8 Ideas to Gift Wrap Power Wheels

Power Wheels are huge and bulky – how do you gift wrap them?
Look at their indefinite size and shape – it is very challenging which material to use. Depending on the type of vehicle, it has uneven bulges and dimensions that make wrapping an arduous task. Indeed, one has to be very creative and resourceful.
Now, let me handle the challenging part by giving you some gift-wrapping ideas for power wheels.

Wrap Using an Oversized Gift Bag

Super jumbo-sized gift bags fit to measure the size of the power wheel vehicle. A variety of colorful designs fit for any occasion is available in the market.

You can customize the size that fits your needs. Be sure that it is extra bigger than the package so it won’t shape the item inside. Kids love big-sized gifts. The surprise builds up when they can’t tell what is in the bag. You can add to it by letting him guess what is inside the box without touching the bag.
One challenge in using this technique is the bag that we buy may not be durable enough to hold big-sized and heavy objects. So the best thing is to let it stay stationary in one place.

Wrap Using Garbage Bags or Plastic Sheets

Who would have thought that a fantastic power wheels vehicle is in the garbage bag? This non-conventional way of wrapping a gift like power wheels adds curiosity to the recipient, making him wonder what it would be. You may position it near the garbage area for a perfect setup. 

Be sure to have a nontransparent plastic bag, so the surprise gift remains a secret. The recipient will be the one opening the bag. Another way would be to wrap it in the garbage bag and tie a ribbon to hold its opening. 
Beware of choosing cheap, commercialized garbage bags. Some garbage bags do not fit with the size of the vehicle – you may use many and stitch them together. Make sure to make the attachment neat and seamless.

Cover or Wrap With a Dazzling Cloth

Like real cars, this time, you may surprise your kid by covering your gift with his dazzling cloth. You may drape it around the vehicle creating an aura of elegance and fun as the recipient uncovers his gift. Or you may wrap using a dazzling cloth. Its design may accentuate the color of the motif or the vehicle. 
Be sure to choose a lighter, soft, and silky material that smoothly glides when pulled. It will create a dramatic effect during the reveal.

Use blankets with special characters 

How to Gift Wrap Power Wheels

Most kids love pictures of superheroes on their shirts! What a fun way to use his superheroes or cartoon characters on his wrapper. He will treasure the blanket and the gift. He will smile as he thinks about what is inside the blanket.

Some kids wouldn’t even want to open the blanket but would use the blanket. The softness of the blanket fits the comfort it gives to the toy vehicle. 
It is better to use fleece or a soft wool blanket rather than cotton. It should also be bigger than the vehicle. 

Wrap It in a Fabric With a Personalized Design

Your gift is grand, so is the wrapper! This fabric can have the recipient’s picture, name, or family picture. It can come in designs that fit the recipient’s personality. He will feel the love and care when you give him, not just one extravagant gift, a personalized fabric design. 
Have the blanket wrap around the vehicle with a ribbon, or spread the blanket on top of the car. Be sure to position the design in the center of the fabric spread. It will give a stunning visual, looking at the personalized design of the blanket.

Box Cover Style

This kind of wrap takes patience and a lot of skills. You may use the old box from an appliance store, take off the top flaps. Put the vehicle inside, paste colorful designs or stickers on top, or may even have kids draw on it for decoration. It is like making a personalized box for your item. The authentic design of the box will capture the interest of the recipient. 
This gift wrapping style needs more preparation. Measure the dimension of the vehicles beforehand, then make a box the fits the proportion and size of the car. Preplanned your design on the box – so the finished product looks well thought of and personalized.

Wrap It With Ribbons

Wrap it in style. Put big or small-sized ribbons or colorful ribbons around the vehicle. Spread the ribbons around the transport as much as you can. The recipient will utter the word WOW as he sees the gift for the first time. 
An added touch to the reveal is to blindfold the recipient. Let him touch the ribbons only then go around the gift area and guess his gift. He opens his blindfold, voila, a vehicle full of flowers! Happiness will flood his heart that time.

Wrap It in a Crate Box

Put it inside a wooden crate box with his name on it. You may also accessorize your crate with personalized designs that the recipient will like. Another fascinating add ons is to attach balloons at the end of the box. It is also fun to put a personalized drawing on it, or it would be thrilling to put lights and music as the recipient comes near. 
The unopened crate box is in the middle of the room of the house. As he enters, he will be surprised to see a big crate box in the center of the house! 


To wrap an oversized gift is a challenge, and to gift-wrap power wheels is an additional challenge. Surprisingly, there are many ways to do this. We can use several materials that we do not normally associate with gift-wrapping. 
Since the Power wheels vehicle is the best gift to be received ever by a child – it deserves to have presented it uniquely. It adds a touch of excitement, fun, and creativity to the actual gift-giving! 

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