What Makes a Good Parent?

Raising kids is never straightforward. In point of fact, being a parent is sometimes one of the most difficult and aggravating things you will ever accomplish. It is particularly due to the fact that you are learning how to be a good parent and acquire new parenting abilities as you go along. No one enters parenthood with a complete understanding of how they will respond to every situation that may arise. However, the finest parents are always seeking new and better methods to raise their children.

It is obvious that you give a lot of thought to the way in which you interact with and teach your children; this is perhaps the single most crucial aspect of being a successful parent.

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Good Parenting Explained

It’s possible that parents who struggle to meet their parenting obligations or who are too burdened with striving to do better might be having an adverse effect on their children. Research from the field of neuroscience demonstrates that it may be detrimental to the maturing brains of children if they are subjected to distressing events while they are still young.

But being a good parent may make up for those bad experiences, and improving your positive parenting abilities is a fantastic place to start if you desire to be a good parent. This article will help you work toward continuously improving your parenting skills and provide you with a tool to do so.

Advice on Being a Responsible and Caring Parent

Active Listening

Have you ever been so preoccupied that you failed to notice when your children were trying to communicate with you? Don’t worry about it; even the greatest of us make mistakes sometimes. On the contrary, while you are spending time with your kid, you should do your best to avoid distractions. This includes those pesky thoughts about work, the house hold chores, or your phone, which seems to be calling your name.

You should make it a top priority to find out what your children’s hopes and fears are, as well as the things that cause them anxiety. Even if they ignore you or attempt to avoid answering your questions, you should continue to listen to them and ask them questions. When you show someone that you care, you are communicating that you love them and respect the contributions that they make, including their views and opinions.

Eye Contact

When you are actively listening, you are concentrating only on the information that is being conveyed without giving any thought to how you will reply. Observing the other person’s body language and being attuned to their clues are both essential.

Getting down on your child’s height so that you can look them in the eye is another method to boost your ability to listen to what they have to say. It’s possible that this will need you to go down on your knees to match their height. Provide your children with your undivided attention and maintain eye contact with them at all times.

When someone is distressed, just reaching out and holding their hand or gently caressing their arm is a powerful way to express not only that you are paying them your undivided attention but also that you understand and care about what they are going through.

A Good Parent Knows the Right Way

It is your obligation as a parent to instill in your children a sense of right and wrong, and in order to do so effectively, you must set a good example by adhering to the rules yourself. So when you blow your cool, do something stupid, or make a mistake, just own up to it and admit it. Set an illustration for others to follow by apologizing, taking responsibility for your acts, and making amends when necessary.

You also need to ensure that the discipline you follow is constant while yet allowing you some leeway. There will be occasions, for example, in which you will tell your children “no” and really mean it. There will be additional instances in which you will become aware that you have either made an error or reacted in an excessively harsh manner.

Changing the Rules

If you do decide to amend the rules, you must first acknowledge that you were wrong and provide an explanation for why you changed your opinion. Keep in mind that none of us are perfect and that we all make errors. Therefore, you shouldn’t be frightened to acknowledge the fact.

However, when the penalty is appropriate for the offense, you should not waver from your position. Children are perceptive and will utilize whatever contradictions they find to their advantage. Keep in mind that once regulations have been established, they need to be adhered to. And you are expected to follow the rules that have been established in your home, regardless of the nature of those restrictions, unless there is an exceptionally compelling reason for you to be exempt from them.

Being a Role Model for Your Child

In front of your children, you should never engage in behavior that you wouldn’t want them to imitate. If you notice that you are behaving in a way that you do not want your kid to imitate, then this is a clue that you should adjust the way that you behave in specific circumstances. Not what you say, but what you do will be imitated by your children.

Always keep in mind that your children are watching as you go to work each day. They see you carrying out errands, preparing meals, and engaging in strenuous labor. As a consequence of this, it is essential that people see you effectively juggling the obligations that have been assigned to you. Just keep in mind that you aren’t aiming to be perfect; rather, what you’re doing is teaching kids the significance of things like responsibility, honesty, and the value of hard work.

