9 Electric Dirt Bikes That Go 30+Mph

Dirt bikes are loved by everyone who loves adventures rides and off-road activities. The electric dirt bikes are eco-friendly, which does not harm the environment. The off-road capability, run time, and speed are the main factors in an electric dirt bike.

The gas/fuel dirt bikes are usually faster than the electric ones, but electric bikes also come with high speeds up to 85 mph and above, which is more than reasonable for a dirt bike. These electric bikes are fast, safe, and totally worth the money spent.

Factors to Consider to Choose the Best Electric Dirt Bike

Power Capacity

Similar to gas dirt bikes, electric bikes also have different types based on the energy source. Some dirt bikes are only for experienced dirt riders, and the others come with small motors and small capacity batteries. The low-power dirt bikes are suitable for beginners because they will provide the learning curve to them.

A 30+ mph dirt bike is a high-power electric dirt bike. The power capacity is based on the motor and battery of the bike. Once you learn, you can move to the high-power electric dirt bikes, and you will love the instant torque once you get accustomed to it.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity means how much distance you can cover in one charge, the runtime is also based on other factors, but the battery is the main. Other factors include your riding style, power requirements, and motor size.

The manufacturer mentions the runtime for each electric dirt bike, and you can consider this run time to buy an electric bike. Run time or the total miles run in one charge is regarded as the mileage of the electric dirt bikes.

Weight Limit

The dynamics and durability of a bike are decided by the weight of a bike and the rider, and you should get a heavier dirt bike if your weight is high; similarly, lightweight bikes are for the rider with a low weight. However, the material is evolving with time, and few lightweight electric bikes can support high-weight riders.

It is essential to check the bike in terms of your weight to decide its durability. Once you get the bike with weight compatibility, you do not need to modify its durability.

Age Limit

The age limit is also an essential factor in choosing the best electric bike; the electric dirt bikes with a speed of more than 30+ mph are primarily for adults, so if your child is asking for a dirt bike, you can opt for Ride-On Dirt bikes with low speed. Some electric dirt bikes are allowed for the teens, but skills are highly required, and protective safety gear is also recommended.

9 Best Electric Dirt Bikes That Go up to 30+ Mph

Ktm Freeride E-xc

Electric Dirt Bikes That go 30+MPH

KTM is the best brand in the category of dirt bikes. The KTM Freeride E-XC is a mixture of a full-size professional dirt bike and a trial dirt bike powered by electricity.

The KTM Freeride E-XC runs on the lithium-ion KTM PowerPack batteries, and these batteries are smaller in size, so you can also place extra batteries to swap them when needed.


  • Power 9 or 18 KW
  • Speed 45 MPH
  • Run Time/Range  1.5 Hours
  • Weight Limit 242 LBS
  • Single Speed
  • Replaceable Lithium-Ion battery pack
  • 5000 RPM, 24.5 max HP
  • Seat height 35.82 Inches
  • Ground Clearance 13,38 Inches
  • Xplor PDS Shock Absorber
  • Current Price $10,499

The KTM Freeride E-XC runs on a single-speed with a maximum horsepower of 24.5. You must be thinking that the horsepower is low, but the torque produced by the bike is impressive.

The KTM Freeride is built with a steel composite frame that can be used in any condition. The WP Xplor PDS shock is installed in this beast. The KTM Freeride E-XC can fully charge in 1.5 hours.

Cake Kalk Or

CAKE is a company from Sweden which offers electric bikes; Kalk OR is the best electric bike provided by them. The electric dirt bikes from CAKE are lightweight, innovative, and with a unique look.

The Kalk models are offered in two categories. One is the freeride models, which are suitable for trail riding in the country exploring, the other is Kalk race models designed for racing, both of them have the same Power.


  • Power 11 KW
  • Speed 50 MPH
  • Run time 3 hours
  • Weight Limit 152 LBS
  • Three ride modes
  • Battery 51.8-volt, 50 Ah, 2.6 kWh w/ 18,650 lithium cells
  • 280 Nm on the back wheel with 42 Nm peak torque.
  • Seat height 35 Inches
  • Charging Time 2.5 hours
  • Motorcycle brakes
  • Ohlins fork and shock
  • Current Price $13000

The CAKE Kalk OR is made for fast, thrilling country exploration. The bike is engineered to last long; the geometry, size, and kinematics are made with careful use of materials and precision construction.

