Best Power Wheels Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries are you best option for replacing or upgrading the battery of your Power Wheels. They are rechargeable, last longer, and will naturally be installed in your Power Wheels.

The following article simplifies the lithium battery options available on the current market and presents you with our picks for the best products.

How Do Lithium Batteries Work?

Lithium batteries are highly popular for electronics. They work more efficiently than typical acid-based batteries because all the battery needs to function is lithium ions. These ions bounce around within the battery creating electricity.

These lithium ions can be recharged meaning you can get a much longer lifespan for your battery. They can also store and redistribute a larger quantity of energy, meaning they can be used for longer between charges.

Both of these key factors ensure your Power Wheels has maximum power and can be enjoyed for much longer.

Types of Lithium Batteries

The main feature that varies between the types of lithium batteries is the number of volts (or voltage). Voltage is important as it translates to the amount of power (and speed) that your Power Wheels have.

Many people modify their Power Wheels to include a battery with higher voltage to help their children get better Power Wheels performance over more difficult terrains. It is important to note that the voltage of your battery will not impact the amount or length of charge in your battery. 

There are three common types of lithium batteries:

12 Volts

This is the battery that will come standard in most Power Wheels (see also ‘The Top 5 Fastest Power Wheels To Buy‘). Generally, it will give you 1-2 hours of runtime for 8-12 hours of charge. This will be the most economical option to purchase

18 Volts

These are often used in battery-operated power tools so you may find you already have them floating around the shed. These are a great option for those who are looking to make extra use out of the batteries as you can use them without the Power Wheels.

When considering upgrading to an 18V battery it can help to buy name-brand products as these will have the biggest range of battery-operated tools for you to take full advantage of your purchase.

24 Volts

This is the largest lithium battery you will be able to fit your Power Wheels. It will provide you with twice the amount of power and speed that the original battery would.

You should consider the age and maturity of your children before installing this battery as it will allow them to drive quite quickly and may not be appropriate for some younger children.

If you are looking for a longer charge on your battery look into options with higher ‘amps’. It is also worth investing good money for a high-quality battery as this will limit the number of replacements that you will need to do in the future.

How to Choose the Right Battery for You.

Choosing the right lithium for you depends on what you want to get out of the product. There are all kinds of lithium batteries to suit a variety of budgets and needs so having an idea of what you are looking for can be very helpful. 

Price: generally speaking, the lower the voltage the lower the price of the product. If you are looking to save the most money invested in a high-quality, low-voltage battery. 

12V batteries should cost around $80-$100.

18 V batteries should cost around $90-$300. 

24 V batteries should cost around $200-$1000.

Power and speed: if you are looking to get better performance in terms of power and speed consider upgrading to an 18V or 24V battery. 18V would be the best option in terms of value for money and ensuring your child does not have too much power to handle.

Charge: if you are looking for longer use between charges look into batteries with more amps (AH).

Our Top Picks for Lithium Batteries

If you are still stuck on what battery to purchase, we have compiled a list of our personal recommendations.

12V Batteries

Power wheels 12V rechargeable battery

Our top pick for the 12V options is one manufactured precisely for Power Wheels. While this may be a slightly more expensive alternative at $89.99 it’s important to remember that this product was designed to help you make the most out of your Power Wheels, and keep your children as safe as possible.

As a bonus, it is designed to fit in most models of Power Wheels without needing to undergo any modifications to fit the battery in. It also has 12 amps per hour, meaning it will have a greater battery life between charges for the benefit of your children enjoying the maximum amount of time on their toys.

Eco-worthy 12V 30 ah life PO4

This product revolutionizes the world of lithium batteries. It is actually part of a whole range of lithium batteries with widely varying levels of amps, therefore if the price is no issue and you are looking for a reliable battery with longer use between charges this is the perfect product for you.

The product has a projected 10-year lifespan making it one of the most durable options out on the market. It is also perfect for those more environmentally conscious as it is designed to be compatible with solar systems, allowing you to continue enjoying your Power Wheels while reducing your carbon footprint.

With prices starting at around $99 it may seem like an expensive investment but we guarantee that you will save money on not needing replacements in the long run.

The battery is designed to combat some of the common issues including overcharging and unintentional discharge that may cause you to replace your battery sooner. This product is also designed not to overheat making it extremely safe for your children to use.

18V Batteries

When picking between 18V batteries we urge you to consider the other products that you could purchase within the brand.

Rechargeable power and gardening tools are increasing in popularity and you may find it easier to plan ahead at this stage for which brand will give you the most value for money with this purchase.

