Most Popular Kids Toys in 2022

Most Popular Kids Toys

Curious about which toys will be the most popular among children this year? The lists of the best toys of 2022 are beginning to circulate, which means that you will soon have an idea of the most popular kids toys. It might be challenging to choose presents that would bring the greatest happiness to our children, so we are grateful for any opportunity to save time.

In light of recent hurdles, such as product shortages and delivery problems, beginning your holiday shopping early and doing it online is the best strategy for beating the holiday rush. In addition, we are making it even easier for you to buy the most popular kids toys by providing you with the most important trending toy lists from shops and companies for the year 2022.

most popular kids toys

Little Live Pets Mama Surprise

You aren’t quite ready to place a real pet beneath the tree, are you? Your needs may be met with Little Live Pets. The new Mama Surprise guinea pig set from this company comes with a plush and interactive mother pig as well as three baby guinea pigs that magically materialize in the hutch. Note that in order for children to participate in the “birth” surprise aspect, an adult must first set up the hutch for them. More than twenty noises and emotions may be triggered by Mama, and the package also comes with accessories for your new pets.

Little Live Pets - Mama Surprise | Soft, Interactive Guinea Pig and her Hutch, and her 3 Babies. 20+ Sounds & Reactions. for Kids Ages 4+, Multicolor, 7.8 x 11.93 x 11.38 inches
  • NURTURE YOUR MAMA GUINEA PIG: Nurture your mama by patting her, feeding her and brushing her to make her heart light up. Then place her back in the hutch.Ideal for ages:4 years and up
  • MAMA MAGICALLY HAS 3 BABIES!: Once her heart lights up, she is ready to enter her hutch and magically reveal her babies! When will her babies arrive
  • STYLE BABIES WITH SURPRISE ACCESSORIES: Open the hutch and find a baby and it's surprises! Style each baby with it's own surprise accessories
  • 20+ SOUNDS AND REACTIONS: There are 20+ sounds and reactions to play with your mama and babies
  • 20+ PIECES: So much fun to be had with 20+ pieces to play with

Squishmallows Mystery Box

What could possibly top a single Squishmallow? There are three of them. Kids continue to have a strong need for these chubby stuffed animals. (Adults concur, as shown by the fact that the Toy Association’s 2022 Toy of the Year award was bestowed to Squishmallows.) Unwrapping this mystery box, which contains charming toys as well as an element of surprise, will be a highlight of the Christmas season for the recipient. Also, there are three plush toys with a height of 8 inches that are a surprise inside the package.

Squishmallows Official Kellytoy 8" Plush Mystery Pack - Styles Will Vary in Surprise Box That Includes Three 8" Plush
  • SQUAD UP: Grow your Squishmallows Squad with this 8-inch mystery box 3 pack
  • SNUGGLE, SQUEEZE, AND PLAY: Bring these adorable plush on long car rides, airplanes, movie marathons and more. They come in a box.
  • MYSTERY: This mystery plush box will contain ANY three 8 inch Squishmallow styles chosen at random
  • ULTRA-SOFT Authentic Squishmallows plush are made with soft, high-quality materials
  • ORIGINAL: These are the Original Squishmallows from Kelly Toys; always look for the Original Squishmallows logo

Vtech Jotbot

VTech is proud to introduce you to JotBot, your very own interactive robot sketching companion! This adorable little robot enjoys drawing in his spare time. This robot toy encourages children to draw via engaging conversation and imaginative play!

You won’t have to pause get started sketching with JotBot! Simply insert one of the 15 drawing data chips that are double-sided to watch JotBot sketch the corresponding picture. You may teach your interactive robot to draw by utilizing the fun draw codes that can be found in the color-coded manual that is supplied. Simply type the directional codes into the arrow keys located on JotBot’s head. And he will start moving in the desired direction!

Included Pen

The child-friendly felt tip pen is included with the JotBot. And it can draw on paper sizes A3 and A4! Also, this cute sketching robot is capable of drawing with a variety of pens and pencils. In addition, this tiny robot has a lot of character. And he’ll even sing for you while he’s doing his job.