Redshift MX Electric Dirt Bike by Alta Motors

The Redshift MX electric dirt bike by Alta Motors is the only full-fledged electric motocross dirt bike built till now.

Although Alta Motors has stopped making electric dirt bikes, this bike must be on the list because it is the only full-fledged electric motocross bike; you can still buy one from the used dirt bike market.

The maximum speed of the Redshift MX is 50 MPH and battery run time is around one hour. 


  • Power 37 KW
  • Speed 50 MPH
  • Run time 1 hour
  • Weight Limit 259 LBS
  • Battery Waterproof Li-Ion 350v.
  • Horse Power 42 
  • Seat Height 37 Inches
  • Pro Brakes
  • Pro WP suspension
  • Pro Chassis
  • Price $15000

Redshift MX is a unique electric dirt bike because it is well built, the bike has the best quality parts in the whole build. It comes with WP suspensions in the front fork and rear shock.

The brakes are impressive for an electric bike, as expected. The Alta Motors Redshift MX bike was the best in the electric bike category, but it stopped making bikes in 2019.

The Alta Motors have built four Redshift MX electric dirt bikes based on the power mod, the Eco,  Sport, Performance, and Overlocked; these models have low to high. It should be mentioned here if you go high in Power, the battery run time will go down. 

Zero FX ZF7.2 + ZF3.6 and Ds

The FX electric dirt bikes from Zero have two models based on Power, one is ZF7.2, and the other is ZF3.6. Both models are good-looking with decisive power terrain and great functionality.

The Zero FX is the fastest in its category with fantastic torque. The Zero Motor company only offers electric motorcycles, so they are dedicated to making the best electric dirt bikes for the market. They offer two modes one is Eco ZF3.6, and the other is sport ZF7.2.

You can use the Zero Motorcycle App to help you to choose your favorite one. The Zero motorcycles make the best hybrid electric Dirt Bikes.

Specifications fz 7.2

  • Power 34 KW
  • Maximum Speed 85 MPH
  • Run Time/Range  91 Miles City / 39 Highway
  • Weight Limit 289 Lbs
  • Z-Force® Li-Ion intelligent integrated 7.2 kWh Integrated
  • 8000 RPM
  • Seat Height 34 Inches
  • 46 hp / 78 ft-lbs torque
  • Current Price $10995

Specifications fz 3.6

  • Power 34 KW
  • Maximum Speed 70 MPH
  • Run Time/Range  46 city / 19 highway
  • Weight Limit 289 Lbs
  • Z-Force® Li-Ion intelligent integrated 3.6 kWh Swappable
  • 8000 RPM
  • Seat Height 34 Inches
  • 27 HP / 78 ft-lbs torque
  • Ultra-Fast Recharge
  • Current Price $10995

The Zero is the most stylish and comfortable brand in Electric Motorcycles; you can also look for bikes other than the dirt bikes provided by the Zero Motorcycles. 

Electric Motion Escape R

Electric motion is a French company that offers an electric dirt bike that is quiet, fun, and competitive. The Escape R dirt bike is a mixture of a full-size enduro bike and a trials bike.

The Escape R is made from the best parts to last for a long time. The Escape R is a dirt bike for those who drive their dirt bikes on a single track. The top speed of Escape R is 43 MPH; it also comes with three map settings.


  • Power 11 KW Brushless Motor
  • Speed 43 MPH
  • Runtime/ Range Maximum 200 Min, 37 Miles
  • Weight Limit 196 LBS
  • Three Power Map Settings
  • LiPo 48.1V / 40Ah / 1.9kWh
  • Seat Height 33 Inches
  • Great Torque
  • Great suspension
  • Great Brakes
  • Current Price $8200

This E-Bike covers the basics with considerable panache, fully pollution-free, lightweight, and ergonomic make it a favorite. You can use it as both a dirt bike and a trail bike on hostile terrains and smooth roads, and this bike will give you a great experience.

The bike has a brushless motor and 40AH battery which requires no warm-up or kick start. The simple design makes this bike unique in the Electric Dirt bike category.

