Best Power Wheels for Grass

The luscious grass in your garden is one of the safest places for your kids to play. However, not every Power Wheels or Ride-on toy is good on grass.

Some will ruin your lawn while others just won’t have enough power. There are a few things you need to look out for when choosing the best power wheels for grass.

What to Look for When Buying Your First Grass Power Wheels?

Safety Features

Scoping out for new ride-on vehicles is not only about choosing the coolest models and features. For grass and off-road Power Wheels, safety precautions’ importance is crucial to none.

With the often slippery slope and bumpy dunes, your children need all the protection they can get for their ride. Therefore, for beginners, we recommend finding grass Power Wheels with automatic brakes and seatbelts.

Not only will this keep them from unwanted crashes, but their safety net will also allow your children to master the skill of maneuvering on grass confidently. 

Driving Experience

To gauge the perfect grass Power Wheels, the principle is similar to that of finding your dream off-road car: Get the feel for the movement.

On slippery grass, grip and traction are fundamental. Therefore, make sure your chosen one has a spring suspension system that can move smoothly even on bumpy non-asphalt surfaces. 

Power and Speed

Going off-road also means that getting the right power and speed for your Power Wheels is crucial. On the one hand, you will need the extra push to overcome the bumpy and uneven grass terrains.

On the other hand, overpowered wheels could easily spin wheels that might ruin your grass. This is why we recommend staying away from 6V and always opt for at least a 12V battery ride.

If you feel that your backyard terrain is steeper or bumpier than normal, a 24V might be an option for the extra kick. However, remember to keep an eye on the grass and on your little one should they decide to go the extra mile!

Age Appropriate

A crucial point often overlooked by parents is the recommended age. Off-road and grass terrains require higher maneuvering skills.

It is, therefore, crucial to not let your children start off on vehicles that are too big or too small for them to handle as they might bring extra hazards.

A vehicle that is too small might not provide the perfect balance for your child and can easily trip over on slippery grass. Meanwhile, an oversized vehicle will be too difficult to steer especially in rougher terrains when precision is vital.

But worry not, these Power Wheels usually come with a recommended age tags to guide first-timers. If not, be sure to ask your local toy store owner for their advice!

Pricing For Power Wheels For Grass

So how much money should you expect to spend on grass Power Wheels? It depends on your target model, durability, and technological features.

However, generally, a good off-road ride-on vehicle will bear a higher price mark than regular Power Wheels. That’s why paying attention to the price line is crucial. 

Generally, it would be difficult to find off-road Power Wheels below $200. This is because grass Power Wheels rely heavily on strong body structure, sturdy materials, and good traction. However, it is not an impossible task, as our recommended list will prove.

To play safe in getting all of these features in good quality, you should look in the $200 to $400 price range. Scouting at this price will also give you a broad option from high-tech to basic systems and suspension crucial for grass off-roading. 

However, if you are ready to give the best grassy experience for your little one, you can opt for the above $400 price range.

Vehicles at this price will give you advanced features, top safety protection, and some extra power. This is definitely the option if you are looking for durable Power Wheels that is guaranteed to make your children’s adventure on the back porch safe and fun. 

Ready to go shopping for your first grass Power Wheels? With all of that in mind, let’s go check out some of our best recommendations!

Fisher-Price Green Dune Racer

Our first recommendation goes to the all-time classic Power Wheels on grass: the beloved Dune Racer!

With all the standard features that your kids need to go off-roading in the backyard, Dune Racer’s cool modern green model will be an instant favorite.

It comes with a powerful 12V battery crucial to overcome muddy and steep terrains. Furthermore, it also boasts a dual-speed mode (2.5 and 5 MPH).

The high-speed mode will allow your children to tackle some grass dunes while the slow speed mode is guaranteed to keep your grass safe from unwanted wheel marks.

Furthermore, this Power-Wheels is made of Polypropylene, a guaranteed durable material that is 100% puncture-proof.

This is a definite plus point when going off-road, as slippery grass and muddy terrains have been known to cause fall over and scratches. 

For safety features, Dune Racer also comes with a simple maneuverable steering wheel and automatic brakes for beginners.

Moreover, it is equipped with twin metal sidebars that give extra support to hang on to during a bumpy ride!

All of these safety features are crucial to prevent unwanted accidents given that off-road and grass riding require strong protection and steering precision. 

Other extra features include double seating and 130 lbs weight capacity. However, there are some downsides to be considered. For instance, this model does not come with durable battery life.