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Not Losing Temper

If you lose your temper in front of your children, particularly if they are younger, it is possible that they may get afraid or nervous. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fighting with a customer service representative over the phone or if you’re having a dispute with your spouse: you should do everything in your control to avoid acting in a way that is rude, immature, or reactive while your children are around.

When things become difficult, you are modeling for your children how other people respond by losing control, yelling at others, or getting into arguments with others. Instead, show that you can retain your cool under pressure and find reasonable solutions to difficult challenges. When you do so, you are demonstrating to them what it is to have emotionally intelligent behavior. In the event that you lose it, be sure to apologize and acknowledge that you are to blame for your rage. This is another approach to provide a good example of healthy conduct.


There are times when parents struggle with setting objectives and expectations that are not realistic for either themselves or their children. When this occurs, being a parent may seem like a burden and a challenge all at once. If you notice that you often have such sentiment, it’s possible that you need to exercise more flexibility with regard to yourself, your children, and your approach to parenting.

Being a parent who strives for perfection is a tough endeavor. Not only do the parents in this camp worry that they will ruin their children’s lives. But they also place an incredible amount of pressure on their children to perform perfectly. They also have an almost unrealistically high standard for themselves.

No pressure

In a similar vein, if you strive for perfection in everything you do. You can find yourself worrying about what other people’s opinions of you are. Or whether or not you will be embarrassed for the way that you parent. For instance, you may believe that your toddler isn’t walking quickly enough. Or that your children who are of school age aren’t performing as well in school as you would want them to.

This type of pressure might backfire, particularly if your expectations lead your kid to feel like a failure. If you want your child to succeed, you shouldn’t put them under unnecessary stress. It is essential to get some perspective and examine whether or not the expectations you have set for yourself are reasonable. Also, practice being more adaptable and letting go of things that, in the grand scheme of things, don’t really matter. You and your children will be better off if you adopt a more relaxed approach to life in general.


There is no question that you love your children, but the question is how you can convey that love to them. Do you make it a point to give them as many smooches and hugs as you possibly can? Keep in mind that hugging your kid will give them a sense of being cherished and protected. The act of holding their hand, caressing their hair, or kissing them on the cheek will also do the trick.

Time spent together is another expression of love between two people. This is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate to children that they are a top priority for you. Just make sure you don’t neglect to interact with them in a meaningful way. This requires putting down your phone and having a genuine conversation with your children instead.

Family Activities

Additionally, in order to make the most efficient time together with your children. You should begin actions such as playing indoor games, enjoying outdoor activities, or just having conversations with them. One other fantastic method for demonstrating to your children that you appreciate and comprehend them is to take an interest in the items about which they are very enthusiastic.

No matter what your children are interested in. You may use it as a springboard to have meaningful conversations with them. Your children will be more cooperative with your rules and will have a better understanding. It is of how much you love them if you demonstrate that you care about the things that are important to them.


In the early years, it is important to provide your kid with pleasant connections within the family. They will then be able to benefit from pleasant experiences for themselves and share those benefits with others. However, if you just expose your kid to unpleasant events. They won’t have the type of growth that is essential for them to be successful in life.

Sing that ridiculous tune. Have a tickle-fest of epic proportions. You should go to the park. Laugh together with your little one. Give them the kind of attention they want. Bear witness to and accompany them through their emotional outburst. Together, with a constructive mindset, we can find a solution to the issue. Not only do these enjoyable activities foster the development of healthy synaptic connections in your kid’s brain. But they also contribute to the formation of memories of you that your child will carry with them throughout their whole lives.


It is chief to remember that there is a distinction between being a good parent. And being a perfectionist parent when it comes to the abilities necessary for parenting. Don’t be too strict on yourself if you screw up as a parent. It’s vital to work on improving your parenting abilities and to want to be a good parent, but you shouldn’t punish yourself when you do.

In addition, erring sometimes will not negatively impact your children in any way whatsoever. Simply accept responsibility for your errors, make repairs if necessary, and move on. Instead, you should concentrate on being there for your children on a regular basis, establishing limits and guidelines for them, and demonstrating to them that you love them.

Key Takeaway

  • Parenting may be challenging, but it also comes with a lot of positive rewards. The effort is often not rewarded for quite some time after it is completed. But if we put up our best effort right now, we will ultimately be rewarded in the years to come!

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