Batman rolls into Tampa to visit kids at Shriner's Hospital

Tampa, Florida -- The caped crusader rode in to Tampa in his Batmobile to uplift the kids' spirits at Shriner's Hospital Tuesday. Lenny B. Robinson says he never asks kids how they are -- he just asks them to get better.

After selling his cleaning business, he's now Batman full-time touring the country. Robinson started visiting hospitals with his son 11 years ago when his son donned his own Batman cape.

Photo Gallery: Batman visits kids at Shriner's

Last year, Robinson was pulled over in his home state of Maryland and videos of the masked man went viral. His charity, Superheroes For Kids, was then thrust into the spotlight. The charity helps parents pay their piling medical bills.

By the way, the $300,000 Batmobile was built from the ground up with a Ford Mustang Cobra motor under the hood. Propane tanks in the trunk blow real fire. The Batmobile has no windows or top so Robinson has to keep his eye on the weather.


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