20 Awesome WWE Toys Your Kids Will Love

WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, and kids everywhere are fascinated with its superstars. WWE offers three main shows – Raw, Smackdown and NXT. 

20 Awesome WWE Toys Your Kids Will Love

Thanks to it being such a worldwide phenomenon, there are plenty of toys on the market for your WWE-loving children.

If you’re looking for a WWE-themed toy, here are 20 options that are sure to make a (frog) splash as soon as they’re opened. 

1. WWE Ultimate Edition Roman Reigns Action Figure

WWE Ultimate Edition Roman Reigns Action Figure, 6-inch Collectible with Interchangeable Head, Swappable Hands & Universal Championship for Ages 8 Years Old & Up
  • ​Recreate favorite Roman Reigns moments from entrance to finisher -- the Ultimate Edition action figure comes with swappable head, interchangeable hands, and Universal Championship!
  • The highly detailed 6 in tall action figure features life-like TrueFX facial detail to bring the Superstar to life!
  • Play out signature moves with 30+ points of articulation including an ab-crunch torso, butterfly joints, double-jointed arms and knees, and articulated toes.
  • Includes entrance gear to pose Roman Reigns figure as he makes his way to the ring!
  • The WWE Universe can collect these figures to make their collection Ultimate (each sold separately, subject to availability).

Who’s hotter in WWE right now than the tribal chief himself – Roman Reigns?! This action figure is ideal for any child who enjoys watching The Bloodline every Friday on Smackdown. 

The figure set comes with a 6-inch figure, two changeable heads, two swappable hands, a bloodline t-shirt, a title belt, and the tribal lei.

This kit includes everything your child needs to play with the head of the table! 

2. WWE Wrekkin Slam N Spin ATV Breakaway Car With Big E

Mattel WWE Slam 'N Spin Atv Wrekkin Vehicle Breakaway Atv with WWE Big E, for 6-Inch Action Figure
  • Drive or destroy the Wrekkin ATV, with real rolling wheels and 6 breakaway pieces!
  • Includes a 6-inch Big E basic action figure with 10 points of articulation, TrueFX enhanced facial detailing for life-like authenticity, and realistic ring gear.
  • Deliver a spin kick with the spinning handlebars.
  • Launch opponents into the air.
  • Kids ages 6 years old and up in the WWE Universe can collect every Superstar to play or display on this WWE ATV (each sold separately, subject to availability).

While Big E might be out of action, for now, that doesn’t mean that kids won’t love this kit featuring an action figure of him!

The six breakaway pieces ensure that your child’s match is believable and super fun. 

The ATV offers spinning handlebars to deliver insane kicks, and you can even launch the opponent high up into the air! 

3. WWE Championship Role Play Kids Title Belt

WWE Championship Role Play Title Belt with Adjustable Strap for Kids [Amazon Exclusive]
  • Now kids can take home the excitement of the WWE and its ultimate badge of honor -- the WWE Championship!
  • This trophy item comes with authentic styling, sleek metallic medallions, a leather-like belt and a one-time adjustable feature to fit around the waist of any child eight years or older!
  • Each championship in the assortment is designed to resemble the ones worn and proudly flaunted by your favorite WWE Superstars
  • Choose from a wide variety of famous titles such as: WWE World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship, WWE Universal Championship, WWE Winged Eagle Championship and WWE NXT Championship.
  • Kids will love wearing the championships that celebrate the top Superstars and honor their distinction as the very best.

Any kid who loves WWE needs a championship belt. After all, they are the champions in their own matches.

This is a replica of the WWE championship belt, but it is small enough to fit comfortably around the waist of any child. 

The stakes for your at-home matches just got higher! Who will be crowned the champion of your family? (Hint: it’s always the kids). 

4. WWE Bianca Bel Air Elite Collection Action Figure

WWE Bianca Bel Air Elite Collection Series 81 Action Figure 6 in Posable Collectible Gift Fans Ages 8 Years Old and Up​
  • The WWE Universe can collect iconic figures of favorite WWE Superstars from Monday Night RAW, Friday Night Smackdown, and NXT, plus WWE Legends and Hall of Famers!
  • Each WWE figure features highly detailed True FX technology for life-like authenticity.
  • Recreate signature poses and finishing moves with 25 points of articulation for extreme poseability!
  • Includes interchangeable hands and iconic accessories, including entrance gear or WWE championships.
  • Make your collection elite!

