Batman protects kids from poison

Jenny Doren


Mar 23, 2013

Batman is back and he’s rolling into Arlington on a new set of wheels.

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Last year, police caught the caped crusader in his Lamborghini on Rt. 29 in Silver Spring. His Batmobile didn’t have proper plates.

The masquerading superhero from Baltimore County makes it his mission to cheer up sick kids at local hospitals. He’s been doing so for more than a decade, but the world first met Lenny Robinson last year. Now, he’s taking his superpowers back on the road.

The dashcam video was seen around the world. Montgomery County police pulled over a man dressed head-to-toe as Batman. The man behind the mask, Robinson, is Baltimore’s very own caped crusader. He was driving to an appearance at Georgetown University Hospital last March and mistakenly left his non-bat, civilian license plate in the car. When police learned of his mission and saw his real tags, they let him go.

On the one-year anniversary of that memorable ride, Robinson is showing off his new ride outside Arlington’s YMCA. Nearly every inch of it is covered in the Dark Knight’s famous logo.

“Driving up here I was stopped by Virginia State troopers. Some guy driving around in a Batmobile wearing an authentic Batman costume is not your normal person so they wanted to make sure I was OK,” says Robinson.

The 49-year-old is taking his $300,000 1966 replica Batmobile cross-country. He’s already made stops at more than a dozen childrens’ hospitals, bringing hope to the smallest fighters.

“It’s the most rewarding thing I personally have ever done in my entire life,” he says.

In Arlington, the father of three is a poison prevention superhero, teaching children how dangerous common household products can be if used incorrectly. His educational campaign coincides with National Inhalants and Poison Awareness Week.

Batman’s next stop is Georgetown University Hospital next Wednesday. He’s traveling there thanks to the Hope for Henry Foundation. It cheers up kids with cancer and other serious illnesses.


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