Kuberg Free Rider Dirt Bike

Electric Dirt Bikes That go 30+MPH

The Freerider Dirt Bike from Kuberg is a dirt bike for both adults and teenagers. With a run time of one hour, the Freerider is built with high-quality parts, including the rear shocks and front forks.

The brakes are also high-quality; the Kuberg Freerider is very lightweight, making it a good choice for teenagers.

The Free Rider is a powerful dirt bike that can go up to 34 MPH. The Charging time is 2.5 hours. The Kuberg Freerider comes in different tire sizes.

Tire sizes

  • 20 Front 20 Rear
  • 24 Front 24 Rear
  • 26 Front 24 Rear


  • Power 8KW and 12 KW
  • Speed 34 MPH
  • Run Time 1 Hour
  • Weight Limit 79 LBS
  • Two Motor Option
  • Charge time 2.5 Hours
  • 22 AH 48 volt
  • 11 and 16 Horsepower
  • Seat Height 34 Inches
  • Pro Full suspension
  • Pro Tires
  • Pro Brakes
  • Current Price $5200

Kuberg is a European company, and the flagship bike from them is the FreeRider which is available in two motor options. Many parts of Kuberg Freerider are borrowed from a mountain bike, including Manitou Dorado front fork, MX-inspired seat, and burner RB-RCP rear shock.

The two motor options provided are 8kW(11hp) and 12kW(16hp), 203mm disc brakes on both front and rear. The different gauge Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires give an excellent grip on the bike.

Sur-Ron X

The X electric dirt bike from Sur Ron was recently introduced in the electric dirt bike market. The Sur-Ron dirt bike comes with unique features; the Sur Ron recharges the battery once you let off the throttle, it also offers Regenerative Coasting. Panasonic manufactures the battery used in Sur Ron X.

The top speed of this bike is 45 MPH, and it also offers a street-legal mod which has a top speed of 20 MPH. Some easy modifications can be done to decrease or increase speed.

The street-legal mod can give you 62 miles run; however, the sport mod is lower than that. The battery can be swapped quickly; Sur Ron X also offers full-suspension on both sides.


  • Power 6 KW
  • Speed 47 MPH
  • Runtime Range 62 Miles
  • Weight Limit 286 LBS
  • Two Speed Mods
  • Battery 176 Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900mAh Capacity: 32Ah, 1920Wh Swappable
  • Seat Height 31 Inches
  • Charging Time 3 Hours
  • Regenerative Coasting
  • Dual Suspension
  • Current Price $3600

Previously this bike came with the name of Sur-Ron MX, but the new model has changed the name to Sur-Ron X or the US name Light Bee Sur-Ron X. The Luna Cycle and Sur-Rpn teamed up to create this black piece of art.

The build is silent, versatile, and sleek; it also features the sports handlebars, o-ring chain, Sine Wave X-controller, and the ultra-premium battery by Panasonic.

The Luna Cycle has installed pedals for a slight-up charge. The Sur-Ron x bike can be “hot-rodded” with maximum usage in just 5 minutes.

Bultaco Brinco R

Electric Dirt Bikes That go 30+MPH

The Brinco R from Bultaco is a mixture of a mountain bike and a dirt bike. The Bultaco Brinco R has a great range that can go as high as 60 miles; that is why this bike is worth mentioning.

For a long time, the Bultaco has been mentioned for the trials bikes. They are the most successful in the trail bike category having eight world titles in their cap.

The Bultaco was underground for a long time, and now they introduce themselves as the electric bike manufacturers. The bike has 2 KW power with a rear-mounted drive motor offered in three power levels, the Eco, Tour, and Sport, which decides the run time of the vehicle.


  • Power 2 KW
  • Speed 67 MPH
  • Range 60 Miles
  • Weight Limit 85 LBS
  • Three Power Modes
  • Battery 1,3kWh Lithium-Ion, highly durable, removable, and portable.
  • Seat Height 41 Inches
  • Current Price $5400

The Bultaco has three power modes: full throttle, the second is only pedals, and the third is combined pedals and throttle. You can use the bike’s epicyclic gearing system and change the gearing ratio while driving like the mountain bike. Bultaco Brinco R also offers the power control feature as the car cruise control.

The Brinco R allows you to maintain a power level without using the throttle and with the same amount of thrust. The bike is lightweight, so if the charging finishes, you can pedal it easily. 