Bianca Belair is one of the hottest superstars in WWE right now, and she’s also the Raw women’s champion.

If you have a wrestling lover in your home, perhaps a 6-inch action figure of one of the greatest female wrestlers would make a lovely gift. 

You’ll get the figure, Bianca’s signature jacket and glasses, and two pairs of swappable hands. 

5. WWE Superstar Stampers

WWE Superstar Stampers, Set of 12 - Self-Inking WWE Superstars for Crafts, Party Decor, Cake Toppers Gifts - Bray Wyatt, The Undertaker, Becky Lynch, Braun Strowman and More by PMI, 2.3-2.5 in. Tall.
  • STAMP LIKE A CHAMP - Get ready to rumble and create with WWE figure stampers by PMI! Your self-inking WWE toys are undefeated decorators, enhancing cards and crafts with WWE Superstar sensations!
  • JOIN THE ACTION - Pick your Superstars and add yourself to the action. Detailed and durable, your figures are perfect for displaying or playing.
  • THE GIFT OF EXCITEMENT - Your WWE accessories are winning gifts for the young fan and senior collector alike. Surprise your favorite champion with WWE Superstars from PMI!
  • DOMINATE DECORATING – Celebrate- WWE style- by using your stampers as WWE birthday party supplies! Your WWE stampers make dynamic cake toppers, decorations, or WWE games props.
  • COLLECT THEM ALL - Solidify your champion status by collecting all 4 stamper/topper sets! Featuring 18 superstars such as Undertaker, Becky Lynch, and Kofi Kingston, the more you collect, the more you win!

Does your child love arts and crafts almost as much as they love WWE? These stampers are the ideal gift then. You don’t even need to buy ink – the stamps are already full of ink and ready to use. 

You’ll get the likes of The Undertaker, Becky Lynch, and many more. Plus, your child can use the stampers as mini action figures for pretend play! 

6. WWE Goldberg Top Picks Elite Collection Action Figure With Universal Championship

Mattel WWE Goldberg Top Picks Elite Collection Action Figure with Universal Championship, 6-inch Posable Collectible Gift for WWE Fans Ages 8 Years Old & Up​
  • The WWE Goldberg Top Picks Elite Collection action figure is approximately 6 in tall and at authentic "Superstar Scale."
  • Features highly detailed True FX technology for life-like authenticity.
  • Recreate signature poses and finishing moves with 25 points of articulation.
  • Includes interchangeable hands and Universal Championship to capture more favorite moments.
  • The WWE Universe can collect them all to make their collections elite (sold separately, subject to availability).

While Goldberg might not be the Universal champion anymore, this figure is a great gift for kids. Goldberg only appears in WWE once or twice a year, so seeing him is always a big deal. 

However, you can gift your child this action figure and make the wait for Goldberg’s return much easier! This figure comes with a Universal title belt and two swappable hands. 

​7. WWE Superstar Ring, 14 Inches With Spring-Loaded Mat

Mattel WWE Superstar Ring Playset with Spring-Loaded Mat, Pro-Tension Ropes & 4 Event Stickers, 14-Inch
  • Recreate matches from Monday Night RAW, Friday Night Smackdown, SummerSlam, and WrestleMania with 4 apron stickers!
  • Battle for championships with WWE Basic, Elite Collection, and Ultimate Edition action figures (figures sold separately, subject to availability).
  • Bounce WWE action figures off the Pro-Tension Ropes for launching attacks.
  • Slam Superstar figures onto the Spring-Loaded Mat for extra bounce.
  • Kids and collectors ages 6 years old and up can collect every ring to play out any event in the WWE Universe (each sold separately, subject to availability).

Every WWE lover needs their own play ring, complete with a spring-loaded mat to make all of the bumps believable!

This ring comes with everything you need to set up your wrestling match, including banners for the sides to choose which show it’s on.

