How To Modify Power Wheels

If you’re looking to modify your Power Wheels, the most convenient way to do so is by upgrading the battery, custom fabrications, or electric controller.

How to Modify Power Wheels

However, with custom fabrications, an expert is required to perform them. That said, it remains a powerful way to increase the speed of your Power Wheels.

Modifying your Power Wheels is a simple way to keep your child interested in the toy for longer. Power Wheels are incredibly fun for children.

Just like how big guys and girls dream about bikes and cars, kids do exactly the same. Here, power wheels work as your kid’s first introduction to driving.

They are sure to be surprised by the speed, speakers, and amazing features of the car. However, over time, they may become bored and uninterested in the same old and slow power wheels.

If your child has a need for speed, you may be wondering how to modify your power wheels. Well, don’t worry, we have got you covered!

With this in mind, this guide will cover everything you need to know about modifying your hot wheels – transforming them from slow-moving vehicles to ones with superfast engines.

Modifying The Battery

When it comes to power wheels, the battery is the main source of power. Essentially, the higher the battery’s voltage, the more power there will be behind the wheels.

However, before we look at battery modification, it is important to completely understand what battery modification means.

Despite what you may believe, battery modification and change aren’t the same thing. If your power wheel has a voltage of 12, then you can increase this to a voltage of 18 or 20.

Although, to achieve this there has to be an adjustment in the connection found in the original battery.

Once you increase the vehicle’s battery voltage, your kid can whizz around the yard at speeds they have never seen before.

The result is a more powerful power wheel. To help you achieve this, below, we have outlined step-by-step instructions on how to perform a battery conversion.

Step 1

The very first step is to locate the power wheels’ battery. You should keep in mind that not all power wheel batteries are located in the same place.

Typically, you’ll find the battery under the trunk, under the seat position, or under the hood. Once you have successfully found the battery, you can then remove it.

Here, you’ll want to be extra careful when unhooking the battery to make sure you don’t damage any wires.

Step 2

From here, the next step is to detach the two wires connected to the stock battery. At this step, you can use a crimper or a wire cutter to help achieve this.

The two wires found here indicate the negative and positive wires. For instance, a red wire refers to a negative connection while a black wire is considered to be a positive connection.

To connect the plug it is important to make sure you disconnect this connection.

Step 3

Next, it is time to connect the drill battery. If you’re looking to set 16 volts, you can do so now. Alternatively, you can install a 24-volt battery, too.

To connect the battery simply connect the negative terminal to the opposing negative wires on the power wheels. Repeat this process for a positive connection.

That said, make sure you place a fuse between these two positive connections – this stops your power wheels from producing too much power.

You should also find another adapter holder located on the back of the battery. Here, you can add Velcro. Having Velcro here is ideal since it is important to have somewhere to place your electric speed controller system on the vehicle.

Alternatively, you can set an ESC, too.

Step 4

How to Modify Power Wheels

Once all the connections are in place, it is time to test out your power wheel. This way, you can determine whether or not your operation worked.

Here, all you have to do is press the gas pedal and the rear wheel should start spinning. If successful, then you have finished modifying your power wheel.

Step 5

The last step is to take the electric tape to secure all the different connections. If you notice any uneven connections, you can simply disconnect them.

This ensures an easier process to hide with tape. If the connection is visible then it is at risk of sparking at any time.

This could potentially harm your child, therefore, you should be extra vigilant.

Safety Considerations

With the improved speed and performance of your power wheels, it is more important than ever to prioritize safety. Therefore, below we have outlined some upgrades to make:

  • Install a seatbelt – This is preferably a 4-harness seat belt to keep your child securely strapped into the vehicle while on an exhilarating adventure.
  • Upgrade the brakes – This will help your vehicle keep up with the increased traction and speed.
  • Supervise your child – It is important to always supervise your child when driving their power wheels to ensure they are operating it responsibly and safely.

Can You Purchase A Bigger Battery For Your Power Wheel?

Yes! To increase the speed of your power wheel it can be as simple as replacing the battery to make a slow power wheel a speedy one.

For instance, you can change a 6-volt power wheel for a 12-volt battery. Likewise, a 12-volt power wheel can be transfigured to a 24-volt one.

Final Thoughts

There is something fascinating about cars. However, until they are 16, your child won’t be able to sit behind the wheel anytime soon.

This is what makes power wheels so attractive. Your child can sit behind the wheel and zoom around the yard – like they are driving their own car.

If your child has a need for speed, then you can even modify your power wheels to go faster. With the help of this guide, you should achieve this in no time.

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