7 Power Wheels Storage Ideas

When you get home, do you always find your kid’s power wheels parked on the driveway or in the middle of the garage?

Well, then you’re not alone. Many parents face this organizational challenge every day. Like every other toy your kid owns, the power wheels need ideal storage space, particularly during the wet months.

So, after thorough research, we compiled the following power wheel storage Ideas that can help you organize your garage or shed while keeping the power wheels safe.  

Power Wheels Storage Ideas

All toys, including the power wheels, need a perfect storage place where they are protected from snow, rain, and direct sunlight.

After all, these toy vehicles can also be damaged by moisture; therefore, it’s crucial that you store them correctly in dry storage space.

Other than protecting the power wheels from direct sunlight or water, the right storage idea should also not take too much floor space in your garage. 

Remember, the risk of getting injured in a disorganized shed or garage is relatively high. Plus, these toy vehicles are quite costly.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you store them in a secure place where they cannot easily fall on the floor. So here are some of the top power storage ideas that can leave your garage organized and take little to no floor space:

Storage rack kits 

The best option for storing these toy vehicles is to buy an overhead storage rack and install it in your garage.

These racks look great, and unlike standing racks, they don’t take up any floor space. And if your garage has a high roof, then you can even park your car below the storage racks without ever worrying about the 100 lbs toy car falling on your vehicle.

Storage rack kits are sturdy and can serve you for a very long time. Plus, they do have more than enough space for storing other items.

Others come with hooks for storing other lighter items like golf bags and smaller toys.

Fleximounts 2 Piece Overhead Rack

This overhead storage rack features a heavy cold-rolled fourteen gauge steel construction that guarantees you safety and supports about 600lbs.

These racks have an integrated grid design that includes sturdy steel frames and a wire mesh base. With a weight load of approximately 600lbs, these racks can accommodate a wide range of items, including the power wheels.

This overhead rack can support your kid’s power wheels vehicles all winter long without reducing the garage’s floor area. 

Plus, its step-by-step manual makes it quite easy to install. This rack has six vertical supports to ensure that it’s sturdy.

And the fact that it’s hanging from the ceiling means that the power wheels will be protected from rodents and moisture during the rainy seasons. 

  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and durable
  • It doesn’t take up any floor space
  • It is quite easy to assemble
  • Some of the mounting instructions are not clear

Saferacks Overhead Garage Storage

If you’re looking for an ideal overhead storage kit with hooks for storing other items like golf bags, skis, and bikes, then the Saferack is ideal for you.

The Saferack has more than enough space to store numerous power wheels during the wet seasons when your kids won’t be using them.

And depending on your storage requirements, you can easily install this rack between 12 and 45 inches from the garage’s ceiling.

With a weight limit of about 600lbs, this overhead storage is ideal for storing numerous items that are not being used without packing the driveway.

Some of the most impressive accessories for this rack are utility hooks, deck hooks, and rail hooks. Therefore, you can organize several items in the garage.

These hooks will provide a storage option for things that would have otherwise been on the garage floor.

  • It comes with hooks for storing other items
  • They are spacious
  • Help you organize the garage
  • They are a bit costly

Fleximount 3×6 Overhead Storage

With this overhead storage, you can store your kid’s power wheels over the winter without ever worrying about it getting damaged or the rack falling off.

The Fleximount overhead storage has an integrated mesh base and sturdy steel frames. With an adjustable height of between 22 and 40 inches, you can set its height depending on your storage needs.

The fleximount 3×6 storage rack has more than enough space to add a storage box, so if you have only one power wheel, then you can store other unused or seasonal things on the rack.

And the good thing about this rack is that it’s easy to install, and all you need is a drill.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • High storage capacity
  • Easy to install
  • It’s more secure than most storage racks in the market
  • Some instructions aren’t clear

Use Heavy-Duty Storage Shelves

If building a wooden shelf isn’t an option, and you have multiple power wheels, then you can purchase a heavy-duty shelf and put it in the garage.

But make sure you have more than enough space in your shed or garage for the huge shelf. The good thing about this shelf is that it is durable and sturdy.

Therefore, it can support numerous heavy power wheels vehicles.

So you will never have to worry about storage space or the shelves breaking down due to the weight of the toy vehicles. 

DIY Power Wheels Pulley Lift

If you have more than enough time and are an excellent woodworker, then you can build a storage pulley lift for your kid’s power wheels.

For this project, the first thing you need to do is build the base using some 2x4s.

Measure the power wheels’ length and width and then cut the pieces of woods as per the measurement and build the base. Or you can order pre-cut pieces of woods and save time.

The base should be big and strong enough to support the toy vehicle weight without breaking. After all, you will have to store the power wheels’ during the cold months.  

For the pulley system, you need some pulleys to hold the toy vehicle on from the roof. It would help if you also had some brackets for attaching the pulleys to the roof and some ropes.

Use the measurement of the toy vehicle as a guide to where you will attach the brackets on the roof. With the brackets attached, you can attach the pulley and the ropes for holding the base.

Finally, you can attach all the cables to a hand crank and hoist the lift up until you reach the right height and secure it.

Hang It on the Wall

Another option is hanging the toy vehicle on the wall using a pulley, powerful brackets, and a 1000lbs electric wire rope hoist. Start by mounting one of the brackets on the top part of the wall.

Next, attach the pulley to the top bracket and mount the bottom bracket to hold the cable once the toy vehicle is hoisted. Attach your cable to the toy vehicle and the other end to a powerful cord hook.

Hoist the power wheels to the top of the wall and secure them by attaching the wire cord hook to the lower bracket. Make sure the cable is strong enough to hold the toy vehicle for a few weeks.

Another simpler method for storing it on the wall is using powerful hooks. With lighter power wheels, you can tie a cable to the front or rear part of the car and lift it and attach it to the hooks on the wall. 

Build a Storage Rack

If you’re handy with a drill, saw, and hammer, then you can design and build a simple rack for the power wheels. You can order some pre-cut pieces of wood from the supplier with the right measurement for the toy vehicles.

A wooden storage rack will let you customize your shelves; plus, you can make a low wooden or high wall wooden shelf. The rack can be as wide as possible for storing more than two power wheels vehicles.

The wooden racks can improve the appeal of the garage. If you have multiple power wheels, you can opt for stackable shelves for your kid’s vehicle toys.

But make sure you cover the power wheels to prevent them from getting wet or dirty when stored. We don’t recommend building these shelves in a cold place, but if you don’t have any other option, you should cover the toy vehicle and spray WD-40 on all its metal components. 


Power wheels are quite costly; therefore, it’s crucial that you store them correctly if you don’t want them to get damaged. Luckily, there are numerous storage ideas that can keep your kid’s toy vehicles safe all winter long.

And if stored correctly, then you won’t have to do any repairs when the cold months come to an end. You can purchase a storage rack or build a pulley lift and hang it from the garage’s roof.

You can also hang it on the wall or build some storage racks if you have enough space.

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