Dune Racer vs Dune Racer Extreme

The ride-on toy industry is full of different brands and toys that you can purchase for your little human. Typically people come across the Power Wheels Dune Racer and the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer Extreme when stepping into the ride-on toy journey.

This article will help you understand the differences to ensure that you can purchase what is a best fit for you and your child. 

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Dune Racer

The Dune Racer is produced by the company Fisher Price, the typical name is “Power Wheels Dune Racer”. This ride-on toy is the step down version from the Dune Racer Extreme, which is what it is being compared to here. 

This device is meant to be an offroad style ride-on vehicle for children to enjoy driving around till their hearts are content. It could be till their hearts are content or when the battery dies, which will typically last around 1 to 3 hours.

The major features of this ride-on vehicle is;

  • The structure is built to withstand rough terrain with the steel frame and plastic tires.
  • The color is vibrant and stylish to catch your eye and anyone elses that sees it, which can be a safety benefit.
  • It is a two seater toy for children to play together or they can bring their favorite smaller toys for a ride! 
  • It can hold up to 130 pounds.
  • The max speed for this toy is 5 mph, but it has two forward speeds. 

The exterior of this vehicle is meant to be taken across many different terrains whether it be a yard, rock, gravel or anything rough. The Dune Racer is equipped with a steel frame to ensure that it can withstand wherever your child wants to explore. It has wider wheels to assist with making the ride smoother as well!

This is built better than typical ride-on toys as they do not always make them to handle anything more than smooth concrete.

This ride-on toy’s interior is extremely basic compared to other toys in this type of toy creation field. It has two bucket seats with no seatbelts, this can be concerning to some parents as they do not want their child to be able to fall out or not be safe.

The toy has a steering wheel featured closer to the left side of the toy where a child can navigate. It also has a pedal in the floor board to allow your child to accelerate and go in reverse. 


If you look at sources on the Internet to purchase the toy they are listed for around $249. If you want to purchase through a source such as Amazon it will be around the same price as other locations or sometimes cheaper.


This toy is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by individuals who purchased it! The reviews from real time customers are mostly positive stating that the toy has lasted years and made their child extremely happy!

Some people that encountered this toy did advise it had cosmetic issues that they had to get fixed. The cosmetic issues revolved around the frame not being completed.

This can happen with any item that you purchase as some items are just faulty coming out of the factory. The individuals reported that the item was fixed through the company Power Wheels itself. 

Dune Racer Extreme

The Dune Race Extremes full name is “Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer Extreme 12 Volt Battery Powered Ride On”. This toy is a step up from the regular Dune Racer ride on toy with a select few more options that may appease you!

The main things about this ride-on you are;

  • It is built sturdy for any terrain with the metal frame and large wheels
  • It has a protective piece on the bottom to ensure that the toy is protected and lasts longer.
  • It is primarily all green with stickers
  • It can go 5 mph forward and 2.5 mph forward. 
  • It comes with the feature that you, the parent, can control the child’s speed if you think 5 mph is too fast. 
  • It can hold up to 130 pounds which allows two children to ride around!
Photo: Power Wheels Dune Racer Extreme (Source: Mattel.com)

The exterior of the Dune Racer Extreme is very similar to the Dune Racer itself. They are both built to look the same with some cosmetic differences. One of the cosmetic differences is the color, this toy has green all over with a green steering wheel and head rests.

It is equipped with the steel frame to be more sturdy as your child rides around on any surface it encounters. It also has the larger tires on this ride-on toy versus the regular plastic tires on the Dune Racer. 

The interior of the ride-on toy is much like the Dune Racer ride-on toy as it is plain and does not have a lot of bells and whistles. It has the basic pedal for your child to accelerate and go in reverse. It has the steering wheel for your child to navigate wherever they want to go.

It is equipped with metal bars on either side of the seats as “doors”. The seat on the inside is only two seats with no seatbelts. The no seatbelts factor could be something parents do not like, but with this toy you can control their speed. 


This product is able to be purchased for around $386.28 through the online sites. This is a little more than the Dune Racer, but it does have more features to protect the overall toy and you are able to control your child’s speed. 


This toy has 4.6 out of 5 stars which means that more people prefer this ride-on toy over the basic Dune Racer. 

The reviews are all good from the instructions on how to assemble the toy to the actual ride of the toy. Many reviewers boasted about how much their child enjoyed this ride-on toy and that it handled any type of terrain wonderfully.

Reviewers even stated that it could hold their 12 year old and their infant child and still move sufficiently. With this toy the real time people enjoy the quality, basic features and the overall aesthetic.

Differences Between the Two

Looking at the two options, the Dune Racer and the Dune Racer Extreme physically do not look much different other than minor cosmetic items. The exterior shell of the ride-on toys almost looks identical down to the structure. 

You can notice minimal differences in the color scheme on the front bumper, steering wheel and the seats. The color differences are silver versus green, which is not a huge ordeal. When you truly look at the differences you will see that the Dune Racer Extreme has more features to protect the toy and make it more efficient. 

You will also notice that the Dune Racer Extreme has larger tires as the Dune Racer has regular plastic tires. Along with the tires another minor cosmetic difference is the fenders, the Dune Racer has round finders as the Dune Racer Extreme has 

The Dune Racer Extreme also has benefits to protect the toy when your child is going off roading and through rougher terrain. This ride-on toy has an under piece that will help protect your child’s toy and important wiring to ensure it continues to operate properly. 

The biggest difference between the two is that the Dune Racer Extreme has the feature for you to control how fast or slow your child can drive. 

Similarities Between the Two

The similarities to the two devices are more common than the differences. Both of the toys go either 2.5 mph or 5.0 mph, which allows younger children to go a slower speed and older children that are more adapted to the device to go faster. 

Both the Dune Racer and the Dune Racer Extreme are created by the company Fisher Price. They are both designed with the color scheme of green with minor differences on the steering wheel and seat color. 

Photo: Dune Racer Extreme (Source: Mattel.com)

The Dune Racer and the Dune Racer Extreme are also both extremely basic with no extra features for the child to play with. Other devices typically will have buttons they could push or a horn, these toys both do not have any features like this. 

When it comes to toys your kids also want a place to store their other items they carry around with them. Both of these devices have a secret compartment under the hood that allows them to hide or stick items within. 


Looking at each of these ride-on toys they may seem so similar it is hard to choose from. With the conclusion of this article you should know all of the differences down to the minor details. The options are here for you to decide what is best for you and your child for a future toy and journey. 

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