Jeep E-bike by Quietkat

Many car makers like Skoda, SEAT, and GM have also entered the electric bike market; JEEP is one of the latest entries into the E-Bike market. The QuietKat and JEEP have partnered to create their first electric dirt bike, which is truly capable of off-roading. The Jeep e-bike has a uniquely modern look that does not resemble the typical dirt bikes.

The bike has pedals, a spindly frame, and an un-dirt-bike look. But don’t be fooled by the look; the Jeep e-bike is amazingly powerful installed with the ultra mid-drive motor. The bike has 118 lb-ft of torque which resembles the compact car category.


  • Power 750W
  • Speed up to 37 MPH (In Practice)
  • Range 58 Miles
  • Weight Limit 300 LBS
  • Removable Thumb Throttle
  • Brakes TEKTRO 4-piston hydraulic disc
  • Gears SRAM 9-speed
  • Battery 14.5AH/48V Panasonic
  • QK Custom 150mm Inverted Air Fork/RockShox Monarch RL 150mm Suspension
  • Tires Poly 26″ x 4.8″ Fat-Tire
  • Current Price $6899.85

Although they are known for the 1.5KW Power on the other electric bikes, they have maintained a 750W motor to keep the bike street legal, but the speed in practice is fantastic with this type of motor. The bike range is between 30-60 miles because of the Panasonic battery installed in the bike.

The Jeep E-bike comes with a 9-speed Shimano setup. The QuietKat custom air fork makes the ride smooth, and the fat tires give a good grip on the bike.


How to Select the Best Electric Dirt Bikes?

Three things should be considered when you buy an electric dirt bike, off-road ability, speed, and runtime/range. The most important thing while buying an electric dirt bike is the off-road ability; the bike can perform best when the suspensions, brakes, tires, and the material of the bike are made for rough use.

Then comes the speed, totally based on the Power and the battery, the main run time/range factor. The extra features give extra points.

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Better Than Gas/Fuel Dirt Bikes?

Electric bikes are eco-friendly, which is a most modern way of using energy, and a lot of vehicles are moving to eco-friendly energy. However, in dirt bikes, a lot of better options in terms of speed are provided in the Gas/Fuel options.

What Is the Top Speed of Electric Dirt Bikes?

Different brands have different top speeds. However, the fastest in our list is the Zero FX which can go up to 85 MPH.

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Worth It?

Other than the eco-friendly advantage, the electric dirt bikes also have other advantages, like you don’t have to warm up or kick start the bike, fewer repairs, and you can charge the bike instead of refilling the fuel, which saves a lot of money. In Our opinion, the electric dirt bikes are worth it.

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Safe?

The electric dirt bikes are safe; you just have to maintain the weight limit and put on the correct gear.

Do Electric Dirt Bikes Need Extra Equipment?

Only the protective gear is required for safety; all the other equipment is provided in stock. You can buy extra batteries because few models have swappable batteries. And there is a gape of modification and up-gradation in each bike so if you are interested, give it a try.

Which Electric Dirt Bike Has the Highest Runtime/Range?

The Cake Kalk OR can run for three hours with continuous use. It has 51.8-volt, 50 Ah, 2.6 kWh w/ 18,650 lithium cells batteries. The other one is Electric Motion Escape which can run from 110 minutes to 200 minutes.

Which Electric Dirt Bikes Have the Highest and Lowest Price?

The Alta Motors Redshift MX is the most expensive bike on the list. The Sur-Ron X comes with the lowest price.

Which Electric Dirt Bike Is Most Powerful?

The Alta Motors Redshift MX is the most powerful bike on the list.

Which Electric Dirt Bike Has the Highest Weight Limit?

The JEEP E-Bike from QuietKat can carry up to 300 LBS, as mentioned on their official page.


The idea of having an electric dirt bike is to have a great experience without harming the environment for future generations. If you are new to dirt bikes, you will surely love each bike on the list; otherwise, you can select one with high speed if you were a fan of fuel dirt bikes. All the bikes on the list can go over 30 MPH.

The electric Dirt Bikes are not cheap, but they are totally worth the money; for example, the highest priced bike by the Alta motor gives you a speed of over 50 mph with 259 LBS.

The KTM Freeride is chosen as the number one choice because of its price, durability, and market presence, the features provided in this bike are good enough at the asked price.

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