Baltimore’s Batman Gets A New Batmobile

Gigi Barnett

CBS Baltimore

Aug 5, 2012

It’s been a tough couple months for a charitable man better known as Baltimore’s Batman.


But, Gigi Barnett reports, Batman is getting a new toy that he hopes the kids will love.

This car is a limited edition. It’s loaded with flashing lights, buttons that trigger a parachute and flames that shoot from the back. Lenny B. Robinson custom-ordered it three years ago and it finally came in this week.

Another thing about Robinson– he’s Baltimore’s Batman.

“There are no windows and there is no roof,” Robinson said of his new Batmobile.

For the past 11 years, Robinson has spent his spare time visiting sick children in hospitals around the country. In fact, back in March, he was headed to a hospital when Montgomery County Police pulled him over for not properly displaying the license plate on his old Batmobile, a Lamborghini.

“He was just, ‘Hey, buddy, do you have a license plate?’” Robinson said. “The police officer was really cool.”

Then, last month– shortly after the Colorado movie shooting that killed 12 people and wounded dozens more last month– two hospitals called and canceled Robinson’s visit with the kids.

“I understand it and I respect their decision and fortunately, the other hospitals welcomed me,” Robinson said.

That’s why wherever he goes, Robinson continues to pick up fans who just want a picture with him, and now, the Batmobile.

“We saw the car and thought it would be a good idea to follow him. It’s a cool car,” said Shawn Edwards.

Despite the shooting in Aurora, Colo., Robinson says he received many more phone calls from many hospitals around the nation asking him to bring the Batmobile and greet kids at hospitals.

Robinson says he wanted the 1966 version of the Batmobile because it is the original vehicle. He says it does have all of the proper license plates.


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