The Best 11 Gifts for a 10-Year-Old Boy

By age 10, boys might already have some hobbies and interests that can help narrow down what to buy them for their birthday or any other special occasion. Whether your boy loves playing video games, getting creative with arts and crafts or is an outdoor enthusiast, there are plenty of gifts that will pique his interest.

In this blog post, I have compiled a list of the best 11 gifts for a 10-year-old boy, ranging from science experiment kits to gaming accessories and more. With something for every type of kid, this list will help you find the perfect present.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gift for Your 10-Year-Old Boy

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the perfect gift for your 10-year-old boy. These include:

Hobbies and Interests

Think about what your boy loves doing the most. Is he an avid reader? Does he love playing video games or sports? Knowing his hobbies and interests will help you narrow down what type of gift you should get him.


Make sure to pick something that is age appropriate for a 10-year-old boy. Gifts that are too advanced or too simple may not pique the interest of your 10-year-old.

Education Value

If you want to incorporate learning into the gift, look for items that have educational value. Look for kits or games that can help sharpen his skills in science, engineering and even mathematics.


Consider how long the gift will last. Since kids this age are active, look for a present that is durable and able to withstand everyday use.

Price Range

Decide on a budget and then pick something that fits into it. There are plenty of great gifts for any price range, so you should be able to find the perfect gift without breaking the bank.

The Best Gifts for a 10-Year-Old Boy

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Here are the 11 best gifts for a 10-year-old boy:

Jump2It Indoor/Outdoor Bouncy Jumping Shoes

This set of shoes is perfect for kids who love to jump around and have indoor and outdoor fun. These shoes feature a built-in jumping mechanism that allows kids to jump and bounce indoors and outdoors easily.

HearthSong Jump2It Indoor/Outdoor Bouncy Spring Shoes for Kids with Non-Slip Tread and Removable Liner for Easy Cleaning (Blue, Small)
  • BOUNCY SHOES FOR KIDS: Kids can defy gravity and enjoy bouncy fun with our Jump2It Bouncy Spring Shoes—great for high-energy kids who love to run and jump, add an extreme element to a hopscotch course, or pretend to be an astronaut.
  • SKILL-BUILDING PLAY: Like springy stilts, start with learning the fundamentals of balance by simply walking; then expand your coordination skills and bounce through the terrain! For kids ages 8 and up, small shoes (size 2-5) hold up to 100 lbs. and require 70 lbs. to activate the springs; large shoes (size 6-9) hold up to 150 lbs. and require 85 lbs. to activate the springs.
  • DURABLE, EASY-CLEAN MATERIALS: Hard plastic adjustable boot shell and high-tension springs are build to last for many seasons of active play. Plus, the two-piece liner is removable for easy cleaning.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND EASY WEAR: So easy to put on and take off—two buckles and straps on each boot ensure a snug and secure fit, and the length of the boot is easily adjustable with the push of a button.
  • SAFE FOR FLOORS: The bottom of these boots are covered in non-slip grips treads that won't scratch floors, making them a great way to engage in active play indoors and outdoors. Adult supervision and safety gear recommended.

They are lightweight and easy to use, making them a great option for kids who love to stay active and have fun. The shoes are also durable and made with high-quality materials, ensuring they will last through many hours of playtime. With a fun and sporty design, these shoes will surely be a hit for any 10-year-old boy.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Durable and made with high-quality materials
  • Built-in jumping mechanism for indoor and outdoor fun
  • Fun and sporty design


  • They teach your kid about spacial awareness. The jumping mechanism also helps with hand-eye coordination.
  • The shoes are comfortable and easy to use, which makes them ideal for long hours of playtime.


  • These shoes can be costly compared to other options available on the market.
  • They need to be charged regularly so they can be used continuously.
  • The shoes may not fit all feet sizes

How to Draw Cool Things by Rachel Goldstein Optical Illusions, 3D Letters, Cartoons and Stuff

This book is perfect for any 10-year-old boy who loves to get creative and learn how to draw. It features step-by-step instructions on how to draw cool things like optical illusions, 3D letters, cartoons and more.

How to Draw Cool Things, Optical Illusions, 3D Letters, Cartoons and Stuff: A Cool Drawing Guide for Older Kids, Teens, Teachers, and Students (Drawing for Kids)
  • Goldstein, Rachel A (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 56 Pages - 11/06/2016 (Publication Date) - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Publisher)

The book also has a fun design that will make learning how to draw even more enjoyable. The illustrations are detailed and easy to follow, making it an ideal gift for any kid who wants to get creative. With this book, kids can learn basic drawing skills and gain confidence in their artistic abilities.