The banners include Raw, Smackdown, Wrestlemania, and Summerslam. Get ready to watch some seriously good matches! 

8. WWE Wrekkin Slam Cycle Motorcycle With Drew McIntyre Figure

WWE Wrekkin Slam Cycle Motorcycle (10.5 in) with Wheelie Action and 9 breakable parts, with 6-in/15.24-cm Drew McIntyre Basic Action Figures; Gift for Ages 6 Years Old & Up
  • Drive or destroy the Wrekkin Slam Cycle motorcycle, with real rolling wheels and 9 breakaway pieces!
  • Includes 6-in/15.24-cm Drew McIntyre basic action figure with 10 points of articulation, TrueFX enhanced facial detailing for life-like authenticity, and realistic ring gear.
  • Pop a wheelie with stunt action in the 10.5 in / 26.67 cm long Slam Cycle.
  • Smash opponents into the battle damage headlight.
  • Kids ages 6 & up in the WWE Universe can collect every Superstar (each sold separately, subject to availability).

With nine breakaway parts, this toy motorcycle is a great gift for WWE lovers. Drive or destroy with this fun toy, featuring a battle-damage headlight, wheelie abilities, and much more. 

Plus, you’ll get a free Drew McIntyre action figure for free. Don’t worry though, any action figure can be used with this WWE weapon! 

9. WWE MATTEL NXT Takeover War Games Playset

WWE MATTEL NXT Takeover War Games Playset with 2 NXT Rings, 2 Connecting Cages with Breakaway Pieces, 2 Ladders, Chair, Table & More; for Ages 6 Years
  • The WWE NXT TakeOver War Games Playset features 2 connecting NXT rings and 2 connecting cages that surround the rings for twice the mayhem!
  • The cages have breakaway panels and breakaway sections for super battle-bashin' action!
  • Use the 2 ladders to launch WWE action figures (sold separately, subject to availability) inside or outside of the rings or throw the chair or table and more to crash through the cages!
  • Playset is designed for easy set up and easy reassembly for War Games action anytime, anywhere!
  • Makes a great gift for ages 6 years old and up especially those who love crashin' and bashin' action and WWE NXT TakeOver War Games!

War Games is one of the biggest pay-per-views that NXT holds, and they’ve just recently brought it to the main show’s PPVs!

Anyone who enjoys WWE will love the premise of War Games, and this toy allows them to choreograph their own matches. 

Featuring two rings with one cage around them, this kit comes with two ladders, a chair, a table, and even more weapons. The cage can break, too, giving your child the chance to make a really fun game out of this toy. 

10. Set Of 5 Wrestling Props

Set of 5 Wrestling Props Accessories For Wrestling Action Figures
  • Provides HOURS OF FUN for children who love playing with wrestling action figures
  • Includes one ladder, one chair, one guard rail, one trash can and one breakable table
  • Perfect accessory kit for all current and past wrestling figures
  • UPDATED version with more secure table legs
  • Comes packaged in a box that is sure to bring joy and excitement when opened

Who doesn’t love a no holds barred match? Kids love weapons being used in WWE – ‘We want tables!’ ring any bells?

If they already have the figures and rings to make a match, why not get them a set of weapons to make the matches even more lethal? 

You’ll get a barrier, ladder, breakaway table, chair, and trash can with a removable lid – all beloved weapons seen in WWE! 

11. WWE Wrekkin Kickout Ring Playset

Mattel WWE Kickout Ring Wrekkin Playset with Randomized Ring Count, Springboard Launcher, Crane, WWE Championship & Accessories, 13-Inch X 20-Inch Ring
  • Recreate unpredictable finishes – in or out of the ring – with the WWE Wrekkin Kickout Ring playset!
  • The action-Packed ring stands more than 20-in / 50.8-cm tall and features 2 ways to play!
  • Choose Ref Mode when it's time to go for the pin or set to Launcher Mode to send a Superstar figure flying toward the WWE Championship or to an opponent on the outside.
  • Includes a breakaway scaffold crane, breakaway table, and WWE Championship to amp up the action with iconic WWE accessories.
  • Packed with match-enhancing features, the WWE ring playset makes a great gift for WWE fans and kids ages 6 and up -they can collect WWE action figures and see who comes out on top (sold separately, subject to availability).

