How to Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Charger

There are multiple ways to charge a power wheel battery without a charger.

The ways to charge your power wheels battery without a charger could be by a car battery, a portable battery jump charger, solar panels, bench charger, or a trickle battery charger.

Each option has its own benefits to charging your child’s power wheel device efficiently

Power Wheels and Kids

Each year more technology comes out that assists us in daily issues such as losing a battery charger or the charger going bad completely.

If for some reason you cannot get to a new charger before for your child’s playtime, you can count on us. We’ve done some research and tried a few methods to help solve your lost or damaged charger problem.

How to Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Charger

When it comes to finding your solution to charging the power wheel’s battery you can have multiple options to decide from.

We will give you an overview of each option to ensure that you make the best choice most suitable for you and for your kid’s power wheels. 

This article will provide you with multiple ways to solve your problem. The normal go-to ways or the unique ones that you might not think of.

Preparing Your Battery for Its New Charge

To access the battery for charging purposes you will need to remove the battery from the power wheels toy and ensure that there are no damages to the battery itself.

You do not want to attempt to charge a battery that has any damages that can cause injury or the battery to malfunction injuring someone in the process. 

To make this mission successful in charging the power wheel’s battery you are going to need supplies to be able to charge the specific battery itself.

Ensuring that you know that proper tools will allow you to safely complete your charging of the power wheel’s battery and of course not delay you.

Tools You Need

Charging a battery without the normal charger can seem very difficult and even risky. You will need the correct tools to ensure that you do not damage your child’s toy and leave them without.

The tools that you will need may vary depending on the solution that you choose. 

  • Alligator clips. Utilized to attach the battery to a charging source
  • Screwdrivers. Needed to detach anything in the way of charging the battery
  • A voltmeter. To check the battery voltage to ensure the process is being completed smoothly
  • Source of power. It can be a car battery, solar panel or jump pack.

You are able to purchase many of the needed items through a hardware store, superstores, or vehicle repair shop.

If you have questions about proper tools an assistant at these locations can help you. 


When it comes to working on a battery you need to ensure you follow safety guidelines to make sure that you and no one else gets injured.

You also should keep the battery and the charging devices away from children as they could become curious and could possibly get injured. 

The best practice is to keep the battery and charging device secure and out of children’s reach. You can also teach your children to be careful around their power wheel’s battery as it is charging.

The utmost importance is keeping your children happy and safe!

Always thoroughly inspect your power wheel’s battery before attempting to charge it. Any signs of corrosion, battery acid, or excess heat may be a sign it is time to replace the battery altogether.

If you are struggling to find information about your battery, some power wheels manufacturers have a contact line that you can reach out to.

You can utilize this contact number to reach their support team and ask needed questions about your specific power wheels’ battery.

Dangers of Not Working Safely

As with most batteries, the power wheel’s batteries could cause harm when not handled carefully.

Typically 12V batteries will not electrocute you or even shock you, but you still need to lean on the side of caution.

As you could encounter many different battery sizes you will need to look at your specific battery and follow the guidelines around safety for it.

You typically encounter a 6V or 12V battery that needs to be charged. 

Protecting Your Power Wheels Battery

When it comes to smaller batteries such as the batteries that go in your power wheels toy, you have to be careful to not damage them by overcharging.

If you overcharge your battery it can cause internal damage that will make it not functional. Unfortunately, you cannot fix a broken battery. You will need to purchase a new one.  

Typically power wheel batteries are 6V or 12V. In some cases, you may be able to upgrade the battery size to 24V and it will not cause issues within the toy specifically.

Upgrading your child’s battery could allow your child to go slightly faster than they would be able to with a 12V battery.  

Short Term Solutions 

Short-term solutions for charging a power wheels battery can vary depending on your resources and funds.

When it comes to a short-term fix this enables you to get your child moving in their favorite toy without the struggle of waiting for a new battery or charging cord to come in the mail. 

We all want to avoid the hassle of stores and waiting for an online order but sometimes we do not know any way around it.

Finding the easy hacks at home that can bring your knowledge up to par and solving the problem is a fast rewarding option.

Car Battery

How to Charge Power Wheels Without Charger

When you think about charging your child’s size toy vehicle battery with your vehicle battery it can sound dangerous and may make you feel uneasy.

You may question whether it is safe to hook a “real car” to this. The good news is, if you do it correctly everything should work out just fine and your child will be spinning their wheels again. 

