How to Get Power Wheels License Plate

A Power Wheels License plate can be a good decoration piece for your child’s ride. Children like to decorate their car, and they would love to have a license plate like their parent’s car. 

You can buy the Power Wheels License plates from ride-on toy shops or online stores. There is a lot of variety.

You can even order a customized license plate designed by yourself on the choice of your kids.

Why Get Power Wheels License Plate?

As mentioned above, it is not legally necessary, but it can be a great gift for your child.

A license plate is a traffic law for real vehicles, and a mini license plate which is a prototype of the real one will help your kid understand the basics of traffic laws.

On the other hand, many kids ask for the license plates when they see a license plate on their parents’ cars.

Factors to Consider While Before Getting a Power Wheels License Plate.

There are a few factors you should consider while buying a Power Wheels license Plate.


Size is the most important factor while buying a Power Wheels license plate for your kid’s Power Wheels. The universal size for the Power Wheels license plate is 3×6 inches. However, it is not a fixed size and can change according to different models.

It is recommended to measure the license plate place of your power and then buy or order the license plate.


The license plates in Power Wheel can be installed or mounted in different ways based on the particular model. The license plate can have screw holes, velcro, or clips to stick it to the Power Wheels.

Installation is easy. You have to order the license plate according to your model. If you want to install it permanently, you can look for space, make holes with a power drill, and install the plate with screws.

Velcro is-sticked through the glue on both power wheels and license plate. And the license plate with clips is just hanging in the place.  All this installation work can be done by the parents easily.


The Power Wheels license plate can be painted or printed on aluminum, plastic, or iron sheet of a particular size. Many options are provided online, which can be used for the long term because of their material selection. 

Please choose the one which is scratch and rustproof, and its color is done for long-term use. It is recommended to avoid glass plates which can hurt your child if broken.


Customizing the license plate may not be legal for the parent’s car, but they can take this liberty with their child’s power wheels. You can print anything your kid likes on the license plate.

Digital printing on metal or plastic is provided everywhere today.

You can select one already designed license plate and write your text on the plate. Or the parents can design an image and order the license plate with that image.

There can be a shop in the neighborhood, or you can order it online.

Where to Buy a Power Wheels License Plate?

You can find a shop in your neighborhood, and mostly the ride-on toy shop sells the Power Wheels license plates. They provide both customized and already designed license plates.

If you like, you can choose one from already designed; otherwise, you can order a customized one with the name of your beloved child written on it

Online shops have more variety in Power Wheels license plates. Many designs are already provided; you have to select the design and write the name or something else and order it. 

You can also print anything you want. The online stores can provide good quality material.

These online stores will lead you step by step to order a customized license plate. Make sure you are buying the right material and size; some of them are magnetic which have no use with plastic power wheels.

Customized License Plate Amazon

Cost of Power Wheels License Plate

The empty or already printed Power Wheels license plates are cheaper. You can buy them for $5-$8.

The customized license plates are relatively expensive and can cost $10-$20, which is still not a high price for a toy license plate.

The price of Power Wheels license plates varies based on quality and the customization work. The more customization work will cost more.

For example, if you want to print an image on a license plate, it can cost as high as $20.

DIY Power Wheels License Plate

How to Get Power Wheels License Plate

Though many services are provided for customized license plates that are digitally printed on metal plates, you can also try to make the license plate at home as a DIY activity.

Your kid will enjoy and learn from this activity.

  • First of all, choose plastic or wooden sheet or board, avoid metal because it may be hard to cut at home. Make sure the sheet is hard and with adequate thickness.

  • Use a grinder to cut the 3×6 part from the sheet, which is the standard size. You can also measure the license plate place in your kid’s Power Wheels and decide the piece by that.

  • Now you have to decide whether you want to install it with screws, velcro, or glue. For screws, you have to make two holes in the sheet and the Power Wheels at the same place.

    Look for the place in the Power Wheels if it has the place to make holes only then fit it with screws. Though you can also use velcro or glue, the screws are better to keep the license plate in place for a long time.

  • Now the base paint will be the spray paint; you can choose any color, paint it and let it dry. For the design and name, you can either use stickers or brush paints. Keep the color in contrast with the Power Wheels

  • Let it dry when the paint is finished, then install the license plate into the power wheels and let your kid enjoy the ride with the new license plate. This process will cost you $10-$15.

Can a Real Car License Plate Be Installed on the Power Wheels?

The answer to this is no, you cannot install a real car license plate into the Power Wheels. The simple reason is that the size will never fit in the Power Wheels because it is almost double the standard mini license plates.

On the other hand, it is not recommended to use your vehicle registration number for any other vehicle.


A mini license plate for your kid’s Power Wheels will be a nice decoration to it. Your kid can understand why the license plates are used, and they would love to have a license plate like their parent’s car.  

You can buy these Power Wheels license plates from ride-on toy shops or online websites. Many options are provided in an already printed and customized license plate at a reasonable price.

The customized license plates are easy to order, and the parents can easily install the license plates in their child’s Power Wheels.

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