Key Features

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to draw cool things
  • Fun and engaging design
  • Detailed illustrations that are easy to follow


  • The book is easy to use and perfect for any skill level.
  • The instructions are clear and simple, making them ideal for kids who are just starting out with drawing.
  • It encourages creativity and helps develop motor skills.


  • The instructions may not be as detailed for some drawings.
  • The book may not cater to all artistic styles.

Punching Bag Set

Boys tend to be full of energy, and a punching bag set is a perfect way for them to release that excess energy in a positive and healthy way. This set includes a punching bag, gloves, and an adjustable stand so your 10-year-old can confidently practice his punches.

Punching Bag Set for Kids Incl Punching Ball with Stand, Boxing Training Gloves, Hand Pump and Adjustable Height Stand, Boxing Ball Set Toy Gifts for Age 3 4 5 6 7 8+ Years Old Boys Girls
  • Hours of healthy fun - Boxing is a great fitness exercise for children to sweat, strengthen muscles, improve body balance, increase gross motor skills, enhance hand-eye coordination, and build confidence. The kids can control their emotions by punching to release pressure.
  • Easy to Set Up - A sand or water-filled base makes setting up the bag quick and easy. Just attach the height-adjustable weighted stand to the base, fill it with your chosen material and inflate the bag.
  • Easy to use punching set with pump: This fun and engaging boxing set comes with a free pump to manually fill up the ball with air. It is handy and easy to store with the rest of the boxing equipment. This indoor/ outdoor punching set is perfect for your kid’s mental and physical agility.
  • All in one punching bag with stand - The kids' boxing set includes an inflatable punching ball, boxing gloves with protecting hands, sturdy base, adjustable stand, inflatable pump, Metal Wrench, and 1 Manual
  • The best gift for 5 To 10 years kids - Spending timeboxing is the perfect escape from all the touchscreen devices and TVs. Punching ball toys for kids would definitely make a good educational present for boys and girls. 100% fun and safe for your children.

The heavy-duty material ensures that this set will last through many hours of playtime, and the adjustable stand allows kids to adjust the punching bag height to their preference. This set is perfect for any 10-year-old boy who loves boxing or martial arts.

Key Features

  • Easy to set up
  • All in one set
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Adjustable stand and height


  • This set is perfect for kids who want to practice their boxing or martial arts skills.
  • The adjustable stand allows kids to adjust the punching bag height to their preference.
  • It encourages a healthy way of releasing excess energy positively.


  • This set can be costly compared to other options available on the market.
  • The gloves may need to be replaced occasionally due to wear and tear.

An Epic Magnetic Battle Arena

If your 10-year-old boy is a fan of strategy games, then this Epic Magnetic Battle Arena might be the perfect gift for him. It features an arena with magnetic walls and pieces that allow kids to build their own battlefields and create strategic ways to attack their opponents.

KLASK: The Magnetic Award-Winning Party Game of Skill - for Kids and Adults of All Ages That’s Half Foosball, Half Air Hockey
  • BEST PARTY GAME: Klask was ranked as the #1 party game of 2015 in Sweden and Norway! Ideal for parties big and small, families, or just couples having a game night, Klask is fun for everyone!
  • FAST AND FRANTIC: Get your hand under the table! Try to score but watch out for the hole! Use your magnetic handle and striker to defend your half, avoid the biscuits (magnets) and send the ball flying into your opponent’s goal to score. Be careful not to land your striker in your own goal!
  • PLAY IT ANYWHERE: Like a foosball table on-the-go, Klask comes fully assembled and can be played on any flat surface, making it the perfect tabletop game for the pub
  • BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED: Carefully designed and optimized for tabletop use in the finest regions of Denmark with a lovely wooden finish to help the game stand out.
  • FUN FOR KIDS AND ADULTS ALIKE - For 2 players, each match lasts around 10 minutes – set up a tournament to find out who the true champion is! (NOTE: Strikers may come with protective felt attached on the bottom or with PTFE stickers to apply, both suitable for protecting the playing surface)

This arena features a magnetic battlefield with obstacles and barriers, where players can strategically move their magnetic warriors to defeat their opponents.

The set includes a variety of magnetic warriors with unique weapons and abilities, allowing for endless possibilities in battle. The arena also includes a scoreboard to keep track of wins and losses. This gift is sure to provide hours of thrilling and engaging play for any young boy.