VTech JotBot Drawing & Coding Robot | Kids Learning STEM Toy | Suitable for Boys & Girls 3, 4, 5 Years
  • SMART DRAWING ROBOT: Meet JotBot - your very own robot drawing buddy! To get creating with this interactive robot toy, simply give JotBot the felt tip pen, set up the paper and then insert 1 of 15 double-sided data chips into his backpack, and watch as he draws the object on that chip!
  • MULTIPLE ART ACTIVITIES: In addition to a built-in library of 280+ images, this toy includes countless activities to boost creativity and independent and imaginative play, such as Draw Together, Draw-a-Story, Connect the Dots, Draw the Other Half, Cartoon Face, Mandala and the exciting Maze mode where JotBot draws a maze and then you have to help him find the exit!
  • GET CREATIVE AND CODE TO DRAW: This developmental toy lets you code JotBot using fun draw codes found within the colour-coded guidebook, ideal for boosting creative and artistic skills, along with spatial awareness. Simply enter the directional codes onto the arrow keys and away JotBot goes!
  • ANIMATED FACE AND SOUNDS: This adorable robot toy bursting with personality, with an adorable animated face and multiple fun sound phrases, plus he even sings while he draws!
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR CHILDREN: Providing hours of artistic excitement and interactive fun, this robot toy is the perfect birthday gift, Easter or Christmas present for boys and girls aged 3-5 years.

Star Wars Lola Animatronic Droid

If your kid enjoys putting themselves into the Star Wars world, an interactive L0-LA59 (LOLA) droid will add to the sense of wonder they get from experience. Over 45 different light, sound, and movement combinations may be achieved with LOLA, and the game can be played in three distinct ways. In Hover Mode, you may connect LOLA to the stand that is supplied, or you can place her in Companion Mode by adding legs. When she’s in On the Go Mode, that indicates she’s hurtling across space (with some help from you).

Companion Mode

You may enter Companion Mode by affixing L0-LA59’s legs, Hover Mode by affixing her stand, or On the Go Mode by detaching L0-LA59 from either base and imagining that she is traveling through space. This Star Wars toy’s lips can be opened and closed, the panels on top of her head can be moved, and she can tilt her head left and right. Companion Mode and Hover Mode are also available. This lovable little robot reacts to diverse sounds in the environment with a variety of different light patterns, droid sounds, and movement patterns.

STAR WARS L0-LA59 (Lola) Animatronic Edition, OBI-Wan Kenobi Series-Inspired Electronic Droid Toy, Toys for 4 Year Old Boys and Girls and Up
  • L0-LA59: Kids and fans can bring home the animatronic toy edition of this loveable droid companion, L0-LA59 (Lola), and reimagine iconic scenes from the Star Wars Galaxy
  • INTERACTIVE TOYS WITH 45+ LIGHT, SOUND & MOVEMENT COMBOS: Touch the sensor on L0-LA59's head to unlock more than 45 different light, sound, and movement combinations through 3 unique modes.
  • 3 MODES OF PLAY: Enter Companion Mode by attaching L0-LA59's legs, Hover Mode by attaching her stand, or On the Go Mode by removing her from either base and pretending she's zooming through the galaxy
  • SERIES-INSPIRED DROID MOVEMENTS: In Companion and Hover Mode, this Star Wars toy opens and closes her mouth, moves the panels on top of her head, and tilts her head from side to side
  • RESPONDS TO SOUNDS: This adorable robot toy responds to background noises with different combinations of lights, droid sounds, and movements

most popular kids toys

Bluey Ultimate Lights and Sounds Playhouse

Our hearts belong to the animated dog family from Australia. They also have our money thanks to a range of entertaining and high-quality toys. This brand-new, activity-packed playhouse set will provide your youngster with many enjoyable minutes of fun. The spacious home, which folds up for simple storage and is 17 inches tall and 30 inches wide, has enough room for Bingo, Bluey, Chatterbox, and Nana, in addition to all of their accessories. When children push the Octopus, the play experience is elevated with the addition of lights and music.

