Trailer: Batman doc tugs at the heartstrings

Whitney Matheson

USA Today

Feb 21, 2013


When I clicked on the trailer for a new Batman documentary, I didn't expect to get teary-eyed.

But Legends of the Knight isn't your typical superhero flick. Rather than spotlight Bruce Wayne himself, Brett Culp's movie focuses on the fans, revealing how Batman has impacted their lives.

Interviewees include film producer Michael Uslan, geek blogger Jill Pantozzi and comic book writer Denny O'Neil. But the waterworks really come when Culp speaks to young fan Kye Sapp, who took strength from the Caped Crusader when he was fighting leukemia at age 5.

Interviewer: "What would Batman do if he had cancer?"

Sapp: "He would try to stand back up and fight it ... like I did."

Oh, man. You can watch the trailer on YouTube, but Culp is still trying to finish the film with funds raised from Kickstarter. If you feel inspired, help him out. (And why not do it through the new Kickstarter app while you're at it?)

For more information about Legends of the Knight, head to Culp aims to release the movie this summer, and he'll discuss it in a webcast on Saturday.


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