How to Lift Power Wheels in 9 Steps

If you are living in a hilly area, it will be difficult for your kids to play with their power wheels because of the height of the power wheels; the solution for this is to lift the power wheels to increase their height.

The idea is to add some parts to the power wheels to increase the clearance.

Lift Kits for power wheels are usually not available in the store, although you may find some parts in the store which may help you in lifting your vehicle. 

You can buy old power wheels of the same model and use their parts to modify your existing one. The procedure is simple enough that parents may complete it at home.

Some Important Points Before Starting the Lifting Modifications

  • Before starting the modifications, you need to understand the structure of the power wheels. When you start mounting your vehicle, some parts may come out of their place, it is necessary for some parts to stay in place so the power wheels can run properly. For example, if the steering wheel leaves its place it cannot be fit into the vehicle then you have to find an alternative way.
  • Battery and wiring should be handled properly, lifting power wheels may make some extra place in the vehicle. You need to properly fit the battery in the power wheels and do not leave the wiring loose.
  • Safety is worth mentioning here, mounting the power wheels may change the driving behavior of the vehicle, your kid can flip the vehicle while turning or on the inclined routes. It is necessary to modify the vehicle according to your kid’s age or train your kid after modifications.

Requirements for Power Wheels Lift Modifications

You may need to buy or borrow some tools if you don’t have them in your garage, you will also require several other pieces of hardware. 

You can buy these tools and hardware from market stores or order online. Websites like Amazon have a large quantity of these tools and hardware. 

Let’s have a look at what hardware and tools will be needed.

  • Old Power Wheels of the Same model
  • Bolts and screws
  • Shaft for the steering wheel to keep it mounted to fit in the place.
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Hand Saw
  • Wrench
  • Razor

Check your vehicles; if any other parts or hardware are damaged or required, you may need to buy those to keep modification smooth.

How to Lift Your Power Wheels?

As mentioned above, we have to modify the power wheels to mount the lift kit. Proper procedure needs to be followed for lifting the power wheels; let’s have a look at the steps of lifting power wheels.

Buy an Old Power Wheels

The first thing you require for lifting the Power Wheels is another Power Wheel of the same model. You can buy these old power wheels from garage sales or online sellers.

The only thing necessary while buying an old Power Wheels is that it should be of the same model; otherwise, it will have no use. Take the Power wheels home and clean it properly.

Cut the Required Parts From Old Power Wheels.

Can You Lift Power Wheels

You will require the front and back parts of the old power wheels. Start removing the seats and other parts from the power wheels; you will see a tub-like part in the back after removing the seat

Cut out this part with a hand saw. Try to cut as high as possible; the front part will be similar, having the steering wheel passing through it, remove the steering wheel and shaft, cut the parts similarly.

Cut them as large as you can; it will give you more room for lift modification. You do not have to worry about the color of parts and vehicle; You can use matching spray paint later.

Take Out the Tires From Removed Parts

Remove the tires from the parts you removed from old Power Wheels. You can compare the tires of your and old power wheels and can keep whichever is in better condition. Make sure the wheels are attached to the parts before going further. 

Remove the Battery From Your Power Wheels.

The companies always mention that it is necessary to cut the power while working on electrical things before working on it. Remove the battery of your power wheels because you will use hand tools, and it may be hazardous if you mistakenly touch the battery. 

Assemble the Parts

Make the place for the next step by removing the seats in your power wheels. Now use the parts you have removed from old power wheels, swap the tires, and mount them in your power wheels at the correct position. 

You should align the front part according to the steering wheel shaft place; the assembled parts should match the steering wheel place of your power wheels. 

Add the back parts to the backside of your power wheels. You will need some force to make everything fit well. 

This will give the vehicle an extra 5 to 6 inches. Now the next step will be joining and secure the parts together.

Secure the Assembled Parts

Use bolts and screws to secure the assembled parts. First of all, make two holes using the drill on each side of the old and new parts. 

Assemble the bolts and screws in holes and tighten them.  

You may need to use a razor to cut the extra parts; you can also make extra holes if you think two holes are not secure enough. The bolts give extra security to the parts and hold them together. 

Assemble the Steering Shaft

Can You Lift Power Wheels

After mounting the parts, the height of the vehicle will increase, to make the steering wheel working properly, you need to add the shaft into the steering wheel, which will lift the steering wheel to the corresponding height.

Add the shaft to the new front-wheel axle, which will increase the steering wheel’s height and help you control the direction of the vehicle.  

Re Assemble Everything and Test Drive the Vehicle 

Re-assemble the seat battery and other parts you removed during modifications. 

It is better to test the vehicle with remote control to check if everything is working properly. If everything is good, then you can allow your kid to drive it. 

For your child’s safety, first train them, as there will be a change in the vehicle’s driving behavior.

Paint the Assembled Parts 

If your power wheels is running perfectly after modification, you can spray paint the old part to match it to the color of your vehicle.

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Cost and Time of Power Wheels Lift Modifications

Modifying the power wheels to lift it with an old power wheels is relatively cheaper than other modifications. 

You can buy and old Power wheels from the garage sale or market by spending $5 to $15. 

The hardware may cost $5 to $10. If you buy the new tools, it may cost much more; usually, the tools used are available at home, so we don’t have to buy them most of the time.

It will take around two hours to modify the power wheels to lift it. The time and effort is worth consuming when your child can enjoy a better ride. Getting services for modification may cost you a little more.  

Safety of Lifted Power Wheels.

As mentioned above, the safety of your child is the priority, you can lift the vehicle as much as you can, but it is better not to go more than 6, 7 inches because power wheels are not heavy, and it can flip because of this modification. 

If your children have been driving the power wheels before modifications, you need to train them about some important points of driving the vehicle after modification to counter any accident. 

Battery and wires safety is important; you may need to fix the battery in your power wheels and tight the loose wires, which is based on their position in power wheels usually, the position of the battery in power wheels is safe even after the modifications.

Is There Any Other Way of Lifting Power Wheels?

The answer to that question is yes. The process described above is a cost-effective and effortless process that will also save the parents’ time compared to other methods. 

Some better lift modifications usually need a professional service because these modifications include suspensions, hard metals, and welding stuff. 

It would be best if you created a metal frame according to the size of your power wheels; the frame should be able to assemble the suspensions. In some cases, you may need to change the plastic tires to rubber tires for more traction. 


Lifting Power Wheels can help your kid to drive smoothly in hilly areas. By following the procedure described in this article, you can modify your kid’s power wheels to lift it. 

Modifying the power wheels with the parts of old power wheels of the same model is very cost-effective and can be easily implemented by the parents. The other process may involve more amount of money and effort.

Try this process on your kid’s power wheels if you are living in a hilly area; your kid will surely love the smooth driving after modifications.

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