Key Features

  • Fast and frantic: strategic magnetic battle arena
  • Variety of magnetic warriors with unique weapons and abilities
  • Includes obstacle walls, barriers, scoreboard, and more
  • Fun and engaging playtime for any young boy


  • This set provides hours of strategic and thrilling play.
  • It teaches kids to think strategically while having fun.
  • It can be played anywhere, making it ideal for on-the-go play.


  • Some parents complain of sliding magnets and that you can’t move fast enough.

Fortnite Elite Blaster

If your 10-year-old is a fan of the popular video game Fortnite, then this Elite Blaster might be the perfect gift. This Nerf blaster features an internal clip system that can hold up to 3 darts at once, allowing kids to reload and get back into the action quickly.

Nerf Fortnite SP-L Elite Dart Blaster (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Dart-blasting Fortnite blaster replica: this spy-l blaster is inspired by the blaster used in Fortnite, capturing the look and colors of the one in the popular video game
  • Detachable barrel: comes with a detachable barrel so you can customize the Fortnite spy-l blaster
  • Internal 3-dart clip: the blaster has an internal clip with a 3-dart Capacity so you can fire 3 darts in a row
  • Includes 6 darts: includes 6 official Nerf Elite darts
  • Official Nerf Elite darts: official Nerf Elite darts are designed for distance, tested and approved for performance and quality, and constructed of foam with flexible, hollow tips

The set also includes 6 elite darts which are compatible with most Nerf blasters. The blaster has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold and fire, and its lightweight construction means kids can take this blaster on the go.

This gift will provide hours of fun for your 10-year-old boy and his friends as they play imaginary games of Fortnite.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Suction power
  • Lightweight design
  • Includes 6 elite darts
  • Ergonomic design for comfort


  • This blaster provides hours of imaginary fun games of Fortnite.
  • It has an internal clip system for quick reloading.
  • The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and fire.


  • The blaster may require frequent reloading if used heavily.

Multiplayer Laser Tag Set

If your 10-year-old loves playing games with his friends, then this Multiplayer Laser Tag Set might be the perfect gift. It features a set of 4 laser guns and 4 vests so kids can play in teams or individually.

ArmoGear Laser Tag – Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set of 4 – Multi Player Lazer Tag Set for Kids Toy for Teen Boys & Girls – Outdoor Game for Kids, Adults and Family – Ages 8+
  • AUTHENTIC LAZER TAG GAME 🔥 Turn your home or backyard into a laser tag arena with the ArmoGear laser tag blaster set, the most advanced set of laser tag blasters out there! No other laser tag set has real TARGET VESTS, INVISIBILITY MODE, NIGHT VISION FLASHLIGHT, VOICE-GUIDED DIRECTIONS, and an extreme 150 FT SHOOTING RANGE!
  • MULTI-PLAYER, MULTI-AMMO 🔥 Up to 4 teams can play in this riveting battle! Switch between the unique powers of PISTOL, SHOTGUN, MACHINE GUN, and ROCKET to blast your enemy and declare victory! These laser blasters are ergonomically designed with a solid grip in your hand, even for young kids. Using child-safe infrared emission.
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY 🔥 Tactile vibrations and lifelike shooting sounds make for deeply immersive gameplay, turn kids and adults away from their screens! Have a blast and create cherished memories on holidays, snow days, or birthday parties, with a fun family laser tag tournament! It's the PERFECT GIFT IDEA, sure to delight kids of all ages!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & CHILD SAFETY 🔥 The ArmoGear laser blasters for kids are made according to the highest manufacturing standards for a top-quality, long-lasting toy. LITHIUM RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES are NOT included for child safety, each blaster uses 3 AAA batteries and each vest uses 3 AAA batteries. (set of 4 totals to 24 AAA batteries, batteries not included)
  • For nearly a decade ArmoGear has been devoping quality toys that inspire imaginative play, outdoor fun and creativity. Bring out the best in your little one!

The set also includes 12 light-up targets for a more realistic battle experience. The guns feature adjustable power settings and an easy-to-use trigger system. This set is perfect for any 10-year-old who loves playing games with his friends.

Key Features

  • Multiplayer laser tag set
  • 4 laser guns and 4 vests
  • 12 light-up targets
  • Adjustable power settings
  • Easy-to-use trigger system


  • This set provides hours of fun with friends.
  • It features adjustable power settings and light up targets for a real battle experience.
  • They are safe because they do not use LITHIUM BATTERIES; they use 3 AAA batteries.


  • Some parents mention that some guns are defective because they don’t fire.

Discovery Kids #Mindblown Model Engine Kit

If your 10-year-old is a fan of science and engineering, then the Discovery Kids Mindblown Model Engine Kit might be the perfect gift. This is a DIY Mechanic 4 Cycle Internal Combustion Assembly Construction. It comes with valves, cylinders, hardware, and an electric motor.

