Batman Pays a Visit to Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital

Chris Joseph

Broward Palm Beach New Times

Dec 28, 2012

Here’s a nice little news item to warm your cockles before kicking off the last weekend of 2012:

Batman visited the kids at Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital on Friday morning.

The Dark Knight came complete with costume, the Bat Mobile and, of course, Robin, to lift the spirits of some special kids.

Lenny Robinson from Maryland to Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, as part of his cross-country routine of visiting sick children in full cowl and cape.

“It brings cheer, joy and brightness to the children who are in the hospital,” said Robinson, who’s been donning the Batman costume for kids for over ten years.

“They are fighting 24-7 for their lives, and if I can help them that makes me feel amazing.”

Batman walked through the halls of the hospital, visiting children and giving them books and bracelets to encourage them to get better and stay strong.

“I always ask them to do Batman a favor,” he said. “Get better, and most of the time they’ll be like, ‘OK, Batman, I will. I will get better,’ and that lifts them up.”

Earlier this year, Robinson made headlines when he was pulled over by Baltimore cops because his Batman emblem was covering up his state tag.

And Lenny isn’t exactly the coolest name for a kick-ass superhero (Lenny Wayne doesn’t have the same badass ring to it).

But Robinson is awesome, nonetheless, for bringing smiles and lifting the spirits of children that need it.

Way to go, Batman!

Read the full article here.

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