You may also need to purchase an adaptor (if you do not have already installed) to use an 18V alternative but luckily these are relatively cheap (between $10-$20) and a one-time purchase.

You may also need to buy a charging station of the same brand in order to fully reap the benefits of these batteries however it is definitely worth the extra money for the convenience and versatility of the products.

Ryobi lithium rechargeable battery

Ryobi is one of the most reputable brands in terms of 18V batteries and accompanying rechargeable products. The batteries are designed to protect against overcharging and battery discharge helping enhance the longevity of the product. The batteries also come with 12-month warranty for peace of mind.

These batteries can be as cheap as $19 each and the adaptor to suit power wheels is only $15 extra, making this an extremely cost-effective battery solution. 

Dewalt 18V to 20V battery adapter Kit

This is the package that has all of your needs surrounding 18V rechargeable batteries covered. While it may seem expensive at $179, it’s important to consider that this product comes with the battery charger included in the upfront costs. It also comes with 2 batteries meaning your child can have twice the fun in their Power Wheels!

Again, DeWalt is an extremely popular brand in the field of cordless power tools. This means that it is trustworthy and there are plenty of additional products that you can utilize the batteries for in the future. You will need to purchase an adaptor if you have not already modified your Power Wheels to take these batteries. However, the adaptor is only an additional $13.

24V Batteries

Ampere time 24V 100AH.

As a warning before you continue this automotive-grade lithium battery does not come cheap at $969.99 (like many other 24 V batteries). However, it is a leader in its field in terms of performance, safety,  and lifespan. 

The product boasts a higher energy density (therefore longer run time for the vehicle), more stable performance, and greater power. It has been extensively safety tested so you can rest assured that your child is as safe as possible. 

The product has a life span of 10 years and is 1/3 of the weight of most batteries in its categories. It also has protection for overcharge and energy discharge helping you make the most of the product and up to 50% better run time than most of its rivals on the market.

As a bonus, it is completely waterproof and can be operated between 32-122 degrees Fahrenheit (0-50 Celcius) without impacting the function of the battery. 

If you are going to modify your child’s Power Wheels to take a 24V battery, this is hands down the best product on the market to invest in. 

Tips to Care For Your Power Wheels Lithium Battery.

Keep It Dry

The battery is not waterproof and its casing is not water-resistant. It is good practice to keep your Power Wheels out of the rain, snow, or puddles in general as has many unprotected electrical components. Alternatively, you can work towards modifying your Power Wheels to be waterproof. 

Don’t Leave Your Charger on for Extended Periods of Time

This will overload and potentially damage your battery. Lithium batteries will generally take between 8-12 hours to charge (check manufacturer recommendations for more specific indications). It is best to take the batteries off charge as soon as you believe that the battery is fully charged. This will help increase the life span of your battery over time.

Don’t Let the Battery Get Too Cold

When batteries are exposed to extreme or prolonged cold, they tend to lose their charge quickly. The cold can permanently damage your battery leading to less enjoyment and more frequent replacements.

To avoid damage from the cold, try to store your Power Wheels battery somewhere dry and warm (preferably indoors). You can also invest money in insulation for your battery including thermal cases and auto blankets. Insulating your battery would be an excellent idea if you are playing to modify your Power Wheels to be used over the winter.

Do Run the Battery Until Absolutely Flat

If you can avoid running the battery until completely flat you will see a dramatic improvement in the longevity of your battery. Running the Power Wheels until the battery is completely flat can dramatically decrease its ability to store charge over time.

Try to Charge the Battery in Increments

Charging the battery by say 20-30% at a time can dramatically improve the longevity of the product and your battery life each use.

Use a Charger That Comes From the Manufacturer as the Battery

The manufacturer of the battery is the best person to purchase your charger from. While you can use any chargers it is not advisable and will not be as effective in the long run. 

Be Mindful of How You Store Your Batteries Over Long Periods of Time

  • If you are planning to store your lithium battery for an extended period of time, do not store it fully charged. It is best practice to try and store it around 40-50% charged.
  • Store it in a dry, warm place. Water and low temperatures can damage your battery.
  • Charge and use it every month or so. This will stop your battery from becoming stagnant and losing charge.


Investing money in a good and reputable lithium battery is definitely the way to go to get the most out of your Power Wheels. Before you begin the buying process it can really help to look into all of the available options and weigh up what is most important as the market is saturated in products that will be right for you no matter what you choose to prioritize. 

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