4 Best Power Wheels for 2 Year Olds

Being a parent we want to ensure that our children enjoy their younger years and that they have the best toys possible to keep them entertained. Sometimes when our child is smaller we struggle to find active toys for them to play with and move around on safely. This article will tell you all the best Power Wheels options for you and your 2 year old boy or girl. 

What to Look For in Power Wheels for a Two Year Old

When you are deciding what Power Wheels ride-on toy will work best for your two year old, you have many factors to base your decision off of.

A 2 year old child can vary in height, weight, mobility, cognitive skills and more. Not every child is the same and this is why you will need to pay attention to your child specifically! 

You will want to consider these features when deciding a Power Wheels for your two year old child;

  • Your Child’s height and weight, depending on certain Power Wheels your child may be too small to operate the toy. 

  • Your child’s mobility skills, if your child can not walk on its own and does not have good hand coordination it may be difficult for them to drive certain toys. 

  • As well as height, if you are looking at ride-on toys that your child has to push with their legs, height will be a huge factor to whether they can touch the ground or not. 

  • Safety features, safety features can be considered as a seat belt to hold the child into the toy or a remote for you to control the child’s movements. 

If you consider these bullets for finding the right Power Wheels for your child you will be on the right track to picking the best one! 

Now, Power Wheels typically sets the age limits for their ride-on toys in different age groups. The age group can be anything above 24 months or atleast over 2 years of age.

Do not let the age recommendation scare you off as many children under 3 can fully operate a “recommended” age of 3 and up ride-on toy. Another way for you to look into what is best for your child is to read other parent reviews, this can give you ideas of if it will work for you and your child!

Power Wheels Disney Princess Jeep Wrangler

This ride on Power Wheels toy is a bright pink colored stylish jeep for any child that loves princesses and the color pink!

This toy’s exterior has light pink, dark pink and purple as the complete color scheme. It is covered in Disney princess stickers and wrangler stickers.

The exterior of the jeep is equipped with a sturdy frame to hold up to 130 pounds. With the sturdy frame of the ride-on toy it makes it possible for your child to drive on the road, driveway or even the grass. 

The interior of the vehicle has two bucket style seats with no seatbelt. The interior is all pink and has a steering wheel, pedal and fake radio for aesthetics.

The radio plays certain sounds and vehicle noises. The interior may be very simple but it keeps the focus on the fact of riding around until they just can’t anymore! 

You can feel confident in your child driving this toy by themselves as it has a system set up that once the child takes their foot off the brake it automatically begins to slow down.

You are also capable of governing their speed to ensure they work their way up to the top speed. The top speed on this 


This pink princess ride-on Jeep Wrangler is typically priced around $299.99. This may seem high to some people for the basics, but the brand this toy is made by typically lasts years. 


This toy is rated as 4.6 stars out of 5.0. The higher the number is to 5 the more people recommend this product for purchase!

The reviews for this product boast about how great the quality is over other ride-on toys. Real time reviewers also state that their children love it! 

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

This ride-on toy is created by Power Wheels/Fisher Price to bring your child a fun and stylish ride-on toy that looks like a bicycle. This toy your child will have to pedal on to get where they want to go.  Unlike other Power Wheels rides this one is rated for 24 months and up!

Many small children love this style ride-on toy as it looks like their own motorcycle, just with pedals. This is easy for children to use to navigate around once they have gained control of their legs.

This toy does not discriminate from age, as long as they can reach the pedals they can pedal their hearts out. If they can’t reach the pedals they can be pushed on this toy. 

The best part about Tough Trikes made by Fisher Price/Power wheels is not only do they have a Harley Davidson addition but they also have;

  • Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Tough Trike
  • Barbie Tough Trike
  • Thomas and Friends Tough Trike

Each one of these tough trikes is specifically for smaller children. With Tough Trikes they do not have the plus side of being able to drive with pedals they have to use their legs to actually pedal. 


The price of this toy is just over $30 US dollars, which means it is super reasonably priced. The Tough Trikes by Fisher Price/Power Wheels are some of the cheapest options you can purchase. 


This toy is rated 4.7 stars out of 5.0. Many individuals that have purchased this item boast about how well it has worked for them. They speak of the fact it works with younger age children and that it was comfortable for their family. The only complaints that were seen by customers were that sometimes kids legs are too short and they have to scoot forward. 

Power Wheels Racing Atvs

This Power Wheels ride-on toy is more like a four wheeler style vehicle than the typical car, jeep or truck. Your child will feel like they are more open to the breeze and they may even want to drive through mud!

This toy is rated for 3-7 year olds, but many individuals have reviewed this product and stated that their children between the ages of 2-3 utilize it greatly. They boast about this product and one of the best things is it has so many choices to choose from for your little human. 


The price for this Power Wheels is typically listed around a medium price of $239.99. This price can also depend on which racing ATV you purchase as there are multiple with different pricing; 

  • Barbie Pink Racing ATV is priced around $213.65.
  • Blue Battery Powered Racing ATV is priced around $239.99.
  • Hot Wheels Racing ATV is priced around $217.21.
  • Kawasaki Racing ATV is priced at around $279.99.

Looking at these prices they typically vary by less than a hundred dollars which is reasonable. Cost of a toy can be a big factor in a parent deciding whether they can afford to purchase specific toys or not. 


This toy is rated 4.6 out of 5.0 stars, which typically means people enjoy this product. The reviews attached to the toy from real customers say that they highly recommend the product. One customer stated their 2 ½ year old child meanuevers fine on this ride-on toy! 

Power Wheels Gameday Jeep Wrangler

The Power Wheels Gameday Jeep Wrangler is for kids that love sports! This ride-on toy is in a deep blue color with fitting sports stickers such as football, baseball and soccer! 

This toy’s exterior is almost identical to a real life Jeep Wrangler and is even equipped with a net on the back! Children can use this net to play sports when they are not driving their little hearts out!

The net attaches to the bumper and the top of the Jeep where your child can feel like they are getting a goal by just throwing it at the net. 

If your child doesn’t quite understand sports they will still be able to have a blast just throwing the ball at the net! Not only can they just throw it at the net in general, it compacts to be able to throw it in the net like basketball.

The interior of this jeep is equipped with real life features of an adult vehicle! It has an artificial speedometer and key to “turn” the vehicle on and off. It has a stereo that will play a select few sounds related to sports for your child to hear. 

The overall feel of this toy is a very masculine style with extra benefits for your child when they do not want to be driving around. It can help entertain your kids in many aspects of their life! 


This product typically is priced no higher than $324.99. Depending on where you purchase the item from you may be able to purchase it for less. If you attempt to purchase it through sites such as Amazon that have prime benefits the price is significantly lower, $286.64.


This toy is rated 4.5 stars out of 5.0 on most sites. The toy has good reviews from customers stating their children enjoyed the toy and that it meanuevers good for the children to ride on.

This toy is typically recommended for children over three but many parents with 2 year olds state that it was easy for their child to use! 

The ride-on toy did have several negative reviews related to the fact it has a hard assembly and issues with the battery staying charged. With most toys or items that run off of a battery, things can be faulty and have to be replaced.

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