Next we have another ring playset for a great price. It comes with a springboard launcher (make sure all valuables are out of the fly zone!), a crane, and a title belt to heighten the stakes.

It also features a breakaway table and customizable ropes. 

There are also 26 authentic sounds to be played throughout the match from randomized referees! You’ll be wondering whether you’re watching a real WWE match with this toy. 

12. WWE Wrekkin’ Slambulance Vehicle

WWE Slambulance Wrekkin' Vehicle Breakaway Ambulance, for 6-Inch Action Figure [Amazon Exclusive]
  • Get wrekkin' and rolling with the WWE Slambulance vehicle featuring 8+ breakaway pieces for the ultimate wrekkin' action!
  • Wrekk the side panels, doors, bumper, light panel, hood, top and a breakaway side that leads to the stretcher inside the vehicle!
  • Push the "chaos" button in the hood and the spring-loaded stretcher shoots out of the back! Whoa!
  • For even more fun, put WWE action figures (sold separately) on the stretcher and shoot em' out again and again!
  • All pieces are designed to fit easily back into place! Then let the wrekkin' fun begin again!

Ambulance matches are some of the best, and this toy lets your child choreograph their very own SLAMbulance matches!

It comes with a rolling bed and eight breakaway parts to make a great showdown. 

13. WWE Money In The Bank Briefcase

WWE Money in The Bank Briefcase
  • This awesome Money in the Bank Carrying Case is just like the one seen in WWE matches and now fans can have their own version!
  • Features a black handle and large Money in the Bank graphic on front.
  • Case has several dividers and can store up to eight WWE 6-inch action figures and accessories like Championship Titles and more.
  • Figures sold separately, subject to availability.
  • Colors and decorations may vary.

Does your child love the Money in the Bank PPV? Then why not give them their very own briefcase that gives them the right to challenge the champ to a title belt match whenever they please? 

If you already have a family title belt, adding a MITB briefcase could lead to endless fun. Plus, the inside of the case works as a holder for your child’s favorite figures! 

14. WWE UNO Card Game

UNO Card Game, Matching WWE Superstars, for 2 To 10 Players Ages 7 Years and Older
  • Now you can play UNO in the company of your favorite WWE characters!
  • The goal is to get rid of all the cards in your hand, and the first player or team to 500 points wins.
  • Special action cards include Skips, Reverses, Draw Twos, and Wild cards—including a customizable wild card.
  • Force your opponent into a legendary showdown with the Locked Up rule card!
  • A wonderful gift for WWE fans, age 7 and older. Contains 112 cards plus instructions. Colors and decorations may vary.

Remember playing UNO when you were young? Did you know that there is also a WWE UNO card game specifically for WWE lovers?

This is a great gift for any child who enjoys spending time with the family and WWE. 

This game also includes a special rule that normal UNO games don’t feature – cool, right? 

15. WWE Wrekkin’ Slam-Mobile Vehicle With The Rock Figure

WWE Slam Mobile Wrekkin Vehicle Breakaway Car with WWE the Rock, for 6-Inch Action Figure
  • Drive or destroy the Wrekkin' Slam-Mobile car, with real rolling wheels and 8 breakaway pieces!
  • Includes 6-in / 15.24-cm The Rock basic action figure with 10 points of articulation, TrueFX enhanced facial detailing for life-like authenticity, and realistic ring gear.
  • Vehicle is 13-inches long and can seat 2 WWE action figures in the front seat and accessories in the trunk (other figures sold separately).
  • Smash opponents through the breakaway car hood -reset to repeat.
  • Kids ages 6 years old and up in the WWE Universe can collect every Superstar (each sold separately, subject to availability).

If it’s one wrestler that every kid loves, it’s The Rock. This figure set comes with a car featuring eight breakaway parts and a 6-inch basic action figure. There is no cooler gift than this one! 

Plus, your kid will finally be able to watch The Rock in a modern wrestling match.

