Holy Batman! The Dark Knight Makes A Stop At WVU Children's Hospital

Andrew Forgotch

Fox 10 News

Aug 3, 2012

Some kids at WVU Children's Hosital got a special visitor Friday.

The Dark Knight, better known as Batman, took a break from helping the folks in Gotham City to spend the day in the University City.

However, there was no bat signal, or Robin, but there were a lot of smiling kids and folks saying 'holy hospital Batman!'

A couple hundred folks were lined up to catch a glimpse of the Caped Crusader.

His visit started with him driving up in his Batmobile, which of played Batman tunes.

Unfortunately his real name wasn't Bruce Wayne.

The man in the suit was actually 48 year-old Lenny Robinson, whose made a name for himself by stopping at children's hospitals all across the country.

Friday was his last stop on his most recent tour.

He told 5 news that he wants to bring some smiles to kids who are sick.

He even set up a foundation called Super Heroes for Kids.

Also unfortunately also didn't he come with any super powers, but you wouldn't have guessed that by looking at the smiles on the kids faces.

Robinson that's his goal by showing up in the Batman gear.

"For them to get better, sure they need the professionals," Robinson said. "They need their doctors and nurses. They need their mindset in order to get better."

If you would like to help with Super Heroes for kids, you can click here.

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