Ride-on Cars With Seat Belts

Despite being designed to be safe for kids, many parents are always concerned that some power wheels don’t have seat belts. After all, toddlers are always at risk of bumping their heads on the dashboard when they activate an emergency brake or falling out of the toy car when it topples over.

Luckily, there is a solution to this issue. And that is gifting out kids with power wheels with reliable seat belts.

7 Best Ride-on Cars With Seat Belts

It’s a known fact that power wheels are safe, thanks to their low-speed limit, huge tires, and parental remote control, which is actually most of them having decorative seat belts. Unfortunately, this is not enough, especially when dealing with toddlers and inexperienced kids.

Therefore, more and more parents are turning to either power wheels with seat belts or installing aftermarket seat belts in their kid’s toy cars.

Plus, as they grow, we tend to modify the toys, making them faster and more powerful, which means that they need a reliable seat belt to keep them safe. So, instead of risking the health of your toddler, you can invest in the following power wheels with seat belts:

The Best Choice Products 12-Volt Ride-on Car Truck

This 12-volt ride-on vehicle is an all-rounded unique power wheels truck that can withstand a wide range of terrains. Other than being off-roading ready, it is quite stylish and features some realistic functions and details. Being a manual toy car, your kid can choose from the 3 different speed options when driving forward and even reverse. And for your kid’s safety, you can control and steer this toy using its parental remote control.

Its unique spring suspension system guarantees the kids a smooth ride even when driving over gravel and grass. Plus, its roomier interior offers comfort while its reliable seat belt and locking doors keep your kid secured. And for entertainment, they come with an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker, so your kids can enjoy their favorite music while playing. This toy car’s 12V battery can offer your kid over 2 hours of fun when fully charged. And for smooth cruising around your home, it has a safe, top speed of about 3.7 mph.

Aosom Kid’s Ride-on Off-Road Truck

Generally, off-road power wheels are not cheap, but there are lots of high-quality rides like Aosom children’s off-road trucks that are affordable. Designed for kids between 36 and 72 months old, this affordable truck is off-road ready. Despite being affordable, it has lots of features that make it a perfect choice for most parents. Aosom ride-on truck has two riding modes (remote control and a foot pedal); therefore, you have control over the speed of the toy car.

Other features include reverse and forward gears, usable trunk, dashboard lights, headlights, and doors that can be opened and closed. This toy car has a 12-volt twin motor powering the rear wheels, which gives it better performance on rough terrains. Therefore, your kid will have fun while being kept safe by a remote control override and reliable seat belts.

Uenjoy 12V Electric Off-Road Utv

If your kids need a serious off-roader that can easily tackle tough terrains, then this Uenjoy 12V UTV is a perfect option. Constructed with UTV’s unique styling and design, your kids will be impressed by this toy car’s smooth ride, force, and power. This toy features explosion-proof soft tires that help with shock absorption and high–quality wear-resistant chassis. Uenjoy 12V UTV can handle a wide range of terrains, and its unique spring suspension guarantees your kid comfort.

And just like most toy cars, this one has 3-forwards speeds that can be controlled by remote control and the pedal. The interior part of the toy car was designed with safety and comfort in mind. This car has double-lock doors and seat belts that keep your kids secure. It also features Bluetooth connectivity for a high-tech experience.

Value Box Extra Large Ride-on Truck

If your kids need an extra-large power wheel that can handle rough terrains, then this is the right option for them. And even though driving most huge power wheels can be a bit challenging for kids, this value box ride-on truck can be very fun and exciting on lots of terrains. Measuring about 31 by 31 by 47.2 inches, this extra-large power wheel has adjustable seat belts, a stop-start push button, a working horn, and LED headlights. It even has a double door lock with magnets that gives your kids a real-life feel.

The Value box ride-on truck has a 12-volt battery that can guarantee your kids about 2 hours of fun. Your kids can drive this toy car manually and enjoy its 3-speed option that ranges between 2.5mph and 3.7mph. Plus, you can control its speed thanks to its wireless remote. Its wear-resistance tires and rear-vision mirrors give it a fantastic and stylish look.

