Can You Clean Legos in a Washing Machine?

Let’s talk about Lego life hacks. Because Legos are small, have many nooks and crannies, and there always seem to be more Legos than you started with, cleaning Legos can be a time-consuming and annoying process without the right tools.

No one has time to individually wash each Lego, only to find them messy again the next day.

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself: Can I wash Legos in the washing machine? Yes! Cleaning Legos in the washing machine is a simple, effective way to clean large amounts of Legos quickly without damaging them.

Benefits of Cleaning Legos in Your Washing Machine

Does your child have a favorite Legos set that gets played with daily? Were you able to save money on Legos by buying them at a yard sale or thrift store? Did juice, dinner, or any number of messes determine your Lego’s fate?

There are many reasons you’d want to thoroughly clean your Legos, and using a washing machine to do it can be a fast and efficient way.

We’ve discussed many ways to quickly and effectively clean your Legos, including using a natural method such as vinegar.

Regardless of the circumstances under which your Legos became dirty, greasy, or dusty, you’ll find the answers to the best ways to clean them here.

Using a washing machine to clean Legos is a great way to quickly and thoroughly clean the Legos without damaging them. Smell, grime, and even food particles are no match to the Lego washing machine method!

Not to mention, using a washing machine to clean Legos helps keep up with the seemingly infinite amount of Legos in your home.

Below you’ll find our favorite reasons to use a washing machine:

  1. Looking for a way to clean lots of Legos? Using a washing machine is an efficient way to clean large amounts of Legos simultaneously. While hand washing Legos can work well, it’s time-consuming to take time out of your busy day.
  2. Legos have a lot of nooks and crannies: using a washing machine to clean them is an effective way to reach every nook and cranny without spending hours washing them by hand in the sink. Stubborn grease, dust, food, etc. can easily – and quickly – be removed from the Legos using a washing machine.
  3. All those nooks and crannies hide germs! Putting the Legos on a full cycle in the washing machine is a great way to remove germs and keep your children happy and healthy.
  4. Using a washing machine to clean Legos is much faster than any other method. Simply put your most-used Legos in a washing machine-safe container (we’ll cover the best types below) and select a gentle cycle. Before you can say “Legos,” they’ll be sparkling clean. After laying them out to dry for 1-2 days, the Legos will look (and smell!) good as new.
  5. It’s easy! Simply choose a way to contain the Legos (hint: pillow cases work well!) and throw them in the washing machine while you continue on with other household chores.

How to Clean Your Legos in the Washing Machine

Can You Clean Legos in a Washing Machine?

Cleaning the dirt, food, and other grime off of Legos using a washing machine is as simple as it is fast!

Because Legos come in many shapes and sizes, it can be challenging to clean and sanitize them regularly. Using a washing machine to clean your legos can extend the life of the toys, prevent damage, and make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and germ-free by the next playtime!

What’s the best way to use a washing machine to clean your child’s Legos? Stick to these steps to make sure you get the most out of this process.

  1. Separate the Legos: You want to ensure that you separate any Legos with stickers or other add-on graphics to ensure these are not removed by the washing machine.

    To preserve the designs, legos with stickers should be wiped, not washed. Once you have separated the Legos with stickers or other added designs out from the pile, take the plain Legos and put them into the container of your choice.
  2. Container: choosing the right container to hold the Legos is one of the most essential steps in cleaning Legos in the washing machine. It’s important to choose a material that is permeable enough to allow the water to make contact with the Legos without having holes so big that the Legos can slip out of the container.

    Soft, porous materials work well here, such as everyday items like a pillowcase. Mesh bags are another great option (just make sure the holes are smaller than the Legos!). It’s important to make sure the container is sealed.

    Using a bag with a zipper, tying a rubber band around the top, or tying a knot in the top of a pillowcase are all effective ways to ensure the Legos stay in the container throughout the wash cycle.
  3. Water Temperature: Another critical step in washing the Legos in the washing machine is to make sure that you use a cold water cycle on your machine. Using water that is too hot could lead to melting the Legos or disfiguring them in some way. To protect your Legos and ensure a long life, make sure the water is at a cool to cold temperature.
  4. Detergent: Using scented or unscented laundry detergent to wash your Legos in the washing machine is ok. If you are trying to remove an odor from the Legos, using scented laundry detergent can be a great option!
  5. Washing Cycle: The washing machine cycle you select to wash your Legos is just as important as the steps above. It’s very important to ensure that you select the gentlest cycle on your washing machine to clean the Legos. This ensures that the Legos are cleaned without being damaged.


Cleaning Legos can be simple and effective when using a washing machine, especially when you have tons of Legos to clean! We love using everyday household items to clean toys and keep kids (and parents!) happy.

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