This might become a problem as we want to avoid our vehicle running out of power when it is stuck on muddy terrains.

It also belongs to the more expensive class of Power Wheels. Whether it is the perfect gift for your little one is for you to decide!

Value Box Extra Larger Ride-on Tractor With Trailer

If you are looking for something more creative than a regular outdoor Power Wheels, the VALUE BOX tractor might be the one.

This sleek 12V green tractor is versatile and effortlessly fun. Equipped with a trailer and a wagon, they’re the perfect answer to your wannabe little farmers out in the backyard. 

Furthermore, the reason this tractor is particularly popular is its interactive possibilities on grass. Its sturdy structure and off-road wheels provide a stable driving experience on slippery terrains.

The model also comes with a horn and a spare shovel for your children to tinker around the backyard with. 

Moreover, to add to the fun, it is equipped with an accelerating foot pedal to go the extra mile across some grass dunes! It boasts a two-speed mode that allows it to be driven at 2.17 and 4.72 MPH.

Nevertheless, there’s no need to worry about playtime hazards. The VALUE BOX tractor has a flexible but sturdy seatbelt.

It is also made from PP Iron material to protect your children against unwanted crashes on slippery grass. 

The reason we like this tractor is because of its comfortable riding experience on grass combined with a cheap price.

However, a downside to this model is its low durability. It needs extra care and storage if you want to keep this toy running around for a long time.

TOBBI Kids Ride-on Truck 

If your children are looking for a more badass ride to scoot around the backyard in, then the TOBBI Kids Ride-on Truck might be the one.

This vehicle opts for the unconventional by using rubber tires, giving the best grip and stability possible for a slippery ride on grass. The truck is especially recommended for ages 3 to 8. 

This big age range is thanks to its unique dual driving modes. In manual, your children have full driving control from behind the wheels.

However, you can also use the parental remote-control 2.4 GHz RC mode to help your little one who is still too young to drive.

This becomes extra handy in off-road riding. It is not rare that Power Wheels gets stuck on muddy obstacles, especially in slippery slopes such as grass.

The remote-control option allows you to help your children out without having to jump behind the wheels yourself.

Another plus point for this model is its safety features. Firstly, its sleek bulky black model will not only win extra points with your children, but it also provides a sturdy off-road ride.

Riding off on grass for the first time requires higher driving skills given the often uneven and slippery terrain.

Thus, coupled with its heavy-duty 14-inch traction tires, this model is perfect to help your children find their way around the basics of off-roading. 

Secondly, although equipped with a powerful engine and a top speed of 3.7mph, TOBBI is not one to sacrifice safety for fun.

For instance, the truck is equipped with a speed lookout option, a forward and reverse driving function, and an inbuilt spring suspension.

This will protect them during the often bumpy and terraneous ride on grass. 

Furthermore, this model also includes working LED headlights, adjustable seatbelts, magnetic doors, and a gear shift.

However, there are some downsides to this model. Its bulky size, unfortunately, renders its steering less precise (Mines, 2021). This can be a problem during their ride on the grass.

Without the feel of the asphalt, riding off-road requires a lot of driving intuition and feel for the terrain, something that might be hindered by a less sensitive steering feature.

Moreover, its slightly more expensive price is not one for impulsive purchases. However, this model has been a constant favorite for children and parents alike for many years.

Think this is the one?

Make sure to grab it before the summer sale is over! 

Fisher-Price Racing ATV

How about letting your children have a go at a more unconventional, off-road appropriate vehicle? This ATV might not have the flashy car get-up but its capacity for fun will surely make up for it.

Firstly, its monster traction and sturdy wheels make it one of the best vehicles for grassy terrains. It can muddle its way through uneven grounds and even muddy patches.

Secondly, the lack of a car-like bulk makes this ATV easily maneuverable. This is a definite plus point in obstacle-ridden backyard or off-road driving, making it easy for your children to avoid unwanted accidents.

This ride is designed mostly for children from 3 to 7 years old. However, due to its lack of surrounding protective body, we do advise taking this new ride with more precaution.

In slippery grass slopes, children can easily fall off their ATV without the usual car structure to hang on to. There is no need for excessive worry, however, as Fisher-Price likewise equips it with automatic brakes.

Alongside a reverse gear function and forward speeds of 3 and 6 MPH, the ATV is perfect for a fun riding experience that won’t ruin your backyard grass.

A slight downside to this model is its poor battery life. Think the little ones are ready for the awesome, bumpy, thrilling ride? Make sure to add this one to your summer shopping list!

