Best Batman Ride On Toys

Having your child enjoy toys during their lifetime is one of the best parts of raising kids. One toy that can keep your kid happy and entertain their always on the go energy is the ride on toys.

Not just any ride on toys though, the Batman ride on toys will steal your child’s heart as soon as they see it. 

What Is the Batmobile?

When you really think about it, what is the batmobile that kids tend to end up obsessed with, especially little boys. The Batmobile is a vehicle that looks absolutely incredible.

It looks mythical and fierce. The batmobile is unfortunately fictional but everybody dreams of having it, even adults.  

The special vehicle is all black in color with high tech features and lights that make it stand out and glow.

This vehicle has armor and gear to protect the person driving from almost any encounter possible, which Batman always encounters danger.

The vehicle is also the style of a convertible that can convert and modify to what the superhero needs. The concept car used in the movie was an old Lincoln Futura, a cool looking modified car but unfortunately not able to do all the futuristic tricks.

Yes, superhero. The superhero, Batman, drives the famous fictional batmobile in all the movies and comics released. 

Even though this “Batmobile” is a fictional vehicle from a superhero movie, to kids it is very real. So you can purchase many toys featured around the batmobile, batman and all things marvel.

Superhero toys always are a go too for children’s toys as superheroes tend to be kids heroes for how they think growing up will be. 

Who Is Batman?

Batman is one of the most famous superheroes that has been created for entertainment.

Batman is a good superhero that roams the streets under cover of night seeking to bring justice for people, while ensuring the villains are stopped and put away. 

Batman is mostly featured around the town called “Gotham” and is there to protect the citizens, even from some law enforcement officers. Batman wants to stop anyone that is corrupt and bad. 

Batman is seen fighting villains, saving lives and driving his high speed/high tech batmobile for almost every episode or movie. 

Ride on Batman Toys

A ride-on Batman toy will have your child feeling like they are a superhero in their own home. Your child can travel in style, feel like a superhero and get out energy all at the same time. 

They can explore their imagination while being on the go inside or outside! There are options of ride-on toys for every age group and size child!

This type allows your child to feel like an adult “driving” without the adult part being included. 

You are able to read about three specific Batman ride-on toys that are a mix between battery powered and powered by your child’s energy itself. You can read on to see the three options located on Amazon in the United States. 

Hauck E-batmobile Electric Ride On V6

The Hauck E-Batmobile Electric Ride is one of the top purchased ride-on toys through Amazon. This ride features a high tech exterior for a child’s ride that seems like something people dream of having to drive. 

This vehicle has LED lights featured on it that will glow bright and grab your child’s attention, which will draw them to playing with the toy.

It also has sound effects that your child will want to press continuously for entertainment! Looking at this toy your child will be sure to think it is the coolest thing around, the doors even open upward versus traditional doors that open straight outward.

This model of ride-on toy also has the feature for your little one to go at a safe speed while playing. It will go up to around 2.5 miles per hour.

To your little one this will probably feel like they are racing down the road and driveway at high speeds. For you, they will be going at a safe speed, one that you can monitor them at and not have to break a sweat chasing them. 

The toy is typically rated for children 4 years old and up that can operate these types of toys safely.

With the toy being powered by a battery if you decide to purchase for your younger children, ensure that you teach them and monitor their safety.

Smaller children may have a harder time controlling the ride-on you and need your guidance. 

As with a rated age for the device there is also a rated weight to not exceed to ensure the toy operates properly.

The Hauck E-Batmobile electric ride has a weight limit set for around 66 pounds. If you go over this the device may run slower and cause lasting effects. 

This version of a toy has an electric ride and a pedal ride depending on your choice that you would like through their company. 


The Hauck E-Batmobile Electric Ride on V6 toy is currently not displaying a price through their site. The price for this toy will typically be around 150 dollars and up depending on where you purchase it. 


This product is rated 3.8 stars out of 5 which would indicate that people who have purchased it did not completely enjoy it.

Reviews for this product state that the pedal ride-on toy is typically the better option for the quality instead of the battery powered, which is another model for the brand Hauck.

