Power Wheels Makeover

Your child will lose interest if the Power Wheels are old and with many scratches; give it a new look with a makeover. You can paint the Power Wheels in a combination of colors that your Kid will love, add custom-made decals to make it cooler. 

You have to disassemble the vehicle, remove the stickers, and wash the parts for this makeover. Paint all the Power Wheels parts, paste the new decal stickers, and finally re-assemble all the parts.

Things to Consider Before Starting the Makeover of Power Wheels

  • Make sure there are no unrepairable breaks or dents in the Power Wheels; there is no question for the makeover if, even after the makeover, the crack or dent is still visible.
  • Please make sure the motor and battery are at their best capacity.
  • Power Wheels models have different sizes; make sure to buy the makeover stuff according to the size and model of your Power Wheels.
  • Choose Color Choices which your kids love.

Power Wheels Makeover

Before starting the makeover, you have to decide what makeover you want to do on the Power Wheels. The simple choices are painting the vehicle, pasting the new stickers, etc. Let’s take the Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler as our example and see how we can do the makeover.

Items Required for Power Wheels Makeover

  • Spray paint cans based on your own choice. You can choose as many colors as you want.
  • Customized stickers or the new stock decals
  • Goo-Gone Remover and razor blade
  • Flathead and phillips screwdrivers
  • Cleaning supplies, like water, soap, sponge, etc.
  • Any replacement part required
  • Plastic garbage bags and scotch tape to cover the parts while painting

Start Dismantling the Power Wheels

The first thing you should do is to take out the battery. Then start dismantling the Power Wheels. take out the seat, hood, hood clips, windshield, back pillar frame, dashboard, front bumper, grill, and steering wheel. You can use the flathead and Phillips screwdrivers.

Remember every part, how you remove it so you can install the back to the Power Wheels. You can also remove the Wheels if you want to paint them; otherwise, cover the boundary of the wheels with tape and other parts with plastic bags. Every Power Wheels has different parts, so dismantle it according to the model.

Remove the Stickers and Clean the Power Wheels

The Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler has many stickers. You have to remove all these stickers. Some of the stickers will be removed easily; for others, you can use Goo Gone remover and a razor blade to remove them. Make sure to remove the stickers from the Power Wheels and all the parts.

After removing the stickers, you have to clean the Power Wheels and parts. The parts don’t contain any electric things, so you can wash them, but the power wheels body contains motors and other parts, so you have to be careful while cleaning. The water should not go to the motor or any other electric thing.

Paint All the Parts

power wheels makeover

As mentioned above, you can choose any colors you want. Let us make sections according to colors, then put the parts into each section with the paint needed to be done.

You will need the plastic garbage bags and tape to cover the areas in the body and wheels you don’t want to color, such as the tires and the area under the seat or the battery compartment. You can also color these parts, but it is a waste of color if they are not visible. Paint all the parts with vibrant colors.

Paste the Stickers

We have two types of stickers; one is customized for the body and hood, and the other is stock decals for lights, dashboard, etc. the customized stickers should be in contrast with the body color; that is how they will be visible.

Many shops offer customized vinyl decals and other stickers, and some shops provide custom vinyl for the Power Wheels. You can choose your child’s type of decals and paste them to the vehicle’s body and hood. The light grey customized vinyl decals are selected for our makeover.

 The stock decals are the stickers or lights on the poles and grill, steering, and dashboard; paste them according to their place. You can order the vinyl decals and stock decals according to your model of the Power Wheels.

Reassemble Everything and Let Your Kid Enjoy the New Look

Reassemble all the parts back to the Power Wheels; you have to go in the reverse as you dismantle the vehicle. When you assemble all the parts, put the battery back into Power Wheels and Connect it. Your Kid is going to love the new brown and grey look of his Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler.

Power Wheels Makeover Cost

The total makeover can cost between $80-$100. The spray paint costs around $50-$60. The stock decals cost $20, and the custom decals are also $20, and the stock decals contain the stickers for the whole body, so if you don’t want to spend on custom decals, then the stock ones are good.

Goo-Gone remover $5 for the garbage bags and scotch tape also $5. All the tools you may already have, or you can borrow them.


Your Kids lose interest in the Power Wheels if it becomes old and scratchy. A new makeover to the Power Wheels will make it look like the new or even better than the new. You can paint the Power Wheels in a combination of colors which your Kid will love. 

You can also add custom-made decals or the stock ones, which will make the Power Wheels look cooler. First, you have to disassemble the vehicle, remove the stickers, and wash the parts for this makeover. Paint the Power Wheels and paste the stickers, and finally re-assemble all the parts.

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