Bingo and Bluey

The Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse comes with figures of Bingo and Bluey measuring 2.5 inches and 3 inches, as well as figures of Chattermax and Nana! In addition to that, it comes with Bluey and Bingo’s Toys, which will allow you to reenact some of the show’s most iconic scenes! There is even a dancefloor that moves around! Simply re-create the opening dance sequence of the performance by attaching your Figures to the Bases and moving the Lever.

Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse with Two posable Figures and Accessories | Heeler Home
  • The Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse is huge at a whopping 17" tall and 30" wide when you open it up! .Ideal for ages:3 years and up
  • Press the Octopus to activate lights and over 50 sounds and phrases!
  • The Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playhouse includes 2.5" and 3" Figures of Bingo and Bluey plus Chattermax!
  • Includes 15 Accessories so you can recreate some of the most memorable moments from the show!
  • There is even a moving Dancefloor! Attach your Figures and move the Lever to recreate the opening dance scene of the show!

Roller Disco Peppa

This Peppa Pig doll is 11 inches tall and rolls ahead as if she were roller skating. Give her a little nudge in the forward or backward direction, then let go. Peppa put up a show for us! You can get 18 different words and three different types of music. It is by pressing the star on Peppa’s skate suit. Moreover, this singing doll puts on a show for everyone by not only singing but also playing music as she walks ahead. Even the greatest skaters fall occasionally! The Roller Disco talking doll is intelligent enough to recognize when it has been knocked down. And provides verbal cues. It is in addition to amusing lights and noises, to encourage the child to get back up and try again.


This Peppa Pig toy would make an excellent present for younger children, preschoolers, and Peppa Pig enthusiasts of all ages. Check out the plush doll of Peppa Pig singing bedtime lullabies as well! Your collection of preschool toys should include some toys that sing, speak, and are appropriate for children aged three years old and above.

Peppa Pig Disco Peppa Roller Skating Doll, Pull-and-Go Action, 11 Inch Figures, Preschool Toys for 3 Year Old Girls and Boys and Up, with Lights, Speech, and Music
  • ROLLER SKATING FUN WITH PEPPA: This 11” tall Peppa Pig doll moves forward like she’s roller skating! Push her forward or pull her back gently and release. Put on a show, Peppa
  • LIGHTS, MUSIC, ACTION: Press the star on Peppa’s skating outfit for 18 phrases, giggles (snort!), and 3 songs. This singing doll also plays music when she’s moving forward, putting on a show for everyone
  • OOPSY DAISY: Even the best skaters fall sometimes! The Roller Disco talking doll knows when it falls over and says encouraging phrases to get up and try again, with lights and funny sounds
  • OINKTASTIC KIDS GIFTS FOR GIRLS AND BOYS: This Peppa Pig toy makes a fantastic gift for kids, preschoolers, and Peppa Pig fans
  • LOOK FOR MORE HASBRO PEPPA PIG TOYS FOR GIRLS AND BOYS: Check out Peppa Pig Bedtime Lullabies plush doll! Add singing and talking toys for 3 year old girls and boys and up to your preschool toys collection. (Sold separately. Subject to availability.)

Cocomelon Boo Boo JJ Doll

With the help of CoComelon’s Deluxe Boo Boo JJ, you’ll be able to show your children how to kiss their scrapes and bruises goodbye! When JJ is in pain, his head, elbow, knee, or foot will light up, and he will make sure you know about it! JJ is packaged with a Bandage Case that contains three entertaining bandages. Just put these on top of the boo boo!

You can also check JJ’s temperature using the thermometer, listen to his heart using the stethoscope, and give him an injection using the syringe, all of which are included inside the Check-up Bag! Simply pressing his stomach will cause JJ to perform a snippet of “The Boo Boo Song.”

