Lego vs Roblox: What’s the Difference?

LEGO was very much a staple in the 80’s and 90’s kids’ toy box. Hours upon hours passed by playing in imaginary worlds constructed by these little blocks of plastic.

Nowadays, the newer generation has taken to building digital worlds with, you guess it, digital blocks in the world of Roblox. While these two games may be similar at first glance, they are both unique in terms of function and gameplay.

Are Lego and Roblox the Same?

If you take a close look at these two games, you can safely conclude that LEGO and Roblox are not the same. They may have similar designs and somewhat similar drives but they are far from being the same game.

When you say LEGO, you automatically think of physical blocks that are formed to create various structures. You could virtually create anything you could imagine through the many different blocks of varying shapes and sizes. 

You can buy basic sets for every day play for young children or fancy, complicated sets based on movies, places, and even pop culture references fit for adults.

Meanwhile, Roblox utilizes a completely virtual platform. It is not only an online game, itself, it also allows players to construct and program their own games to play with other players in real time.

Not unlike LEGO, you are free to construct and build whatever you want with the tools and materials provided in their digital interface all while interacting with various different players from different parts of the world.

The only similarities that these games would probably have are the focus on having a creative drive as well as the utilization of blocks as the main tools for construction.

What Are the Differences Between Lego and Roblox?

LEGO and Roblox offer users a completely different experience in various different aspects. Below you can find some examples on how LEGO and Roblox differ from each other.

Gameplay and Interface

Lego vs Roblox: What’s the Difference?

In the case of LEGO, most of the play that this platform provides involves physical interaction with actual blocks. Given that, outcomes are usually tangible creations that can be played with, destroyed, or even displayed.

Roblox, on the other hand, is a bit more flexible as it mainly makes use of a digital platform. Instead of constructing tangible things with physical blocks, you construct digital creations made out of virtual blocks.

Not only that, if you avail the premium version you can gain access to a special set of exclusive tools that allow you to create and program your own game within the Roblox program.

Because it is virtual, you generally have more freedom to construct whatever you want to because you are, at least to a certain point, no longer restricted by certain resources such as space and materials.

While LEGO does offer some virtual games for online and offline play, they are usually single-player adventure games that focus on the movie or idea it was based on as opposed to actual LEGO construction. 

Social Interaction

LEGOs can either be a solo or social experience. Some sets are actually made for multiple people to put together so you can physically gather with your friends and make a day out of assembling some of the more complicated designs that this brand has to offer.

Through building LEGO sets together, you have an excuse to actually get together and spend quality time with the people that you love.

Meanwhile, in Roblox, you can construct and build by yourself or with other players from all corners of the world online and in real time. You can build, play, or interact with friends in your world or you can visit them in theirs. 

The completely virtual, online interface also allows you to reach your friends no matter where they are in the world thus removing physical constraints that may limit other social activities.


One of the greatest similarities that these brands possess in their focus on design and construction. While these two brands may look similar due to their simple, block-y design choices, they are actually quite different looking and easy to discern.

Character design

Lego vs Roblox: What’s the Difference?

One of the trademarks of the LEGO design are the yellow colored people usually topped with a protruding stud on top that allow you to connect various accessories or toppers to your LEGO character.

These characters also feature the trademark simple faces of the LEGO characters usually featuring button-like eyes with eyebrows and linear facial features. This is placed on top of LEGO’s trademark boxy bodies with claw shaped hands.

Roblox avatars, though, are slightly more customizable. While they do offer a similar simple facial design for characters that are similar to LEGOs, they are slightly more plain and unremarkable.

However, if you’re looking to add a little bit more detail to your character, you can also add more life-like features to the physical aspects of your Roblox character. There are endless possibilities when it comes to avatar customization.

Building Block Design 

The protruding studs are also present in almost all shapes and sizes of LEGO building blocks. These studs allow blocks to connect to other blocks to allow for a secure and stable build all while making up the overall look that LEGO is known for.

Roblox building blocks typically do not exhibit the protrusions that LEGO blocks possess. Given that they are digital, they have no need for structures such as the studs to assure secure fits. As a result, these blocks come in varying shapes and sizes to allow users a bit more freedom in designing whatever structure they want.

Did Lego and Roblox Ever Collaborate?

LEGO and Roblox actually collaborated a few times possibly due to the similarities in concepts as well as goals to promote creativity.

The first one was way back in 2012. Roblox announced via a press release that it would be partnering with LEGO to produce a Hero Factory level in the game. This would allow players to play as Stringer or Volix in a competitive scavenger hunt.

Roblox also announced a LEGO Ideas Building Contest through a blog post in 2014 that promoted a contest where participants could create their own idea for a LEGO set in order to win a Red Builder’s Top Hat.


While LEGO and Roblox are often pinned together due to their slight similarities in design as well as focus on building and creativity, these two brands and the respective experiences that they offer their customers differ in many different ways. 

LEGO has the advantage of being a well known brand that has been around for longer while offering both physical and virtual gameplay. On the flip side, Roblox’ popularity continues to skyrocket due to the virtually unlimited possibilities it provides in terms of customization and gameplay.

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