Fisher-Price DC Friends Wheelies Batman Ride-on

This batman ride-on toy is a safe option for babies and toddlers that need something to keep them entertained while trying to be on the go.

If you have a smaller child or infant that is learning how to stand and walk or push things this is a good option for you to purchase.

This toy is not typically recommended for children over the age of toddler as it is very small in stature.

This toy is set up as a push or ride-on toy that has batman colors of black, gray, and blue.

As you look at the toy the front of it has what looks like slides down the front, this is for your child to play with other toys on this toy, double entertainment. The toy also has stickers that feature Batman and his logo on it. 

This toy will allow your child to push themselves around and explore the house or any area that they are able to go. Being able to push the toy will assist in learning mobility and perfecting their movements. 

The plastic wheels are reported to not damage floors but just glide across them. This toy is not automatic or powered by batteries, this is beneficial to not worry about charging the toy or keeping up with extra pieces.

When it comes to giving this ride-on toy to your child you can ensure that they are safe and entertained. It has buttons for your children to press to make noises till you probably cannot stand it anymore. 

This toy also is featured with two smaller cars that they can use to run down the ramps on the front of the ride for extra play!


The Fisher-Price DC Friends Wheelies Batman ride-On toy typically runs for around $75.99 through Amazon. At this time the product is not available for Amazon prime members so you will have to wait versus a typical two day turnaround for members. 


This toy is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 which is a great indication that this is a good product. Users who have purchased this toy have left highly recommending reviews stating their children took to the toy quickly.

Multiple reviewers also spoke on the fact that their children loved the features that the toy has to offer. 

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart, Superhero Ride-on Batman Vehicle

The Hauck batmobile pedal go kart is a ride on you that your children will LOVE. The toy runs off the little ones energy which can benefit you later on in the day when they start to get tired.

The toy will use up their energy and ensure you can get some quiet time.

This toy has a vicious but strong look to the front of it as it has all the batman logos and feel of the superhero aspect.

The toy is the shape of a go kart but does not drive fast like a typical go kart does. This toy has pedals that your child will have to move to make themselves go or the toy will just sit stationary. 

  • This toy is featured with hand brakes as a safety measure for your children, especially if they can pedal fast! 
  • This toy seems pretty high tech as it has adjustable seats, this is beneficial to you if your child does not have long legs. It will help them reach the pedals no matter their height. 
  • It is featured with an 8 point ball style brake to help ease your mind that your children will not go too fast and can stop easily. 
  • The toy also has a sport style steering wheel like the original batmobile would assume to have.

This toy will typically be for children four years old and up as it takes more leg control and strength. If you want to purchase this for a smaller child keep in mind that the structure may be above their physical abilities at first. 


For the Hauck batmobile pedal go-kart the price through the online site of Amazon is typically around  $189.99 for the entire device.

If you have an Amazon prime account you will be able to get the toy in one to two days, which is a quick turnaround for something so large. 


The reviews for this product are rated highly with a 4.7 out of 5 stars. The customers give mostly positive reviews stating that their children loved the product.

They did report that you have to assemble the toy together which takes around twenty to thirty minutes to complete. They also stated that their children enjoyed pedaling the toy and the only issue was going into grassy areas or up steep hills. 

How to Decide on Your Childs Ride-on Toy

When it comes to determining the best fit for your child and household it will depend on your own personal life. There are many things to consider when thinking about these decisions as we want to pick the best fit for them. 

To determine the best fit you should pay attention to these details;

  • Your child’s age
  • Your child’s mobility range
  • The area you live in and the room you have for toys

Deciding the toy is the biggest part of the process as we want to get the right one the first time and not have to purchase multiple toys that our children may not like.

Finding your right fit will save you money not having to get new toys as well. 

Following the typical recommendations, reviews, and reading up on each toy will help you make the best decision for your family. 


Our children having the best and hottest toys to keep them entertained is typically something we always want. When it comes to ride-on toys your child will not be disappointed and can always have a go-to toy for fun.

When it comes to Batman ride-on toys you will not regret choosing one of these toys as it is aesthetically pleasing for you and for your child. Your child will thank you for such incredible options as a toy for them. 

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