CoComelon Boo Boo JJ Deluxe Feature Plush - Includes Doctor Checkup Bag, Bandages, and Accessories to Care for JJ - 8 Total Accessories - Amazon Exclusive
  • BOO BOO BYE BYE: Teach your little ones how to say bye bye to boo boos with CoComelon’s Deluxe Boo Boo JJ!.Ideal for ages:2 years and up
  • LIGHT & SOUNDS: JJ’s head, elbow, knee or foot light up when hurt, and JJ will let you know!
  • BANDAGE CASE: JJ comes with a Bandage Case with 3 fun bandages! Simply place them over the boo boo!
  • CHECK-UP BAG: Check JJ’s temperature with the thermometer, listen to his heart with the stethoscope, or give him a shot with the syringe, all found in the Check-up Bag!
  • SING ALONG: Press his tummy and JJ will sing a clip of “The Boo Boo Song”!

American Girl Sapphire Splendor Doll

The All-American Girl in the Year 2022 This limited edition Holiday Truly Me doll was created in collaboration with Swarovski and is called the Sapphire Splendor Collector Doll. The doll was first made available in the year 2022.

Fans of American Girl will want to give their loved ones the Holiday Collector doll that was released this year. The limited-edition Truly Me doll known as Sapphire Splendor wears a holiday-themed attire that is embellished with more than one hundred Swarovski crystals. She has the power to fascinate everyone who collects dolls. Get the new American Girl x KidKraft playhouse as well if you are in the mood for a splurge; it is the ideal home for dolls that measure 18 inches in height.


Thames & Kosmos Candy Vending Machine

This do-it-yourself kit is going to be a lot of fun for children who adore construction. They are able to assemble a vending machine that is two feet tall and also functions as a coin bank. Gummy candies in the form of soda bottles are provided so that children may fill their machines and begin selling items. An added bonus is that this kit is really a STEM project that has been disguised as a fun activity (see also ‘What Does STEM Stand For?‘). This fascinating present has a variety of educational elements, such as information on arithmetic and money, gears, gravity, and force. Best for youngsters aged eight and older.

Constructing your very own toy vending machine that also functions as a coin bank, sorts coins, and distributes candy or other little rewards is well within your capabilities. Also, you can experiment with different ways to have the coins do awesome acrobatics and tricks on the area of the coin track that is changeable.

Features of Vending Machine

Discover everything there is to know about gears, gravity, forces, motion, collisions, and much more, including some elementary arithmetic courses using money. To ensure that the enjoyment lasts as long as possible, the machine supports user-supplied candies and rewards. A 16-page, full-color step-by-step handbook guides assembly and experimentation, and a video of the assembly process may be accessed through a QR code included in the manual. Also, the product is intended for children aged eight or older who play with assistance. Or children aged ten or older who play independently.

Thames & Kosmos Candy Vending Machine STEM Experiment Kit | Build a 2-ft Tall Toy Vending Machine | 10 Experiments with Gravity, Motion, Math | Coin Sorting Bank | Engineering & Math Lessons
  • Construct your own toy vending machine that sorts coins, dispenses candy or other small prizes, and doubles as a coin bank!
  • Experiment to make the coins perform cool tricks and stunts in the customizable coin track area.
  • Learn about gears, gravity, forces, motion, collisions, and more — even some simple math lessons with money.
  • The machine can be refilled with your own treats and prizes for long-lasting fun.
  • A 16-page, full-color step-by-step manual guides assembly and experiments and an assembly video is available via a QR code in the manual; For ages 8+ with help or 10+ for independent play

Lego Friends Olivia’s Space Academy

Olivia’s Space Academy is a brand-new Lego kit that comes with 757 individual pieces. Construct a model of the Space Shuttle, a classroom, a mission control center, and an observatory. The scientific scene is finished off with a total of four Lego figurines and several science accessories, including a planet model. Also, ages 8 and over are recommended to play.

