How to Fix a Cracked Power Wheels Tire

Has one of your kid’s power wheels’ plastic tires cracked? Well, if it has, then you’re not alone; most parents have to deal with this issue at some point and some of them end up replacing the tires.

Fortunately, it is possible to repair a cracked power wheel tire in under one hour instead of buying a replacement tire. The best method for fishing a cracked power wheel tire is using fiberglass kits or duct tape.

How to Repair a Cracked Power Wheel Tire

All-new power wheels come with plastic tires designed to tackle a wide range of driving conditions while supporting the driver’s weight.

Unfortunately, these plastic tires are not durable, and since they spin a lot on snow, mud, and grass, they tend to wear down at a very fast rate. With no traction to help the car tackle smooth surfaces, the rate of wearing down increases, and this might result in tire cracking.

Our kids are rough drivers, and the fact that they love trying new routes with their toy cars can result in accidents that can end up cracking one of the tires.

And since riding a toy car with a cracked tire is dangerous, you may need to either replace it or repair it. Unfortunately, replacing all the wheels can be quite costly.

Therefore, you need to repair the crack as soon as it appears to prevent it from growing. And if the tire has lost traction, you need to fix the crack before improving its traction. Luckily, there are a few straightforward methods you can use to repair cracked wheels.

To fix a cracked power wheels tire, you should do the following:

Step 1: Remove the Cracked Tire

Start by placing the toy car in your workstation and elevate it so as to easily access the four wheels. Make sure the car is steady before proceeding. Alternatively, you can use a mini jerk and elevate the damaged tire.

Once the car is elevated, you can remove the retainer cap on the cracked tire. Slip your flat-edged screwdriver between the retainer cap and the hubcap to lift and remove it.

Some retainer caps are hard to remove, so you should be very patient when removing the retainer cap.

Once the retainer cap, you can loosen the retainer nut using a screwdriver and then remove it. If any of the tires have lost traction, this may be the right time to improve their traction while repairing the cracked tire.

Make sure you wash the axle of the cracked tire using soap and water or wipe it using a wet cloth.

Step 2: Clean the Cracked Tire

After removing the tire, you can first wash it and remove all the soil or dirt particles in the tire’s nooks and crannies. Next, wash the tire using water and soap in a huge basin.

The dish soap will help remove dirt on the wheel. Next, you can reach the grooves using a toothbrush and ensure that it’s clean before you start repairing it.

Let the tire air dry on a clean surface before removing the remaining grime and oil using rubbing alcohol.

Step 3: Repair the Cracked Tire

how to fix a cracked power wheel tire

If the tire also had less traction, you should first sand down the tire to create an adhesive surface before washing the tire. Then, fixing the crack will make it possible for the traction coating that you will apply to serve your kid for a very long time.

Luckily, there are a few methods for fixing a cracked tire that can leave your kid’s power wheels tire as good as new. And the most popular methods for dealing with a cracked tire are fiberglass kits or duct tape.

You can also apply strong super glue on the crack and let it dry before sanding it down, and the tire will be back to normal. With duct tape, you have to be very careful not to apply too many layers as they will affect the tire’s shape.

The fiberglass kit is the best option for fixing cracks since it comes with instructions on applying it.

Apply the fiberglass kit as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and then let it settle. After it has dried, you can add a rubber sealant to the tire to help improve traction. The best rubber sealant for the job is the Flex Seal Spray.

Step 4: Reinstall the Repaired Tire

After the glue has dried and the crack is sealed, you can attach it to the car’s axle and tighten the retainer nut before reinstalling the retainer cap.

Next, remove the jerk or lower the car to the ground and make sure the tire is not wobbling when the car is driven. It would help if you can ask your kid to drive the car and then look at the tire to confirm if it’s in excellent condition and not wobbling.

If the tire is wobbling, then you will have to remove it and then install it correctly.

Are the Tires Interchangeable?

If the crack is too big, then you may need to replace it. And if that is the case, then I am sure you’re wondering if the tires are interchangeable, especially since you already have a broken-down power wheel in your garage.

Well, the answer is no; power wheels make unique tires for each toy car. Therefore, if it’s not the same model, you may have to purchase an entire set of tires.

Installing a tire meant for another power wheel model can affect the toy car’s performance. Luckily, power wheels have replacement tires for each model. You can also choose to replace the plastic tires with more durable rubber tires.  


The plastic tires that come with power wheels are not durable; therefore, they can wear down faster, and in the worst-case scenario, they can crack. So instead of purchasing a new tire because of a small crack, you can repair the crack using duct tape or a fiberglass kit.

Repairing the cracked tire is quite easy, and you don’t have to take the toy car to the garage every time it gets damaged. But make sure you reinstall it correctly after repairing it.

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