Wish Come True: Boy With Rare Diseases Meets Hero 'Batman'

Stephanie Salvatore, Freelance Reporter

My FOX Philly

Sep 5, 2012

Like most little boys, 4-year-old Cole Mulholland likes to dress up as a superhero. But unlike other kids, he's battling more than just the bad guys.

Cole has two incurable disorders that affect his muscles and bones. He has been in and out of the hospital since he was born.

But there's one thing he loves more than anything: His hero, Batman.

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On Wednesday, Cole got his wish. The normally outgoing little guy was almost speechless as Batman came into his home and scooped him right up.

"You're a mini-me Batman.. How cool is that?"

Batman didn't come empty-handed, either. He brought tons of surprises for Cole and his buddies.

But there was one more thing that Cole had been looking forward to, and Batman saved it for last.

Cole and his friends watched as the superhero opened up the "Batmobile," complete with bat decals and the Batman theme song. He even let them sit inside.

And as Cole was living out his dream, the guys who made it happen stood by and watched it unfold.

"Batman is a busy guy," said Dave "WishMaster" Girgenti, of the Wish Upon a Hero Foundation. "And to stop to help grant some wishes and help give some gifts when he's fighting off the Joker and the Riddler and things like that, he's always there to help. That's what heroes do, they make time to help other people."


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