Best Choice Products Kid’s 6V Ride-on Truck

Getting budget-friendly power wheels like this one is possible. And the good thing about this ride-on toy car is that it has some unique features only found in high-end options. This ride-on toy car’s easy-to-use stop-and-start button makes it easier for beginners to ride it. Plus, its remote control with 3-speed options makes it possible for you to create a safe driving condition for your kid. And to add appeal, it features an AUX jack, lights, and a working horn.

Unlike most power wheels, this ride-on toy car can support only one rider weighing about 44 pounds. This toy is powered by a 6V battery which gives it a maximum speed of about 2.5mph. This power wheel is ideal for kids older than 24 months, which is actually one of the main reasons it has a bench-style belt and a safety belt.     

Trail Explorer 12V Kid’s Ride-on Truck

Trail explorer 12V has some excellent wide tires that will provide stability and work perfectly on rough and even terrains. This truck is ideal for kids between the ages of 3 and 6 years; plus, it can support about 100 pounds. And the fact that it’s available in a wide range of colors is a bonus. Other than its luxurious upgrades, this power wheel is has a 12V battery with overcharge protection. So you will never have to worry about the battery being damaged by overcharging.

For your kid’s safety, it has a parental control option and adjustable PU leather seats. It also comes with a convertible safety belt that works for 1 or 2 riders. Other features that guarantee your kid a smooth ride are the shock absorbers and the foam rubber tires. It has an integrated MP3 player with Bluetooth capability. Therefore, your kid can enjoy his/her favorite music while playing.

Ford Mustang GT Custom Edition 12-Volt Car

Folks love a Ford Mustang because it’s an affordable sports car that offers a lot for its price. And this power wheel is no different; it is less pricy, and unlike other toy cars, it comes with leather seats. It is ideal for kids between the ages of 3 and 6 years; plus, the maximum weight of a rider it can support is 66 pounds.

It has an extra-large 12 V battery with an overload protection feature that can allow your kid to attain a maximum speed of about 5mph. And unlike most toy cars, it’s only designed for riding on pavements. Therefore, your kid should avoid playing with it on grass, mud, or sand. And to help you monitor the battery usage, it has an on-screen battery voltage meter. It also comes with a smart battery-charging technology that prevents overcharging and automatically controls the charging speed.

It comes with a leather seat with a 5-point safety belt for your kid’s safety and comfort. And to keep your kid’s entertained, it features a Bluetooth MP3 player, so your kid can enjoy some music while driving around the house.

Are Power Wheels Seat Belts Safe?

As aforementioned most power wheels come with decorative seat belts that can’t keep your kid safe in case of an accident. In fact, some power wheels producers add decorative seat belts to help teach kids the importance of closing their seat belts when on real cars.

There are some with a reliable seat belt that crosses your kid’s abdomen. Unfortunately, these types of safety belts cannot hold your kid against the seat when the car topples over. And when applying emergency brakes, it can harm your kid’s abdomen.

Therefore, for young kids, you need a 4-point harness that can hold your kid against the seat and guarantee you his/her safety when playing.

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Can You Install Aftermarket Seat Belts?

If your kid’s power wheel didn’t come with a seat belt nor has a decorative option, then you can purchase an aftermarket safety belt and install it. Some aftermarket safety belts are quite strong, and they are designed to keep your toddler safe.

There are even seat belts designed for kids with special needs in the market that you can purchase. And the good thing about installing a new seat belt is that it’s a simple DIY project that anyone can do in under 30 minutes.


As parents, we try to give our kids the best things in life, but at the same time, we are always worried about their safety. Therefore, we always look for safer ride-on toy cars with several safety features. Unfortunately, some manufacturers overlook the importance of safety belts when making their power wheels, which can be dangerous for toddlers.

Luckily, there are lots of solutions for this oversight by some manufacturers. And that is installing an aftermarket seat belt or simply looking for a toy car with seat belts.

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