How to Fix Power Wheels Radio Not Working

Power Wheels radio not working, most of the time it is the problem with battery, wires or radio itself. The Radio may also malfunction because of its interaction with other parts in the vehicle or interference with home radio/TV systems.

You can use a Multimeter to find the power problem with the battery, wire, or radio itself and repair or replace the part to make the radio work. The malfunctioning problem can be solved just by resetting the radio. 

Find the Problem

The reason for the radio not working in the Power Wheels is unknown till you follow some basic steps to find the problems.

First of all, reset or reboot the radio and check if it is working correctly upon restart, most of the radios in Power Wheels have a tiny reset button, you need a pen or pin to press the button in the hole. 

If the radio is not working upon restart then you need a digital multimeter to look for more problems. Connect the multimeter to each wire coming to the radio, this will check the battery power and wires.

The multimeter will make it clear that the issue is with the battery power or the radio itself.

There also can be a malfunctioning problem because of its corresponding reason described below.

Power Wheels Radio Problems and Solutions

Power and Battery Problems

The Radio in Power Wheels may turn off if you are not using it for a long time, it goes to a sleep state. You just have to turn it on, if it is still not working, reset the radio from the tiny button.

Most of the time the radios in power wheels run on separate batteries, if the battery becomes weak or dead it can affect the Radio. On a dead battery, the radio will not work and if the battery is weak the radio may not function properly.

You may only listen to the voice and cannot see the display. Weak batteries potentially harm electric appliances. 

A multimeter can be used to test the battery, connect the multimeter to the battery, if the voltage is not in the standard range you need to replace the battery to make the radio work.

Radio Wiring Problems

Power Wheels radio not working

Check the wires coming to the radio, you don’t have to be an expert to check the radio wires. You need screwdrivers and a multimeter to check the wires.

Sometimes a wire may have a cut or it is disconnected from the radio. Just take out the radio from Power Wheels and have a look at the wires.

If you don’t see any cuts or connection loss check the wires by using a multimeter, if any wire is not working that means it is expired. In that case, you need to change the wire which sometimes requires the soldering iron to make connections strong.

Radio and Other Devices Function Erratically

The radio may not work if it functions erratically with other devices. For example, your Power Wheels have radio and digital clocks and they start functioning erratically which can affect both of them, so the radio may not work.

This is because of the electronic lock-up.

In this case, you have to press the main reset button in the unit. Mostly the reset button is a tiny hole that you have to press by the tip of a pen or a pin. 

Radio stations changes automatically 

The radio stations may change automatically when you turn off and turn on the radio. This is because the radio resets itself which can be mentioned as a bug in radio software.

This problem does not need a repair or replacement because you can always set your favorite radio station. If your Power Wheels provider supports this in the warranty you can replace it.

If there is a poor reception the station will be automatically changed to the next possible one. If your favorite radio station has bad reception in your area you can connect an antenna to the power wheels if it does not have one. 

Radio Interference With Home Radio and TV

The radio equipment installed in the Power Wheels may cause harmful interference with the home radio or TV. You can check this interference by turning on and off the radio and see if something happens. This interference may not let the radio work properly.

This happens when the radio in Power Wheels is not installed properly. Sometimes this also happens when the radio is installed properly, in that case, you have to increase the distance between the devices.

The manufacturers do not recommend radio modifications because of this interference issue. If you face this issue frequently then you need to contact a radio/TV technician.

Let the Expert Work if There Is Still a Problem

If the radio is still not working after all this troubleshooting then it is recommended to contact the Power Wheels service provider.

If you don’t have any experience with wires or batteries you can directly contact the service provider. Most of the Power Wheels providers offer expert installations. The expert service is relatively expensive.

The expert from the service provider knows the problem with the radio better than anyone, he may repair your radio and if it is not possible to repair it he will suggest replacing it.

Radio Warranty and Replacement

Power Wheels radio not working

Most of the Power Wheels Providers have a 1-year limited warranty on the reasonable use for Power Wheels. If the radio is not working you can always get services for that on any authorized Power Wheels Service center.

For warranty claims, it should be assured that the radio is not abused, damaged, or misused. 

If the service center can repair the radio they will do it otherwise replace it in the warranty. If you have damaged the radio or any part or wire connecting to it then it is not a claim.

If your warranty limit is finished you can get the same services by paying the money and repair or replace the radio. You can always opt for the options above if your warranty is finished.


If the Radio in your child’s Power Wheels is not working or malfunctioning you don’t need to worry because most of the time the problem is not big enough and can be repaired at home.

There may be a problem with the battery, wire, or radio itself, you can always check these items by using a Multimeter or Voltmeter. Repairing or replacing the expired parts will solve the problems.

Radio’s Malfunctioning is connected to the other parts in the vehicle they may work erratically and cause the electronic lock-up.

The Power Wheels Radio may create interference with the radio/TV equipment at home because of the reception. Sometimes just resetting the radio from the tiny button can solve the problem.

If still the radio is not working or malfunctioning it is recommended to contact an expert. Some services are covered in the warranty otherwise you have to pay it.

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