What To Make With Play Doh?

Play Doh is one of the most popular toys on the market, and has been since its introduction all the way back in 1955.

What To Make With Play Doh?

And why wouldn’t it be? With so much freedom to create whatever they want, children have the world at their fingertips, with any number of bright colored, vibrant additions to choose from. 

But what exactly can you make with Play Doh? (see also ‘How To Harden Play Doh‘)

What Is Play Doh? 

Play Doh is a modeling compound designed to be suitable for young children to use at home. 

Under the current manufacturer (Hasbro), Play Doh consists primarily of water, salt, and flour – although other past ingredients have included starch-based binding agents, a retrogradation inhibitor, salt, water, lubricant, surfactant, preservatives, hardeners, humectant, fragrance, and color. 

Is Play Doh Safe? 

The best thing about Play Doh is that it is completely non-toxic, non-staining, and completely reusable, meaning children can make things, squash them, and make something completely different time and time again. 

What Can You Make With Play Doh? 

What Can You Make With Play Doh? 

Of course, when it comes to Play Doh, there are almost no limits on what you can create – all you need is enough imagination and creativity.

However, there are many different themes you could focus on, which is why we have suggested some below to give those who need it a helping hand. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some ideas!

Flowers & Plants

Of course, the bright color of Play Doh lends itself perfectly to designing and making some pretty flowers, and this is one of the most common things that children will build

Thanks to the wide range of colors, tools, and different pieces of equipment that can now be purchased, there are numerous ways this can be done. 


You could also use it to make shapes and patterns, and in many ways this is the easiest thing you can do with Play Doh.

These can be 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional, and can be a fun way for children to pass the time and be creative. 


What could be more fun than making a small model animal out of Play Doh? Not much, right? 

Making animals is one of the most common uses of Play Doh, and whether they are real life depictions, or creatures from the world of fantasy and imagination, the wide range of colors and tools means that the sky really is the limit. 


Of course, Play Doh is, actually, quite similar to regular dough – which explains why it is so natural for children to make their own fake food items out of the substance. 

These could be cupcakes with the specialized piping tool, lots of lovely spaghetti with the mincing tool, or it could just be a nice, vibrant piece of fruit.

But whichever you choose, the colors make it look almost good enough to eat. 


Just like modeling clay, Play Doh lends itself well to creating sculptures – although these can obviously be far less sturdy than those made from clay. 

These could be near accurate depictions of humans, or they could be some fantastical, abstract piece made from vibrant colors. 


This can be somewhat difficult, due to the softness of Play Doh, but no child has ever let that fact stop them from giving it a try!

Vehicles you could make include cars, trains, airplanes, or boats – or it could even be something as amazing and exciting as a spaceship. 

You could even invent your own special vehicle – the world is your oyster!


Of course, one of the main things all children have done at one point or another is to make a miniature person out of Play Doh.

Those in the UK who are familiar with the character of Morph will know the struggle of trying to recreate him, and likewise, fans the world over love the soft, doughy look of Wallace & Gromit

What’s more, you can make anything you want – and they can be as alien, vibrant, or fantastical as you want them to be. This is the beauty of Play Doh!


Now this one is a bit of a two parter, in that you could make different sorts of clothes for different purposes. 

If you have toys and action figures, then at some point you might have dressed them with special Play Doh clothing.

Of course, you could also make some stylish, colorful jewelry to go around your wrists, or vibrant multicolored rings to impress all of your friends!

How Long Does Play Doh Last? 

However, one thing to bear in mind is that Play Doh – like most things – has a natural shelf life, which if stored correctly, will be about 3 months. 

This can be extended depending on the climate you live in, and the temperature within your home, but generally speaking most pots of Play Doh do not last much longer than that. 

How To Store Them Properly

The best way to keep Play Doh fresh for as long as possible is to use tupperware, or an equally well-sealed plastic tub.

This is to keep the oxygen away from the Play Doh, which is the main culprit for causing it to dry, crumble, and become unusable – ensuring the fun can last for much longer. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Play Doh, and the best things you can make with it at home!

It’s true that Play Doh was a game changer in the children’s toy market, and allowed them to be creative and use their imagination in the comfort of their own home.

What’s more, there are no limits to what they can create when they put their minds to it!

So if your kids are looking for a new creative outlet, then why not give Play Doh a try? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

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