run for 30 minutes, which is a bit low time. Two 12v batteries are assembled on the bike. 12-inch pneumatic knobby rubber tires are provided on the bike, which makes the traction work perfectly. 

MX400 Ride On is great in overland activities as its structure is made like this. The throttle and brakes are on the correct sides, similar to the big bikes. Because of its big knobby tires, the brakes work perfectly.

The parents are advised to train their kids to drive this bike because a two-wheeler can be hard to control for beginners.

The bike is durable and made for lasting long. The body is made of steel on the geometric design of authentic dirt bikes. Twist acceleration control is provided with soft rubber grips, which makes accelerating the vehicle easy.

The brake is in the rear part and hand-operated from steering. Shatter-resistant plastic fairings, retractable kickstand, and double crown fork make this vehicle look attractive and slide through off-roads.

The bike is easily assembled. You just have to assemble the steering into the bike. All the other parts come already assembled. This vehicle has four varieties in colors which include White, Black, Red, and Green.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Rough dirt bike look
  • High speed


  • No training tires
  • Low running time
  • No lights
  • No parent control

E125 Scooter Ride on Toy by Razor, 24V

Many kids love to ride scooters, and they always ride them when they are kids. Those scooters are manual foot drives like skateboards.

Many Ride On scooters are available in the market; in the 24V category for kids, Razor has introduced their E125 scooter. 

This scooter is made for girls because of its pink color. For boys, Razor have more choices in the scooter, and this particular Razor scooter is highly rated in 24V Ride On scooter category.

A 100-watt motor is provided in the scooter with a manual kick-off. It is a single-speed and chain-driven scooter. The speed of 10 MPH gives electrifying fun to your child. The scooter is recommended for kids ages eight and above.

The table shows some more features.

Speed	Running Time	Colors	Weight Limit	Age Limit 10 MPH	40 Minutes	Pink	120 lbs	8+

Two 12V batteries are provided, which charge in 4-6 hours and run for 40 minutes, which is good for the speed and weight limit they are providing.

This Ride On is a one-seater. Your kid has to ride it by standing. Soft rubber grips with twist acceleration control make the acceleration easy.

The brakes are also hand-operated from the steering. A kickstand and foldable handlebars are provided.

The body of this scooter is made of steel. The body and fork make it durable and long-lasting even in rugged use. The helmet is necessary for this Ride On, and parents can opt for full protective gear for their children.

The deck and frame are perfectly sized for the kids. The tires are 8-inch pneumatic rubbers that improve traction. This scooter Ride On is not recommended for off-road use.


  • High speed
  • Realistic design
  • Best for girls


  • No lights
  • No parent control

Powerful Team 7 EVA Treaded Tires Ride On ATV by Kidzone, 24V 

This ATV Ride On by Kidzone has the looks of a real beast. It is one of the best-looking ATV Ride On for kids. This Ride On gives the real star feeling to your child in the neighborhood and their friend circle. This ride is amazing in overland activities and can smoothly run through many different landscapes, including concrete, grass, hills, tarmac, and slopes.

The Ride On’s body is made of premium quality eco-friendly plastic, which makes it lightweight, also sturdy for the long time enjoyment.

The one-seater ride comes with four big knobby EVA tires, which come with spring suspension that is wear-resistant. The wheels are explosion-proof and shock-absorbing, which makes sure smooth driving on different terrains.

The table below shows some more features.

Best 24 Volt Ride On Toys

This ATV Ride On comes with two-speed modes. One is 3.7 mph and the other 6.2 mph. Parents can decide the speed mode according to the driving skills of their child.

It is recommended for the parent to buy at least a helmet for their kid. Full protective gear can opt if your child is early days of training.

One 24V 7Ah battery is installed in the vehicle. The motor is 2×55 watt.  The battery can be fully charged in 8-12 hours. This ATV Ride On has quite a few entertainment options which can cheer up your kid.

The entertainment options include roaring engine sound, USB/mp3 music, power display, and volume control which makes this ride exciting. The vehicle comes in black body color with different color belts on the steering.


  • Suitable for off-road activities
  • Appealing look
  • Two-speed modes
  • Good for young kids


  • Low weight limit
  • No remote control

Pocket Mod Miniature Euro by Razor, 24V

Razor is one of the best brands which offers 24V Ride On for kids. This miniature version of the Euro is the choice of parents for their beloved children. This mini version of the retro scooter stands out in every eye when your kid is driving it. 

This mini scooter has a high-power motor with high torque and a chain-driven system. This Ride On is very fast in its category comes with a top speed of 15 mph. Speed also has variability options.

It is recommended for kids and teens ages 13 and above.

Best 24 Volt Ride On Toys

Perfect Kid-sized frame makes comfortable and electric-powered fun. The tires are 12-inch pneumatic, the wheels are eye-catching, and the brake is operated by hand, making it a smooth ride.

This Ride On is not recommended for off-road activities. A helmet is highly recommended for riding the scooter.

The body is made of all steel which makes it durable and long-lasting. The ride can stand up to rugged use. The vehicle can go up to 10 miles in one charge, so your kid can have long-term fun.

The vehicle has many colors, including White, Betty, Blue, Pink, Red, Sweet Pea, and Vapor Black, which are suitable for both girls and boys.


  • High speed
  • Retro look
  • Long mileage


  • No music/entertainment system
  • No lights
  • No parental control

Complete Buyer’s Guide for 24 Volt Ride On Toys

The table below shows the complete buyer’s guide for all the models described above. The price shown in the table can be changed time by time.

Best 24 Volt Ride On Toys


24V Ride Ons are powerful and faster than 12V and 6 Ride On toys. This article gives the full information about the top 7 Ride On toys on amazon in 24V category and some important points to consider while buying the Ride On toy. 

The 24 Volt Ride On toys are fast for the children, so the supervision of parents is necessary for starting days till your kid is trained perfectly.

Some of the Ride On toys on the list have the speed control option. Most of the Ride On toys on the list are easy to assemble and do not require much effort.

Always read the battery instructions when assembling, charging, or using the 24V vehicle. 

We wish you the best of luck in buying the 24V Ride On toy for your kid.

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