Best Electric Cars for 10 Year Olds

Are you tired of seeing your kid’s eyes stuck on their phones and tablets? Do you wish to see your kid playing outdoors and having some exciting experiences? We have got you covered. Electric Cars are exceptional presents for your kids to develop a sense of independence and self-confidence. 

Moreover, you will be able to instill pride in your kid by teaching them about protecting the environment by opting for an electric automobile rather than a gasoline car is one of the initiatives for a healthy ecosystem! 

We have compiled a list of electric cars for your 10-year-old. From go karts to racing karts and ride-on cars, you should be able to find one that meets all of your requirements based on the speed level you desire as well as any other specifications you may be looking for (want to find the best gas-powered go karts, read here).

What to Look For in Electric Cars for 10 Year Olds?

Before we provide you with the list, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you select the best electric car.


9 mph is ideal for 10 year olds. We have mentioned cars that provide a maximum speed of up to 20 mph. These cars, on the other hand, come with parental speed control, ensuring your child’s safety. As a result, we recommend that you teach your children to go slow initially before trying high-speed modes.


All of the vehicles on this list are appropriate for children under the age of ten. Some of them can accommodate two children at the same time.  

Ensure there is enough legroom for your kids. Some automobiles have short seats and little legroom, while others offer plenty of room for taller children. Every car has a maximum weight capacity (see also ‘What Is A Trampoline’s Maximum Weight Capacity?‘) listed on the side so you can quickly see if it’s suited for your kid.

Colors and Design

Cars come in a variety of shapes and colors, based on the current trends among children as well as their gender. Your 10-year-old son might be taken aback when he sees a pink car because stereotypes imply pink is for girls! You, on the other hand, are the most informed about your child. If they have a favorite style, you can choose that car to make your child delighted.

Remember! Always purchase a car along with a helmet, gloves, and other safety equipment. You should not allow your child to ride without safety equipment, regardless of how well-trained he or she is.

Also, do not ignore the manufacturer’s recommended age and other specifications. If you do so, your kid will either, not fit in the seat, get bored by the slow speed for the younger kids, might not find the colors or cartoon according to their likings! 

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommended age and other criteria. If you ignore all that, your child will either not fit in the seat, will be bored by the slow speed that is meant for younger children, and may not find the colors or cartoons as per their liking.

Razor Dirt Quad – 24V Electric

This electric car is one of the greatest on this list for off-roading! The razor dirt quad’s best feature is its incredible rear suspension! This car will not make your child feel the hard bumps on the road no matter what surface he is riding on. In addition to that, the Razor Dirt Quad’s includes massive 12-inch knobby wheels. We are not exaggerating when we say how fantastic this vehicle is. 

Unlike many of the other cars on our list, the razor dirt quad has speed control and brakes right at your fingertips. Use the twist grip throttle to accelerate and the rear disc brakes to reduce speed. The handgrips can be adjusted so that they are within your child’s reach.

Lastly, do not even forget how terrific this car looks with its black and red style!

There are some drawbacks to this vehicle. First and foremost, there is a 120-pound weight limit. Make sure your child does not over that limit.  Despite its ability to handle a variety of challenging terrains, the Razor Dirt Quad may have difficulty going uphill. You’re good to go as long as you’re riding it through dirt, sand, grasslands and other uneven surfaces.

Razor dirt quad is one of the most sold-out cars on this list. If you’re looking for a dirt quad, go no further than the Razor dirt quad!


Best Electric Cars For 10 Year Olds


  • Offers around 60 minutes of continuous driving after a single charge
  • Durable in Extreme weather
  • Provides smooth ride on rough terrains
  • With an easy to follow instruction manual, it is simple to put together
  • Extra comfort and control with twist-grip throttle and adjustable handles
  • Soft padded seat


  • There is no possibility to reverse the vehicle
  • Lacks headlights and taillights
  • Extreme temperatures may shorten battery life

Razor Dune Buggy

The dune buggy is remarkably sturdy and durable, despite its simple and minimalistic design.

It comes almost fully assembled, so all you need to do is attach the throttle and charge the car. Depending on the surface, a dune buggy can provide a 45-minute continuous ride or a one-hour ride. Because of its small wheels, it’s simple to turn rapidly and maintain a good speed. The maximum speed this car provides is 9 miles per hour. For your child’s safety, dune buggy also provides a seat belt.

The throttle system makes it simple for children to ensure control throughout their ride. As a result, even when the ride is at top speed, the brakes perform admirably. They are reliable and very easy to control. This ride offers a lot of vertical room as well.

