The Top 5 Fastest Power Wheels to Buy

Power Wheels are fun and exciting toys for your kids. These mini cars let your kid drive freely and safely on the sidewalk or around your backyard, providing them hours of fun.

Power Wheels come with various speed levels, and most children want to go as fast as possible. So you may be asking yourself, “Which Power Wheels are the fastest?”.

The Top 5 Fastest Power Wheels To Buy

The top-tier Power Wheels may reach a top speed of up to 6 miles per hour (9.5 km/h).

This is not that much faster than other similar products, which usually have a max speed of 5mph (8 km/h).

If you’re looking for the fastest Power Wheels cart for your kid you’ve come to the right place!

Here, we will show you the top five fastest Power Wheels, and go through all of the amazing features that you can find on each of these cars.

Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer

This vehicle is identical to the standard Power Wheels Racing ATV but comes with extensive dinosaur detailing which makes the car more fun.

Your youngster will love the fact that the mouth of the dinosaur can be opened and closed by them as well!

Below the handlebars, three buttons are colored green, yellow, and red.

Using these buttons, you can easily change the pace of the vehicle as well as the direction it is traveling in.

The green button causes the car to go at the maximum speed of 6 mph (9.5 km/h), while the yellow button causes it to travel at a speed of 3 mph (5.1 km/h). The red button puts the car in reverse.

One person may ride in the Dino Racer, which has a weight limit of 165 pounds.

Power Wheels Dc Super Friends Kawasaki Batman

With the help of its Monster Traction System, the DC Super Friends Kawasaki Batman vehicle can handle pretty tough terrain such as gravel and mud.

It also features fantastic images of Batman and a canon that pretends to fire real bullets.

Driving this vehicle will be very easy for your kid, as all they have to do to make the car go is to twist the throttle on the handles.

This car comes with a top speed of between 2.5 and 6 miles per hour (4 and 9 km/h), depending on whether or not the high-speed lock-out is engaged.

Because this vehicle was manufactured with safety in mind, it is equipped with a Power-Lock braking system. This technology ensures that the vehicle will come to a halt as soon as your child takes his or her foot from the pedal.

Power Wheels Dune Racer

Those with an adventurous spirit were in mind when the Dune Racer was designed.

It’s equipped with a Monster Traction drive system, which lets the vehicle go through a wide variety of terrains.

The cockpit is large enough to accommodate two riders, and it comes equipped with a secret storage compartment that is tucked away beneath the hood where riders may put all of their little items.

There are two forward speeds and one backward speed on this car.

Because the forward speed is governed by a parent-controlled high-speed lock-out, you will have the ability to quickly restrict it to a maximum of 2.5 miles per hour (4 km/h) if you think your kid is going too fast.

If not, the maximum speed of the dune racer is 5 mph (8 km/h). In reverse, the Dune Racer may reach speeds of up to 2.5 mph (4 km/h).

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

This Jeep Wrangler was designed to make children feel like they are driving a real car.

Children enjoy playing with Power Wheels because it gives them a sense of autonomy while they are driving the vehicles, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular. It gives them the feeling of being an adult!

This Power Wheels car was designed with a cockpit space that is bigger than the standard to allow for additional legroom for the passengers.

It also features a longer wheelbase, which makes the car more steady and balanced while it’s on the move.

It has two speeds going forward and one speed going backward. It travels at a speed of 2.5 miles per hour (4 km/h) when the high-speed lock-out is engaged.

When you turn this setting off, the top speed of the vehicle increases to 5 mph (8 km/h). It can travel backward at a speed of up to 2.5 mph (4 km/h).

Power Wheels Barbie Dream Camper

While this Power Wheels car cost $100 more than the typical cars sold by the brand, it comes packed with features that might just make the price worth it.

For a start, the back folds down to reveal a play kitchen along with 14 different food items, a grill, and a pretend bonfire. So when your child gets bored of driving, they can set up camp instead!

Inside the car is a fake GPS that gives directions in Barbie’s voice, and you get 3 barbie songs in the built-in sound system.

The Barbie Dream Camper is capable of reaching speeds of up to 5 miles per hour (8 km/h).

Power-Lock brakes that may be controlled by a parent lockout fast speeds if you don’t want your child driving this fast.

Can I Make the Power Wheels Go Faster?

It’s possible that the model that your youngster likes most isn’t one of the quicker ones, or that 6 mph isn’t fast enough for their need for speed.

There are a few modifications that you can make to your kid’s Power Wheels if they want the car to go faster. One of these is to replace the battery with a stronger one.

The 12-volt battery that is included with the Power Wheels may be upgraded to an 18-volt battery quite easily. Here is how to do it:

You Will Need

  • 18-volt battery
  • 4 male connectors (small)
  • Wire crimpers
  • Flexible wire or a lamp cord

If you are missing any of the other necessary components, you may easily purchase them at a local hardware store or online.

How to Swap the Batteries

  1. Use the wire crimpers to cut a portion of the lamp cable or flexible wire to approximately 8 inches (20 cm) in length.
  2. The lamp cable should then be stripped so that it has two lengths on each side (this way, each side will be able to connect to the positive and negative charges).
  3. Take the crimpers and cut away approximately one inch (2.5 cm) of the rubber that covers the lamp cable to reveal the wire.
  4. You will now have four pieces of exposed wire, two on each side. To attach the connections to the wire, take one position on each side, and then use the crimpers to hold the connectors in place.
  5. Now, on either side of the wire, you will find a positive charge and a negative charge. Take one end of the wire, and attach it to the charge on the battery that corresponds to the other end of the wire.
  6. Take the connection that is typically plugged into the 12-volt battery, which is located within the battery compartment of your Power Wheels car, and open it up.
  7. Take out the battery that has a voltage of 12 volts and insert the connectors from the light cable into the charges that correspond to them.
  8. Close the car up and it’s ready for a test drive!

After a quick drive around your backyard, your child will notice a boost in the speed of their Power Wheels car.

While it is not fast enough to become dangerous, it does make the ride a lot more exciting!


Kids fall in love with Power Wheels as soon as they see them, which is probably why they make for such popular gifts around the holidays.

If your kid only wants the fastest and most exciting cars, then anyone from the list above would be perfect for them.

Remember though that the top speed is not fast enough, you can easily swap out the batteries in the car to make it go even faster!

All of these cars come equipped with safety features that allow you to control the speed of the Power Wheels car and prevent it from going faster than a certain speed.

This feature will still work even if you swap out the batteries in the car, giving you peace of mind when it comes to safety.

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