Discovery Kids #MINDBLOWN Model Engine Kit, DIY Mechanic Four Cycle Internal Combustion Assembly Construction, Comes W/Valves, Cylinders, Hardware & More, Encourages STEM Creativity/Critical Thinking
  • ✔ LET YOUR CHILDREN GET HANDS ON with the Discovery Kids DIY Toy Model Engine Kit! This mini replica of a classic four cycle internal combustion gasoline car engine teaches young minds all about the wonderful world of mechanical engineering in one immersive set. It's the perfect holiday or Christmas gift for any child!
  • ✔ ALL THE TOOLS THEY NEED TO SUCCEED: Your child will have a great time constructing this comprehensive model engine toy! Tinker with the cranks, pulleys, belts, and exhaust valves to make this little gadget come to life right in front of their eyes!
  • ✔ REV IT UP: Deliver the action of a classic car engine thanks to the powerful pistons and interactive cables! Simply plug the cables to the battery pack distributor and watch the engine fans turn around!
  • ✔ DEVELOP THEIR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: The Discovery Kids DIY Toy Model Engine Kit will encourage young boys and girls to expand their creativity, think logically, and even refine their motor skills all at once!
  • ✔ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Making you a happy customer is our main goal. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours and provide the perfect solution

It is designed to educate kids about the inner workings of combustion engines and teach them problem-solving skills. The set includes detailed instructions that are easy to follow and allow for hours of creative playtime.

Key Features

  • DIY model engine kit
  • 4 cycle internal combustion assembly construction
  • Includes valves, cylinders, hardware and electric motor
  • Educates kids about the inner workings of engines
  • Detailed instructions for creative playtime.


  • It encourages STEM learning and teaches problem-solving skills.
  • It allows for hours of creative construction playtime.
  • The instructions are easy to follow.


  • Some reviews mention that it is poorly designed. It is far from the real thing and might not be as useful in teaching about engine mechanics.

My Comic Book — Create Your Own Comic Book

My Comic Book is the perfect gift for the aspiring comic book creator in your life. This kit allows children as young as 10 to create their own comic book stories and illustrations. It includes blank comic book pages, pencils, markers, and a guide to help kids learn the basics of comic book creation.

Lulu Jr. My Comic Book Making Kit, Multicolor, 6.75" x 10.25"
  • My Comic Book - Create Your Own Comic! is the newest version of the award-winning comic book making kit for children.
  • This new version features an updated "Comics in Action" guide book that navigates your child through creating their characters, settings, panels, words and artwork for their comic book
  • Everything contained in the My Comic Book kit allows a child to write and illustrate their own full-color, 18 page, professionally printed comic book
  • Our About the Author feature gives your child the option to be showcased as the published author on the books back cover
  • Your kit includes ready-to-use comic book template pages, order form, instructions, guide book, color markers, a postage-paid envelope, instructions and order form

With “My Comic Book,” kids can let their imaginations run wild as they bring their own characters and storylines to life. It’s a fun and creative way for kids to express themselves and develop their artistic skills.

Key Features

  • Create your own comic book stories and illustrations
  • Includes blank comic book pages, pencils, markers
  • Guide to help kids learn the basics of comic creation


  • It encourages creative thinking and storytelling.
  • The kit includes a guide to help kids learn the basics of comic book creation.
  • Your kid will get to express himself and develop his artistic skills.


  • Some parents mention that the instructions are not clear and the drawings are hard to make.

Connect 4 Shots Game

The Connect 4 Shots Game is the perfect gift for 10-year-old boys who love to play with friends and family. This exciting game is a twist on the classic Connect 4 game, where players aim and shoot their pieces into the game board to try and make a line of four.

Connect 4 Shots Game
  • A rapid-fire, bouncin' twist on the Connect 4 game
  • Fast-paced, competitive excitement
  • Players simultaneously bounce balls into the grid
  • Get 4 in a row of the same color to win

The game board is made of durable plastic and features a clear grid that makes it easy to see where the pieces land. The game pieces are also made of plastic and are lightweight and easy to handle.

To play the game, players take turns shooting their pieces into the game board. Each player has a different color of pieces, and the goal is to be the first to make a line of four of your own color. The game is fast-paced and requires quick thinking and good aim.

It’s perfect for kids who love to play competitive games and can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. The game comes with a game board, 42 game pieces and an instruction manual. The game can be played indoors and outdoors, and is perfect for parties, family game night, and playdates.