Peg Perego Polaris Rzr 900

If your children understand that it is as much about style as it is about power, then this Peg Perego Polaris vehicle is surely the one.

With its outstanding blue design ideal for both rough and sloppy surfaces, this vehicle is amongst the highest quality around.

But it’s not all about the model. This little vehicle can whip around the backyard fairly quickly. It features a 12V battery and a 2-speed mode: 2.5 and 5 MPH.

This gives it the edge to go over some grass dunes while not ruining your newly cut lawn. Not to worry, however, as it also boasts a great safety precaution system.

It is equipped with horns, robust seat belts, and automatic power locks, essential to prevent unwanted crashes or tumble in slippery grass.  

This Peg Perego champion is a particular favorite for children due to its flawless riding experience in rough and wet terrains and its durability.

This is, however, not a toy for a passing fancy, given its highly exorbitant price. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a sleek, safe, and durable grass Power Wheels, the Polaris is your answer! 

Do you think you’re ready to go scope out your first grass Power Wheels? Or do you still have some lingering doubts? Don’t worry, we have all your fundamental questions covered:

Why Do We Need Power Wheels for Grass?

Although most of the original Power Wheels are excellent for asphalt and road adventures, sometimes children also want to hang around their own backyard (see also ‘19 Kids Backyard Obstacle Course Ideas‘).

This is also a plus point for parents as you can keep watch of children easily as they ride around the lawn. Unfortunately, not all Power Wheels are superb in handling rougher terrains such as grass.

That’s why toymakers have started designing special off-road vehicles with better suspension and fitting tires. 

What are the benefits of these rough terrain Power Wheels? Firstly, they offer a realistic driving experience of driving off-road.

With special features such as adjustable seat belts, proper steering wheels, and pedals, this toy will give your children a blast with their make-believe imagination.

Not much different from your first fond memory behind the wheels!

Moreover, these carefully designed grass Power Wheels provide stability and safety. Now you can let your children have fun going over bumps, hills, and lawns without worrying about unwanted accidents.

The sturdy frame, off-road wheels, and more responsive braking mechanism have been designed just like any real off-road vehicle. They are therefore extra stable and tough, and you can spin them on a ride through puddles or grass.

How to Ride Power Wheels on Grass?

After obtaining your perfect off-road Power Wheels, driving it around on the lawn is not different from regular road practice.

First thing first, make sure that your new vehicle is fully charged before going on grass.

If they get stuck on muddy grass or in a puddle, it will be harder to push it out on a depleted battery. Secondly, scope out your driving terrains.

Make sure that your children avoid riding out on wet grounds and clear out any possible hazards on your back porch. This means getting rid of sharp objects and obstacles.

Consider also placing boundaries to ward off your little ones venturing into dangerous areas. 

Is a Dune Racer or an Atv Safe for Grass?

Many parents worry for their children taking a ride on grass with a more open structure vehicle such as an ATV or Dune Racer.

Although this is normal, it is good to keep in mind that these Power Wheels have been designed to take into account the off-road additions.

Their automated brake, speed lockout, and adjustable seats will provide crucial protection for your children’s playtime on the grass.

However, this does not mean that supervision is not necessary. In fact, your little one might need the extra time and skill to adjust to driving on rougher terrains.

As long as you keep a watchful eye during their new adventure, there is no need to deprive them of their grassy adventures!

How to Differentiate Tires for Grass Ride-on Vehicles?

This requires an eye for detail and a little research. Tires are crucial for off-road performances, as they determine the control and riding experience for your children.

Most Power Wheels commonly use plastic tires. However, some make use of more durable and tougher materials.

We strongly recommend wide and rugged tires as they allow for better stability and grip for rougher and slippery terrains such as grass.

If you manage to snatch one with rubber traction, this would give a better off-road feel as well!

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How to Clean Your Power Wheels After Using on Grass?

Cleaning the off-road toy vehicle might be a bit tricky especially because of the mud and grass that might stick to the tires and body. This is why you need to perform daily maintenance.

The best method is to simply wipe the tires down with a damp cloth. We recommend using use a disinfectant spray to keep the vehicle’s body in shape, especially when your children took it on a ride through muddy grass and bushes. 

With all of that in mind, we wish you the best in finding the perfect grass Power Wheels gift! Remember that the main goal is to bring new adventures and lots of fun for your children.

Therefore, do take their wishes and opinions into account. After all, they’re the ones who will be spending most of their time getting acquainted with the new ride on your back porch!

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