The battery life is one of the drawbacks of dune buggy as at maximum speed it lasts not more than 40 minutes.

This ride is recommended for those who seek a simple vintage style design with fantastic speed, throttle control, and well-functioning brakes.


Best Electric Cars For 10 Year Olds


  • Tough and sturdy
  • Seat belt and brakes
  • Battery lasts up to 40 minutes
  • Hand controlled accelerator
  • 8-inch knobby tires can ride smoothly on rough terrains
  • Offers vertical storage


  • Has a small seat
  • Does not offer the best battery life

Fit Choice Electric Ride-on Go Kart

This Kid Kart offers two modes: standard driving and a drifting mode. Although it is recommended that you get your child used to drive mode before moving on to drifting. When in drifting mode, this cart can reach a speed of up to 9 miles per hour, allowing your child to have a thrilling ride.

Fit Choice requires a quick assembly time of no more than 30 minutes. After unboxing this Fit choice electric Go-kart, you need to charge it 8-12 hours, later your kid can enjoy his ride that can last up to 1 hour! 

Keep in mind that charging the fit choice electric Go-kart for more than 20 hours is not recommended. When cleaning the kart, use caution. If you use soapy water, the batteries may be damaged. Stay away from watery surfaces as a result.

If you want to train your kid to high speed by giving them the option to choose speed, we recommend Fit choice Electric Go-Kart. With that this Go-kart is more suitable for flat surfaces and not trenches and rough terrains. 


Best Electric Cars For 10 Year Olds


  • This kart can run for 1 hour after single charge
  • Provides “Drift mode” along with normal speed
  • Can be assembled under 30 minutes
  • Suitable for flat surfaces
  • Can load up to 145 lbs. (Suitable for kids 6-12)


  • Extreme weather can harm the vehicle
  • Cannot go faster than 9mph

Go-Bowen Baja 1000W 48V Electric Kids Go-Kart 

When it comes to speed and motor, nothing beats the Go-Bowen Baja. It has a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. As a result, we recommend it to a slightly older audience, i.e. those aged 10 and up. Younger audiences may ride on Go-Bowen Baja because it has a lot of speed options thanks to the “Parental speed control” feature.

Moreover, Go-Bowen Baja can run for up to 120 minutes on a single charge because of its 1000 Watt motor and 48-volt battery. The foot-operated brakes provide your kids with a realistic car ride experience.

One of Go-Bowen Baja’s downsides is that it may appear small to taller audiences. It’s also the most expensive electric car on the list.

For a truly exhilarating experience for your children, we recommend Go-Bowen Baja. It comes with so
many features that make it among the best go carts on the shelves today. It is also a good option if you
are looking for off road go karts for sale.


Best Electric Cars For 10 Year Olds


  • Provides incredible battery life
  • Provides speed up to an incredible 20 mph
  • Can run up to 120 minutes
  • Speed can be handled by parents with its speed options
  • Load 179 lbs (suitable for kids aged 10 and up)


  • A little pricey
  • Not suitable for very tall kids

Razor High Torque Motorized Drifting Crazy Cart- 24V Electric Drifting Go Kart 

Ultimate Drifting and sliding go kart for sale that even gets adults excited? Yes, we are talking about Razor High Torque Motorized Drifting Crazy cart. Take a ride on this crazy cart and slide it in whichever direction you want. With its 4.7 ratings on amazon’s website, the crazy cart has surely gotten people going crazy over it!

The top-mounted steering wheel helps with direction. Two caster wheels at the bottom are connected to a drift bar that you must keep your hand on at all times. This is what makes drifting and cornering so much easy, making the product among the best racing karts for kids. A foot pedal can be used to control the speed. With this accelerator, you can go up to 12 mph. After a single charge, the crazy cart can run up to 40 minutes.

Crazy Cart does not offer a seat beat and has no brake system.


Best Electric Cars For 10 Year Olds


  • Perfect for spinning and drifting to the front, back and sideways
  • Hand bar that provides control with drifting, spinning and cornering
  • Power Motor that provides high speed up to 12 mph
  • Excellent control through a foot pedal
  • Easy to assemble
  • 24V battery


  • No brakes
  • Offers no seatbelt

We hope you found this article to be useful. All of the cars described above can be found on Amazon. You may purchase whichever one you believe your 10-year-old will like. We wish you the best of luck with your children’s exciting adventures.

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