Key Features

  • A twist on the classic Connect 4 game
  • Durable plastic game board and 42 game pieces
  • Lightweight and easy to handle pieces
  • Instructions included
  • Can be played indoors or outdoors


  • It is fast-paced and requires quick thinking and good aim.
  • It can be enjoyed by both boys and girls.
  • The game pieces are lightweight, easy to handle, and made of plastic for durability.
  • It can be played indoors and outdoors.


  • Some people have complained about the pieces not fitting properly in the game board.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Box Set by Alvin Schwartz

Unlike girls, boys can sometimes be a little more hesitant to explore their creative side. That’s why the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Box Set by Alvin Schwartz is such a great gift for 10-year-old boys. It includes three volumes of classic horror stories that are perfect for reading around the campfire or just on a dark and stormy night.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Series: More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark; Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 3 (Book sets for Kids: Grade 3 and Up) by Alvin Schwartz (1981) Paperback
  • The Scary Stories Set includes these 3 books: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones. All three books are written by Alvin Schwartz with drawings by the original illustrator, Stephen Gammell. Books are Made In China.
  • Remember your childhood with these books, the content of them is the same you remember. Feel the nostalgia of reliving these memories that will still surprise you. And, if the books are for your childs, you will entertain them in an educational and fun way with this set that make anyone feel afraid. An excellent option for halloween and school.
  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: This spooky book is first in the series of Shwartz's popular books on American folklore is filled with tales of eerie horror and dark revenge that will make you jump with fright. Besides sending a chill up the readers spine, the book provides careful documentation, lists of sources, and useful bibliographies for the retold stories.
  • More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: A collection most alarming tales of horror, dark revenge, and supernatural events of all time, with spine.tingling illustrations by renowned artist Stephen Gammell.
  • More Tales to Chill Your Bones: Be careful, this book may be the most frightening yet. It's another group of short tales reworked from regional ghost stories and urban legends.

Kids will be sure to love the creepy tales and haunting illustrations that are included in these books. Plus, through reading and retelling the stories, kids can learn about literature, storytelling and writing. The books are also full of lessons about friendship, courage, and facing our fears.

Key Features

  • The books are full of classic horror stories.
  • Each book includes haunting illustrations.
  • Reading and retelling the stories helps kids learn about literature, storytelling, and writing.
  • The stories can help kids learn lessons about friendship, courage, and facing our fears.


  • It encourages expression of emotions in a healthy way.
  • The Scary Stories Box Set helps to get boys interested in literature, writing and storytelling.
  • The books are full of lessons about friendship, courage and facing our fears.


  • Some parents feel that the stories are too scary for 10-year-olds.

Creator Medieval Castle Set

The Creator Medieval Castle Set is an awesome gift for 10-year-old boys who love to build and create. This Lego set includes bricks and pieces that can be used to construct a medieval castle with towers, walls, drawbridge, and a knight’s throne room.

LEGO Creator 3in1 Medieval Castle Toy to Tower or Marketplace 31120, with Skeleton, Dragon Figure, 3 Minifigures and Catapult
  • Features a LEGO castle toy that rebuilds into a castle tower with a catapult or a bustling marketplace with a water mill, tower and prison
  • The 2-floors castle has hinges to fold open at the back for easy access, an opening gate, smithy, water mill, king’s room and a prison
  • The castle tower is accompanied by a working catapult toy, while the medieval marketplace features a water mill, guard tower and prison
  • Also includes a fire breathing dragon toy, 3 chickens and a rat; kids can also power the blacksmith making swords by turning the waterwheel
  • Includes 3 minifigures – a blacksmith and 2 medieval guards with impressive accessories to add even more fun to kids’ daring adventures

The set includes over 600 pieces, including bricks, plates, and minifigures, so the child can create a variety of different castle designs. The set also includes detailed building instructions, making it easy for even a beginner builder to follow along. This set is not only fun to build, but it also encourages creativity and problem-solving skills.

Key Features

  • Includes 3 minifigures – a blacksmith and 2 medieval guards
  • The Castle has 2 floors and hinges for the drawbridge
  • Includes instructions for building and play ideas
  • Over 1426 pieces
  • Compatible with other Lego sets


  • Encourages creativity, problem-solving skills, and construction play.
  • The set includes detailed instructions making it easy to follow along.
  • It is compatible with other Lego sets, so kids can create new and different designs.


  • It can take a long time to build, depending on the child’s skill level.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of great gift ideas for 10-year-old boys, from board games and books to building sets and model kits. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a special occasion or just something fun to do together, there are plenty of options that will help your child learn, grow and have fun. Hopefully, this list has helped you find the perfect gift for your 10-year-old boy.

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