16. Counting And Talking Wrestling Referee Action Figure

Counting and Talking Wrestling Referee Action Figure
  • Provides HOURS OF FUN for those who love playing with wrestling action figures!
  • Squeeze his legs together and he will throw his arm up and say one of five different sayings!
  • Measures 7 inches tall, takes 3 LR44 watch batteries (included)
  • Have him count to 3 for your wrestling figure matches and declare the winner!
  • This is the ULTIMATE gift for those who play with wrestling action figures!

Every good match needs a referee, and this one is the best. It counts and talks during the match, just like you see WWE referees doing.

While this isn’t technically a WWE-specific referee, it is still a great toy for anyone who likes to create their own extensive matches. 

17. WWE Toys Wrekkin Rampage Rig Toy Truck 

WWE Rampage Rig Wrekkin Vehicle Breakaway Truck with Breakaway Wrekkin Ball, WWE Championship, & Accessories, for 6-Inch Action Figure
  • Drive or destroy the Wrekkin' Rampage Rig semitruck, with real rolling wheels and 11 breakaway pieces!
  • Create matches for the WWE Championship help inside the breakable Wrekkin Ball!
  • Rotate crane 360-degrees and extend an additional 7-inch to take the action to new heights
  • Press engine block under the hood to launch opponents from the top of the truck
  • Recreate the bumper-to-bumper destruction with WWE action figures (sold separately)

This Rig Toy Truck is great for anyone who loves destruction in their wrestling matches. Who doesn’t want to see a 300-pound wrestler (figure) fly through the air after being swung at with a wrecking ball?

This toy comes with 11 breakaway parts, wheels, a ladder, and more. 

18. WWE Wrekkin Slamcycle Playset Featuring The Undertaker!

The Undertaker is another popular WWE legend that kids love. After his retirement a few years ago, this toy will be even more beloved by anyone who receives it.

The motorcycle toy features nine breakaway pieces to turn any match into carnage. 

19. RAW Women’s Championship Toy Title Belt

RAW Women's Championship Toy Title Belt Gold
  • An adjustable waistline for waists up to approximately 38�__ Secured by an all new sewn-in velcro patch Replicated with acrylic rhinestones Center and side plates feature soft enamel (plastic) finished with gold plating replicating the shine and prestige of theChampionship Title
  • Shop Official Merchandise From Your Favorite Wrestler

This women’s Raw championship replica is great for any young girl who loves wrestling. It’s well made, light enough to carry, and will make your child stand out from the crowd as the winner they are!


20. Ravensburger WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game

Ravensburger WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game for Kids and Adults - Includes 30 WWE Legends!
  • 30 WWE Legends! – In this easy-to-learn party game, each player steps into the ring as a WWE Legend, including Andre the Giant, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, The Million Dollar Man, Batista, Sting, and more!
  • Perfect for Families and WWE Fans – Whether you're playing with a group of WWE fans, classic board gamers, or your family, WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game is perfect for any game night occasion and makes a great gift for WWE fans!
  • Great Replay Value – With over 30 Legends, WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game plays 2-10 players ages 8 and up, and takes 30-45 minutes to play.
  • What You Get – Each game comes with 30 WWE Legend placards, 30 Signature Move cards, 1 WWE Legends token, and 150 Action cards including kicks, strikes, movers, cheap tricks, and more!
  • Clear Instructions – Learn to play with a clear, high-quality, step-by-step rulebook, or search for “Watch It Played! WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game” on YouTube for a video tutorial.

Finally, this card game is fun for all of the family. Featuring 30 WWE legends like Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Andre The Giant, you’ll be blasted back in time to early WWE days. 

Walk through a Royal Rumble match and see who wins with the easy-to-follow instructions and signature move cards.

This game is fun for all of the family, and reviewers even said that their kids love making up their own rules for the game and playing for hours. 


Thanks for reading our list of 20 WWE toys that your kid will love. Being such big wrestling fans ourselves, it’s difficult to pick our favorites!

Always check to see what your kid has before buying them a new gift. No one wants two of the same figure! 

Younger kids will love the figures and ring playsets so that they can make their own matches.

Older kids might enjoy the card games more, although they’ll still appreciate the playsets. Replica belts are fun for all ages!

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