Using the car battery on the power wheels is just connecting the power wheel’s battery to the life-size vehicle.

You will have to use “alligator clips” to connect the two batteries and charge up the flat one.

You need to make sure that your car battery is charged so you are not left stranded while your little one gets to travel. 

You will connect your positive terminal from your vehicle battery to the positive battery terminal on the power wheels.

You will then connect the negative terminal of your vehicle to the power wheel’s battery terminal.

Once you connect the vehicle to the power wheels you will want to monitor the battery as you do not want to overcharge and damage the battery. 

A Portable Battery Charger

A portable battery jump charger is what many people have if they are worried about their vehicle battery dying and not having another vehicle to help.

You are able to connect this device to your battery and charge it up as if another vehicle was connected to it.

This option can be very beneficial as you do not have to worry about a regular vehicle battery draining from trying to charge the power wheels battery. 

The downfall of having a portable battery jump charger is you also have to charge it up, but you can do that with a regular outlet inside of your home. 

There are a few good brands of portable battery jump chargers. You can purchase one for around $100 through online stores.

You can utilize it on your own vehicle and your kid’s power wheels to jump-start the battery.

Solar Panel 

Solar panels are innovative and have become a popular, energy-efficient option.

You can utilize a solar panel to ensure that your power wheel’s battery stays charged whenever your child is not using the toy.

This means just hooking it up and letting mother nature do its work.

When it comes to purchasing a solar panel for your power wheels you will need to purchase one that can connect with alligator clips to the battery terminals.

This may not be completely easy to find but once you do, the solar panel will likely last longer than a normal charger

A downfall of trying to utilize a solar panel on your power wheel’s battery can be that it sometimes produces more current than needed.

The solar panel typically will send around 20V or more to the battery and power wheels batteries normally are between 6V and 12V as we have said before.

This can cause a possible chance of the battery being damaged and not work. 

Another potential downfall is that when it is dark or cloudy outside it can be hard to predict how much power your solar panels are able to put out.

As with any form of charging you want to keep a check on the battery to ensure you do not overcharge or damage the battery. 

Trickle Charger

Trickle chargers are a very popular commodity for people who have equipment with batteries at home.

A trickle charger is capable of slowly sending a charge to your device to ensure that it charges properly without the risk of overcharging and causing damage.

The trickle charger will connect to the battery and send a constant trickle of 12V to the battery. You can leave this on your battery and let it do its work overnight.

The best thing about a trickle charger can sense when the battery has completed its charging process.

When it has completed its charging process it will stop charging and only monitor the battery volts until you unplug the device.

This type of charger is often used over the winter months to ensure the battery keeps a life during often dormant times.

Battery Charger 

How to Charge Power Wheels Without Charger

A good device that can be utilized to charge your power wheels battery. This device allows you to connect cable clamps and o rings to the battery and charge it.

The battery charger is capable of slowly charging up the battery and then automatically shuts off when the battery meets the full charge. It is capable of charging your chosen voltage. 

This device ensures that you do not overcharge your battery and damage it, with its functions of monitoring the battery amps. 

Long Term Solutions

A long-term solution for charging your power wheels battery could be re-purchasing the proper battery charger for your child’s toy.

This could benefit you as you could use the proper plug to charge your toy versus using other options that are not as guaranteed to work. 

Backup Battery Charger

Power wheel battery chargers typically cost anywhere from $60 to $90 depending on where you purchase them. Taking the initiative and purchasing a backup battery charger can be beneficial to you in the long run

When you purchase a backup battery charger it can allow you to have peace of mind that your child’s toy can always stay charged safely.

This will allow you to just toss the bad battery charger out and immediately start charging with the backup one. 

Backup battery 

If you are concerned that the battery for the power wheels toy may completely stop working, you can always have a backup plan. With this option, you are capable of keeping a spare battery on hand to swap out. 

You can also use the backup battery to allow your child to keep driving and enjoying themselves while you charge the first battery.

This can be helpful when you have a child who loves to ride from sun up to sundown. We all know the kids that just can not seem to get enough of their toys and just want to keep going until they can not anymore. 


As you have probably determined by reading this article you definitely can charge your child’s power wheel toys without the typical charger. 

You just have to use a little creativity and create the magic your child needs to get their wheels back moving.

As you go through this process, you will learn new things that you can pass on safely to others. 

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