Olivia’s Space Academy, a constructible playset that educates children about the space program. It is while providing them with an out-of-this-world play experience. Furthermore, this kit has a model of the Space Shuttle, as well as an academy building. Also, a telescope, and four different LEGO Friends figures. It also highlights aspects of the Space Shuttle program.

Kids Role

Kids may engage in role-playing activities such as astronaut training, simulation of space travel on a toy space shuttle, completion of a spacewalk, and exploration of the cosmos for undiscovered galaxies. In addition, the construction of a Space Shuttle model with the components included in this scientific playset. It will be an enjoyable and educational endeavor for children aged eight and up. And they will be happy to show it off. Science nerds will get knowledge about space travel and astronaut training. As a result of the numerous aspects that are authentic to the scientific method that is included in this set.

LEGO Friends Olivia’s Space Academy Shuttle Rocket 41713 Educational Toy, Gifts for 8 Plus Year Old Kids, Girls & Boys with Astronaut Mini-Dolls
  • Join Olivia as her dreams come true and she gains entry to the Space Academy where she can train to be an astronaut!
  • Features a LEGO Space Shuttle toy, an academy building, mission control with a telescope and a multi-axis trainer
  • Many scientifically accurate elements packed into this educational astronaut toy teach kids about the space program
  • Kids take part in astronaut training, simulate a flight in the toy Space Shuttle, complete a spacewalk & search the cosmos for new galaxies
  • LEGO Friends space toy also includes 4 mini-dolls: LEGO Friends Olivia and William in astronaut suits with helmets, Dr Vidya and Julian

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks

It is one of the most popular kids toys of 2022. This new model from Hot Wheels is sure to be a huge success among children who are enthusiastic about automobiles. Furthermore, the Unstoppable Tiger Shark is an all-terrain vehicle that is capable of overcoming any kind of yard barrier. It is recommended for children aged four and older. It is capable of speeds of up to 6 miles per hour. And can execute stunts such as wheelies, spins, and stomps. Playtime is limited to a maximum of 25 minutes per charge (with the included USB cord).

The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks HW Unstoppable Tiger Shark RC is equipped with HW Terrain Stomp Technology, which allows it to dominate a variety of surfaces, including floors, rocks, grass, and more! Also, it hunts down prey with the ferocity of a deadly predator. This Tiger Shark “stomps” over a variety of surfaces. Imitating the roaring of a tiger that is on the hunt. It is thanks to its cutting-edge design and its enormous, gigantic Tread Attack Tires.

Car Size

This incredibly detailed car is built to a size of 1:15. And it has full-function remote control action, USB charging, and top speeds of up to 6 miles per hour. Kids and other fans of Monster Trucks Live may reenact their favorite action moments. It is with the Tiger Shark from the program. And since it operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency, it won’t interfere with the usage of any other remote-controlled vehicles. The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks HW Unstoppable Tiger Shark RC is a fantastic present. It is for any individual who is a lover of RC vehicles. In addition, children who are at least four years old.

most popular kidstoys

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Tiger Shark die-cast 1:24 scale vehicle with Giant Wheels for kids age 3 to 8 years old great gift toy trucks large scales
  • Outrageous assortment of 1:24 scale Hot Wheels Monster Trucks with durable die-cast metal bodies!
  • Packed out with awesome stats on back giving details of their strength, crash attack, motor-vation and more!
  • Built to smash and crash everything in sight, crushing any car in the way!
  • Nothing can stop the baddest vehicles ever built for head-to-head competition!
  • Oversized bodies and giant monster wheels give these kid-favorite 1:24 scale trucks the edge on mega rough terrain


Overall, these are some of the most popular kids toys available on the market right now, and they are perfect gifts for children throughout the holiday season (see also ‘15 Incredible Minecraft Toys Your Kids Will Love‘). Also, your child’s creativity and imagination will flourish as a result of them. And they will also bring a grin to their face. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one of the toys on the lists. And use it to help make this year’s Christmas season even more memorable and meaningful for your family and the people you care about.

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